Love Poem: Actions speak louder than words
Sarai Virden Avatar
Written by: Sarai Virden

Actions speak louder than words

Symbols cluster to form your speech 
As sprinkled emotions find their seat
Like echoes ricochet off hallowed halls
Resonate an evidence of a tangible fall

Oh mighty words
How you long to portray
Apologies and promises
Which deeds should convey

Ten in the bush or one in the hand
Shall proof lessen my faith
Does the hourglass lie by its last speck of sand
Or shade make a sundial fake

Eloquent phrases doth not expectations meet
Validation must have its day
A narrative cannot express silences feat
For its stone which endures not clay

Grant me the man 
Who's actions speak louder than words
With him through Hell's fire I shall stand
And love him without end undeterred