Love Poems About Sunbeam or Sunbeam Love Poems
by Juliet Ligon |
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Return To Me - anacrostic

Quicken, I beseech thee, my languished loveR!
Comfort my mourning heart with hastE.
Melt like summer sweat upon my breasT.
Wick of my lantern, again sparkest thoU?
Let doting lines gush from our hearts foreveR.
Call open the renowned regal curtaiN.

Let us savor ambrosia lips like a costly treaT.
Play me with passion like a prodigy on pianO.

Cast thy smile upon my body like a sunbeaM.
Revive thy marble eyes and marvel at lovE!


by Mitch White |
Categories: funnymorning,


There is nothing like waking from a sleep
Slowly remembering parts of a dream
They are all yours and yours to keep
Woken up by a morning sunbeam

If your lucky a sleep will befall you
Dreaming that dream into oblivion
Walk on the wild side, stay cool
Why not make love on that bearskin

Continuation dreams are the best
You can to kill the beast and get the girl
There's really nothing to confess
You know it's all a different world

Wake to remember her subtle scent
Recollecting a fading interlude
Wondering where the morning went
Then realizing you slept till noon

by Nudershada Cabanes |
Categories: longing, love,

Sweet Red Rose


Sweet red rose wilting
longs to be kissed by the sun
looks fragile and weak

Her crimson color
turning paler by the day
losing its brightness

Under the blue sky
hidden among tall grasses
she patiently waits

For her sun to cast
His glowing warmth upon her
with a hopeful heart

Dreamy,wishful rose
heart burning with flaming love
wants to live again

To see a new spring
A season of happiness
and to bloom once more

A shower of rain
dose of flickering sunbeam 
is all that she needs

From her beloved sun
and live in his memory
as a sweet red rose

by João Camilo |
Categories: love, time,


How many times did you lay your head on my pillow
Wishing it was night already –
dismissing the sunbeam and inviting the dusky glow
while the river still walked steady,
How many times did you lean on the window’s frame
Probing the crowd for a clue,
covered like an angel lacking our mortal’s shame,
with a gown dyed  with the sunset hue…
No, do not count the number of mornings we lost,
One Fingertip, two fingertips,
Just recall that one day your bosom will host
A bruise from my eager lips…
Do you tremble? Then let your hair fade like a cascade
falling from your ageless head,
Beauty is born to command and cannot be unmade:
Night arrived, the day is dead.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion,

The Colors Of Love

I feel you as you enliven my day,
I need your tender fantasy of hues-
I’m alive holding warm hands, without grey,
with pigments of shamrock grass; skies of blue.

Midsummer days reflect amethyst tones,
inner beauty resides in nature’s touch-
Feel the sunbeam passion that our soul’s own,
while the day’s radiance sparkles as such.

Inside the magic of a heart beat’s glow,
your gaiety illuminates my blaze-
As the lustre rejuvenates below,
above the gleam of glory does amaze.

The effulgence we shimmer brilliantly,
will shine with splendor for eternity.

Date Written: June 7, 2016

by Mpho Kgaswane |
Categories: appreciation, crush, deep, love, romance, romantic love, true love,

Love at first sight

It is that moment we lively remember,
When you and I first saw at a park.
Then, nature's grandeur was vividly amber,
When our eyes met and caused that spark.
Then, our love was steadily drawing on our faces,
Like a shadow moving into the sunbeam
As we were trying to earnestly find the right bases
To unlock our brewing feelings, as a team.
As the moment continued to linger
Nothing between us seemed complicated.
We wouldn't dare let anything wither
This lively love that was dedicated.
This new found love gem that we both knew
Was budding from its stem as fresh as few.

by Maggie Mae McAfee |
Categories: love, nature

Forbidden Love

Forbidden love in the woods captures a sunbeam memory moment…

Rick Parise~Nature Monoku contest

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,



Distant Thunder rumbled
Grabbed my sinuous wanton sunbeam
Who left without a kiss

June 5, 2013
Victoria Anderson-Throop

by Seema Ali |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, happiness, hope, love, passion, peace, uplifting

My Flight

If I had some wings I would fly up to the sphinx There I would unlock my dreams Let them fly in every sunbeam If I had some wings I would fly up to the sphinx I would have a picnic there With all the olden monuments and memorabilia If I had some wings I would fly up to the sphinx There I would take my basket of hope Let it nourish its every slope If I had some wings In the end I would like to add I would fly up to the sphinx In the arms of the Man of my dreams!

by John Allen |
Categories: first love, friendship,

Simple Breath

Sometimes I think your face is a sunbeam, released from a bottle....
a warm ray, untamed and refulgent. 
Your smile a brilliant splice of birthing star and Winters brisk kiss daring me to stare 
without defense or cover

by Nicola An |
Categories: destiny, love, soulmate, true love, write,


She perceived it as light at first sight, like the morning was made

to rescue her from the perennial, sleepless nights, and like when

she was frozen down a pitch black hole and squinted at the sliver of 

a sunbeam;

and then she said he wore white,

exactly looking like an angel,

for a short moment that seemed to last, her life depended on just

staring at him

She believed she'd already seen him but wished they'd met before

She saw a new scene of an instant memory

Her heart recalls it was the beginning, but her soul knew

it was returning to something-

something that's always been with her time

by Tony Bush |
Categories: happiness, life, love, nostalgia, time, universe,


The majesty of starfish floated lithe, 
her bedded eyes of sapphire and seaspray, 
glanced a universe of promises, 
mystery in all the subtle interplay.

All the subtle interplay beckoned, 
teased of changing wishes and hooks, 
inserted the tingle in the flesh, 
her need in all the strata of her looks.

All the strata of her looks bedazzled 
a sunbeam on the emerald bay, 
bounced off the surface waves, 
commensurate in all it's ricochet. 

In all it's ricochet her echoed view 
mesmeric as a child about to fall, 
infatuates the sealing fate of love, 
the eye perceived that she become my all.

by Camby Scott |
Categories: love,

A lover

There is no sunbeam that
can match your smile,
I cant stand leaving you for
a while.
Love at first sight isn't
the right words to say,
Its more like you are the
happiness that brightens my

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, cute love, feelings, how i feel, imagery, relationship,

Not Quite The Same

You are the tea leaves I am the teapot I the tiny snowflake and you the snow. You the key, I the gate to Camelot a Lancelot and Guinevere combo. I am a fantasy you are a dream you a blazing sun I a molten match. I’m a firefly and you are a sunbeam to your itch, I'm a satisfying scratch. I’m the universe and you’re the big bang to my shooting star you're a starlit night. You are Notre-Dame, I the bells it rang you're a full coarse meal, I’m the appetite. You are a melody; I am a song not quite the same, that's why we get along. (Sonnet) 02/25/2020

by Jolanta Gradowicz |
Categories: loss, nature,

A Sunbeam

A warm sunbeam touches my face,
I tilt my head and squint at the sky.
I’d like to spread my arms and embrace 
The passing day which is about to die.

The mellow sunbeam is only mine,
And we belong to one another.
I marvel at the afternoon shine,
But I’ll soon be missing its glamour…

It seems impossible to say goodbye 
To the ray which makes me so joyful.
Only the sunbeam is able to dry
Tears in my eyes. I’m again hopeful.

I can’t stop the dark clouds above
From covering the sun growing weak.
There is no help. Even my love
Is vain though I thought it was unique…

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: memory, spiritual,

Memory Imagery

Although the moments gone by, we release, memory sometimes stokes dying ember, rekindling pain, granting them new life lease, unless we shrug and slip into slumber. The fault as always, is our delusion, yet stagnating in earth bound attachment, indulgence therein, cause of confusion, plunging heart into deep discontentment. Our mindful eye quickly detects the fault, recognising life play as but a dream, wherein soul’s immune from ego’s assault, provided presence shines like a sunbeam. Pendulum of time swings by night and day, mattering not if love, be our mainstay. 15-April-2022

by Blythe Journey |
Categories: angel, celebration, death, death of a friend,

Sarah Paige

A princess on earth
Blue eyes spilling grace 
Of only her shell
This stone marks the place 

As we sit somberly
Imagining her smile
It felt as if she had
Joined us a while

She's not really gone
Her light ever bright 
She's in every sunbeam
Every ray of moonlight 

A flower, a bloom
The scent of a rose
She's in every room
Right under our nose

She's the ring of the church bell
Snowflakes on your tongue
The wind in the leaves
a song perfectly sung

She is everything good
A perfect white dove
She is simply this
.... the meaning of Love 

by David Lustrup |
Categories: how i feel, longing, love,


Glow  ---By David Lustrup 2017

Heaven sent
I hear you speak
And my heart is spent

On  a  soft warm summer breeze,
Like the whisp of the gentle wind thorough trees
The sound that flows so sweet in the air
Like a lucid daydream of heaven...

What star would i not pull down from the sky?
What pain would i not endure... 
For a moment in the magic
Of your voice so sweet and pure.....

Gentle as a slow flowing stream 
Like honey mixed with a sunbeam
It sinks into my chest below
And hugs my heart with its golden glow

by Michael Bell |
Categories: beauty, cute love, mirror, romance,


Passion Mirrors 

As  the dawn of  morning breaks,
a sunbeam strikes a glass like  lake ,
just  as flowers bloom its petals,
thoughts of you create my wake,

Then explore my heart to seek, 
where you found that place to hide,
for only you and I have shared that space,
and told no other of that place,

It is here  you made me smile,
It is here we forged our love,
while painting walls of colour passion,
where ceiling mirrors told no lies.

by Hector Leyva |
Categories: emotions, girlfriend, love, romance, romantic, universe,

A scoop of flavored aroma

Loving you is like waking up in a dream,
Like  traveling across the universe on a sunbeam.
Loving you is a scoop of flavored aroma,
Putting me sleep during night's of insomnia.

Your love is a Blessing from above,
A blessing that filled an empty heart with love.
You exist in this time and world to join me,
To walk across time as one joyfully.

Time can take my strength and youth,
can take my eyesight and every tooth.
What it can't take is my love for you,
Which holds me strong when my world is blue.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: beautiful, lost love, love, memory,

To Touch A Memory

A sunbeam pierced the snow brushed vale I traveled the winding road of beauty Through poplar trees and wild magnolia Where dancing dreams softly 'twinned A golden hue of morning light Where amber fields stretched far beyond The rolling clouds of morning dawn To painted the distant hills of snow To touch a memory still untold She danced of light And dreamt of love Alone for now A snow white dove

by Caroline Cécile Delacroix |
Categories: love, music, uplifting

A Song upon a Sunbeam

My song's taken flight
Upon a beam of the sun
Across the vast land and sky
On the beat of drums.

Let its tune fill thee
With the magic of a flute
Dancing upon the heartbeat
Cadence of the drums. 

It is sung for thee
To fill your heart, where distance
disappears and we can feel 
Each other's presence.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 04.29.11

by Charlie Way |
Categories: love, metaphor, philosophy,

A Love Song

Through green willows the river slowly flows;
I hear the lad of my heart singing when he rows. 
The east’s in the sunbeam while the west rain-caught;
I’m wondering whether he’ll beam up at me or not.

by Kevin Clark |
Categories: lovelove,

Love wont fail and will stand the test of time

Let’s join our souls and start the battle 

Because love doesn’t give up and is always eternal

Lets fight for each other no matter what the cost

We will meet in the afterlife because love is never lost

Lets hold on to one another in every moment of the day

Because love never dies and it never fades away

Lets leave the world behind and live in a dream

Because love will last forever and wont refract in the sunbeam

Lets drink our happiness and it will make us sublime

Because love wont fail and will stand the test of time

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: analogy, dream, fantasy, imagery,

Dreams Of Dew Drops

Night lifts dark veil from the face of silk sky,
sunburst horizon blossoms golden dawn,
on flushing meadow dreams of dew drops glow
while on the dancing blades of grass they lie.
Dense shadow of dark cloud melts on my face,
where you see my yearning grows wings to fly
like a butterfly flitting on rapture,
makes an enticing motif soaring high
on the first sunbeam trailing the night gone.
Dreams of dew drops glow on flushing meadow
where the buds unfurl my love you descry.

April 10, 2021
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