Love Poem: Dreams of Dew Drops
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Written by: Subimal Sinha-Roy

Dreams of Dew Drops

Night lifts dark veil from the face of silk sky,
sunburst horizon blossoms golden dawn,
on flushing meadow dreams of dew drops glow
while on the dancing blades of grass they lie.
Dense shadow of dark cloud melts on my face,
where you see my yearning grows wings to fly
like a butterfly flitting on rapture,
makes an enticing motif soaring high
on the first sunbeam trailing the night gone.
Dreams of dew drops glow on flushing meadow
where the buds unfurl my love you descry.

April 10, 2021
Syllable count per line 10
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Rhyme checked on
Contest : AbracadabRa March Magic
Sponsor : William Kekaula