Love Poems About Sunbathing or Sunbathing Love Poems
by Howard Bull |
Categories: happiness, holiday,

Sunbathing - a summer poem

The warmth of the sun holds you in an embrace
Like a lover, gently kissing your neck and your face
Your body relaxed, almost slipping away
Your thoughts, abstract notions, hold reality at bay 

Strange drifting shapes inside your closed eyes
The laughter of children, the buzzing of flies
Boy chats up girl, so beautifully tanned
Your love, lies beside you, reaching out for your hand

Breezes send sand grains to sensitive places
Sticky kids run amok with their ice-creamed faces 
The splash of the water, the fragrant tan lotion
Your cares, just like flotsam… float off on the ocean

by Robin Silver |
Categories: adventure, beach, dream, retirement, sea, summer, vacation,

Seaside Dream

The there is a place I like to be,
To get away from the city the neighbours and some family,
To lay on the beach without a care at all,
Watching people swimming, sunbathing or just playing with a ball,
At the seaside you can eat fish and chips,
Or you can simply gaze at the distant ships,
Listening to the rocks crackle in the ebb and flow,
Of the blue crisp ocean going to and fro,
The cool sea breeze and Cornish ice cream,
Will always be with me in a seaside dream,
Yeah I really love to be by the coast,
And I hate going home the most,
So one day I will make the move and live by the sea,
Until I get old and life’s had enough of me.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: death, life, love,

Wishing the Impossible

Do not be surprised.
I do not live, I exist.
I just bear a weary future.
I fear not death
Now that you’re gone.
The horizon is far away and dark.

I wake at two in the morning.
The waning moon is ebony, just a sliver.
Dark clouds obscure the little light.
Yet I find no comfort in silence.
Dawn soon comes.
The trees are there
Birds nestle in them.
Below a soft breeze scatters seed,
For life must go on.
I plod on until…..

The sky clears.
The sea is calm.
And some Venus 
In a skimpy bikini 
Lies on the sand,
Who cares about death?
Perhaps it has taken a holiday.

by Wendy Rycroft |
Categories: poetry,

Looking for love

Attractive good-looking
Home-loving man,
Drinking, sunbathing, 
Chilling out,
Looking for,
Soulmate companion,
With same interests,
Someone to share,
Romantic evenings,
Intimacy and love,
Please send your pictures,

Wendy Jae

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, love,

School Girl Crush

Sunbathing again, at my girlfriends poolside
She looked so very lovely; relaxed in bronze
As physics finals had drained us completely
Burning both ends of our midnights candles
Asking if we would like a drink; sïlk dreams..
Her beautiful mother; stunningly, gorgeous
Sending my pulse racing everytime I beheld 
Knowingly, her mesmerizing beauty the way 
Want would smile gazing deep, into my eyes.

by literary waves |
Categories: love,

rose quartz

stars sensed the breeze
cosmos decreed its release
senses baking at ease
finally, it says 'Cheese'

sunbathing on the shore
A 'rose quartz' lovingly swore
like never before
your heart will be a happiness store
true hearts  must each other reach
as the tides flow
and the winds blow
nature’s speech is best when given raw

by Era Grover |
Categories: dance, love,


I want to hear your voice
the feel to the switch poise
the drool when you stop and swagger
the cool when you drip honeyed dagger
into the curl and fray and elite stagger
I want to touch the sunbathing mount in it
drown in drawl husky
battering against the rain and wind of day
I want it christen me with bubbles of hope, fun
humor all over
a hand against mine , a foot tapping dash of your lush
nuances, plucking, wheeling around in a twirl,
a beep of surprise, a nicety as the bribe
a filigree of drive to say, to speak into a utter
the ultimate dine of i love you...

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: appreciation, poetry, summer,


 Sweetest surrender just...
   Sunbathing in the sun,
  Sipping cold lemonade.
Summertime, I miss thee;
 Seems so near yet so far 
  Swallows, I love seeing
 Soaring in the noon sky.

Submitted for...
Pleiades A Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by Kim Merryman 
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Date written: 04/21/2021

Categories: earth, freedom, imagery, love, together,

Mountain Life

   Mountain Life

The sun is beaming on the lazy creek.
The trees swaying with the breeze.
The ladies are sunbathing
and the children are playing,
living life with ease.
The guys throw sticks
and the dogs are quick,
to run and fetch them back.
The meadow blooms
with wildflowers.
Nature’s  awesome
and that’s a fact.
The sky is true blue
the clouds puffy white but
we’re already thinking
about the night.
When all the stars will spread out far
and we will all unite.                      
To beat on our drums               
and sing our songs, 
and dance around the fire.
Sharing good food
and drinking cold brew
living out our life’s desires.

by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: spring,

Life springs back

Frozen winter fear
melts in nectar streams. 
torpor days are gone
at last mist dissolves
in sunbathing clouds. 

Painting unveils 
smile of nature.
stirs our senses.

Rose trellised
song lyrics 
dance in love

Bird's nest
springs back


8th April 2019
Caren Krutsinger Diminished Hexaverse Contest
Theme  Spring 

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: love,

free flow

words like maple syrup

glances of waterfall dew

sunbathing in the rain

tumbling with love

18th August 2021