Love Poems About Summoned or Summoned Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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A Bullfrog's Croak

Silent as smoke, darkness descends, as shadows merge and daylight ends. For summoned by a bullfrog's croak, darkness descends, silent as smoke. The Moon pools in ebony skies; gilded in gold, She starts to rise. One of the night's brightest jewels, in ebony skies, the Moon pools. Blue bleeds red for a dying sun, a telltale sign the day is done. Inking crimson clouds overhead, for a dying sun, blue bleeds red. Signaling for love, fireflies flash, as Dusk settles like sooty ash. Under the stars twinkling above, fireflies flash, signaling for love.

by Paloma P |
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Quartz Glass Spaces

I love you without surmising 'why',
your passion sets pon dusky distances
betwixt & 'midst quartz glass spaces,
where scented phases astir moon glow
and impassioned fireside involvement
madly erupt above obscure air castles,
beyond a swept away briny rendezvous
of crystallized darkly essential marrow,
like wildflowers penchant for Spring
blooming 'tween summoned fiery March
snowdrifts' lashing bout ignitable flurries
amongst wind's orgasmic undressing,
farthermost indulgent sundown piques
regaling its worth with naught but those
magnificent moments in timely conception,
whence endearment yearns to be evermore

Inspired by Pablo Neruda - - Sonnet Xvii

by John Rhinem |
Categories: love


Resonating magnificent resplendencies of such rhapsodies

Resonant, amid this glowing renaissance of her resurrection....

Lost opaque dreams, awakening to find these vibrancies of colours

As if van Gogh himself had been summoned through this periscope of visions 

Brilliant brushings within passions poured from such viles of rebirths

Castings of callings, transposed from atop this vestiges love laced canvas

Splashings, of spheres now captured, within a concerto's reprise

A Swans Song....

                                       {Under Construction}

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: hope, how i feel, introspection, love, world,

One Heart

I wonder our world should it beat with one heart
                   The variance found would not tear us apart
In words formed of love bid to meet each new day
              Together in one breath, we’d sweep hate away
Intelligence summoned by thinking in tune
                Transforming the winter to springtime in June

Inside of what looks like a shiny blue orb
     The water that flows through our lives would absorb
Infirmities fashioned by weakness of mind 
           To forge a new armor, our strengths well defined
I wonder our world should it beat with one heart
                          The tragedies requisite  for us to start

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: loss, sympathylove, perspective,


God called for you untimely,
  Six and a half years have passed.
But I can still remember,
  The lovely time I saw you last.

You was a welcomed surprise,
  On May 15th, 2002.
But then for some reason,
  The good Lord summoned you.

A feeling I can’t explain,
  The letting go of a son.
He will always be our child,
  We love and miss you Aaron.

For Robin and the Gass family
With love and respect from 
one poet to another.
Robin, this is from your perspective...Raul

by Tom Zart |
Categories: sad, time,


Tears are the raindrops of the soul 
And there's one for all who die. 
They are the silent words of grief
As they fall free from the eye.

The shortest verse in the Bible 
Is the one where Jesus wept;
So, if you hold back tears, "shed them" 
When your pains too harsh to accept.

Tears are lovelier than a smile 
When they come from those you love. 
As they seek relief from sadness, 
When you're summoned from above.

Tears are a love-mates humble gift 
When it's time to say goodbye,
Though the eyes are wet and swollen, 
With time and patience they dry.

by David Paquin |
Categories: art, inspirational, mystery, passion,

Prelude To Freedom

Sparkles of gold in the winter
Whispering words of thousand years
A smell of fate in the darkness
The song of a long gone mistress

Tales of the great, lost in eons
The pain of a million Oblivions
Love of a daisy in the dew
Sight of the dragons that once flew

My mind is here, timeless
Shattered in melancholy, pointless
Blessed with the bliss of ignorance
Gliding winds of an unreal trance

Summoned by a hundred summonings
By the fate that a kiss brings
By the flight of my own dream
Cristallization of a child's scream

Wake me up with my soul's core
Extract its celestial ore
Channel it to every dreamer
In sparkles of gold in the winter

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, earth, flower, green, image, seasons, spring,

Spring's Splendiferous

Red Robins chirp to greet the rising sun below my bedroom window every Spring. Their cheery tunes confirm Springtime's begun; long before green-tints color everything. Snowdrops silently push up from the ground, while frozen icicles melt drip by drip. The honks of wild geese fill the sky with sound, signifying they've returned from their trip. Shortly, wildflowers will begin to sprout; popping from the ground, summoned by sunlight. Spring's splendiferous, there is little doubt, when Spring colors supersede Winter's white. I love the scent of Spring's tepid breezes, Winter’s wind smells sterile when it freezes.

by Thabang Ntsie Spaten |
Categories: deep, fear, pain, power, sin, slam, truth, world,

Slaves of Love

slaves of love in darkness
On curious views
In robes of patience
Feeding on fear 
Running in tears 
Seeking a leader Braver than Man
Day breakers summoned 
By outcomes of yesterday
Pregnant with life
On a journey to an endless tomorrows
Surrounded by joy and sin
Under force of mortality
Faith was dethroned 
Knowing seized concluding
Witnessing was a mouthful 
In age of miracles

by Monique Mcdowell |
Categories: black african american, inspirational, peace, hope,

Son of Madiba (Tribute To Nelson Mandela)

Who are you to dream of chains
And yet proclaim of victory
How do you lie in chains
And yet stand in liberty
When do you pay a debt
That must be paid
What makes you forgive a debt
That must be forgave
In a time of hostility
With the trembles of an oncoming war
You held it in and did not cry
As long before
Your face remained
Lifted toward the sky
Your fire within made you an enemy
Yet a much needed ally
Your words gave peace to those deeply wounded
By the treacheries of man
Your joy gave hope a new mission 
Thus hope called love again
Love answered
And summoned faith to come
Faith remembered your prayer
And gave birth to freedom

by Guru Jad |
Categories: devotion, love, women,

To Women

No mortal has triumphed to conquer your appeal,
From Enkidu's Shamhat to Cain's Aclima it starts
Longing for possessing you was part of the ordeal,
For lust grew unfathomed with the first love darts
Craving carved its roots in men with a hefty zeal,
Until it blurred our nous with the serum of hearts
Till now the journey keeps marching without retreat
If all is summoned, faith to you until the endmost beat!

© Guru Jad 2013

by Daisy Marie Yant |
Categories: appreciation, inspirational, miss you, mother, mothers day,

Pearl Was No Ordinary Girl

Precious and pleasant she was  no ordinary woman;
Expecting mighty moves and miracles for her Lord had summoned.
Almighty God she always sought,
Rearing her children in the same manner and thought.
Loving everyone whether friend or foe;

Yes this is a woman I want everybody to know.
A great and loving mother with a gentle voice,
Never yelling or cursing and this was her choice.
To be this kind of mother cooking, cleaning and raising 6 kids;
     A lot of women wouldn't have done it but this mother did.

Another tribute to my mom who transition on 4/8/2004.  I love and miss you.
Entry into the Acrostic on Mother's Day...sponsored by Tammy Ream.

by Mario Vitale |
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A Gravitational Pull

Stone upon the water front/
Next to the cashmere pillow,
The pier near the gallow shore/
A man began to speak,

Within this land there shall be no way out accept I tax,
This gravitational pull may bring some down,
Yet if you stay and listen very carefully/
You will live through this time and be very happy !

Many of you have become lazy in the manner of laws,
A decree will be summoned to let us know/
The waiting may be hard to comprehend,
Yet within time you can grow to depend/

The fat of the land,
Let this man take you by the hand/
There can be no further excuses or escape,
The way will depend upon the hearer's !

by Lu Loo |
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Spectacular Acrostic Contest

Spectacular Acrostic Contest
Sponsor: John Hamilton

Striking centerpiece placed on the table

Paper napkins with pure lined silverware 

Exactly the way the ham is cooked in basil

Calia is content and wouldn't go anywhere

Tommy stole her heart back in high school

Admits, always dreamed to be her husband 

Couldn't wait to kneel with a diamond jewel

Under the roses a velvet box he summoned

Loving times they shared on their honeymoon

After,  they danced under the starlit moon

Rising sun comes as they began to swoon

Date Written: January 12, 2016

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: grief, sad, sorrow,

Describing Sadness

I never summoned sadness to my cause
And yet it fell full to me, neverending
A darkness envelop the soul, to pause
To leave despair, a depth I'm descending
When did time become a realm so cold?
As beauty faded away in silence
When love was shaken, the heart foretold
Loneliness will appear in love's absence
Grief flows fluid, while in quiet repose
To fill the emptiness, when love has died
Reflections fleeting, do not but expose
A need for a flickering light, to guide

Summoned by sadness, with no knowledge of
To feel a heart grow cold, without love

by Paula Swanson |
Categories: nature, peace

Gentle the Night

Gaze from West to East
Gentle gentle is the night
Sunfire turns to dusk

Velvet finery 
with angel tears scattered 'bout
caught within it's folds

Waltzing to a tune
played by astral orchestras
'Till the morning light

Where upon she takes
her leave untill she's summoned
by Twilight, her love

Featured Poem on Poetry Soup  July 18, 2010

by Mario Vitale |
Categories: art, black african american, childhood, computer-internet, death, food, funny, history, lost, lost,

Sacred Passage

God of light conquer my fear from within

An eclipse of the sun has tainted my inner vision
Who are we to have believed yet achieved
Some are even caught in its pickle;
Stranded as two love birds caught in a fickle

Sacred Passage
The uniting of two hearts so far away we will pray
God of heaven take delight on my poetry
Look highly favorable amidst the summoned truth

Like a lost carriage we take our flight away

Far from the lost brevity in exchange of honesty
The silence has etched its memory in our brains
Shattered by the moment of upheaval and then,
Sacred Passage;

We look humbly then often deeper then ever before

In exchange of honesty its just Studio 54?

by Nick Nguyen |
Categories: abuse, dark, deep, girl, light, love,

I Fight For Me

I am a female indeed
I'm what you expect in one;
But there is one thing you can't do to me,
And that is to harm me in anyway that will make me run.

I'm a female with a strong heart
Something that you will never steal;
I'm not afraid of leaving what we had to start,
Harm me again and I will leave you for real.

Just because I am a woman
Doesn't mean you have power over me;
I'm not one to be taken over and summoned,
I am one who needs trust to be set free.

If you ever try to rule me and harm me physically
I will never be scared ever again and hide;
Through the years I have trained myself mentally,
Like the lioness who fights not just for her but her pride.

by Ugenteraan Manogaran |
Categories: lovelove,

Anything For You

Anything For YOU

I poetized your name on the sky with my blood as the ink
I kept my eyes frozen to admire the beauty of your eye blink
I summoned Sakura flowers on the pavements beneath your feet
I studiously counted the flow of my love inside each of your heartbeat

Just tell me what else should I do to make you love me..!

Shall I carve out a majestic aurora using your canorous voice?
Shall I catch those dazzling stars from every blink of your eyes?
Shall I coerce the Moon to dance according to the flux of your hair?
Shall I ask the rainbow to entertain you when you're in despair?

Tell me!Tell me! Tell me! What should I do to make you love me?

by John Castro |
Categories: birth,


my spirit is damaged
i breathe sorrow and sadness

my heart shattered in pieces 
by the hammer of madness
short breaths trying to catch wind 
its impossible catching something so thin

expansion! explosion a chest cavity with a heavy heart
like a dove, i love once until death do us part 

rotating on the rotisserie of reality 
hells fire summoned beckoning my fatality

i care not for the sun sets and sun ups 
enough pain already i'm all done up

tired of tears cranky of crying
rush my life grant me the wish of dying

it's too much pain the memory of her face
how can i forget somthing that can't be replaced??????

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: imagination, love,

Presence (Septet)

               Shadow on my wall
      I am called by your presence
   I’m summoned by your very spirit
         You touch me as no other
                     Holding me

Septet syllable count is 3,5,7,9,7,5,3, unrhymed

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: art, beauty, butterfly,

The Art of Love

Resonating magnificent resplendencies  and, such rhapsodies...
Resonant amid this glowing  renaissance,  of their resurrection
Lost opaque dreams awakening to find these vibrancies;  vivid
Colours  as if van Gogh himself,  had been summoned through
This periscope of vision's;  brilliant brushings timeless passions
Poured from ardent viles a rebirths casting their calling; breath
Transposed from atop this, vestiges love laced canvas; divinity
Splashings, about spheres to be captured in, an artistic reprise.

by Laszlo Kecsedi |
Categories: depression, freedom, introspection, lonely, lost love, sorrow,


A windowless mansion stands on a no man`s land
In it there`s a dark tomb made by my own hand
Here I`m buried with memories I treasure, here
I`m tormented by sensations of pain and pleasure
Every thought of you is a new brick in the wall
Images of fantasies decorate the haunted hall
I summoned angels, wished they lived with me here
But they turned into demons of jealousy and fear
Such sinister creatures know nothing of charity
The price for my pleasures will be my sanity

by Tim Smith |
Categories: baptism, celebration, light,

Vestige of Light

Vestige of light may you often shine
in passages summoned upon thin lines
granted too fast on honor flights
from notes of praise and gratitude
into long love sonnets lost from sight

Above the alter of solemn hymns
where patience runs in hallowed halls
with secrets dark on leaden souls
forgiveness brought with sacred trust
in stained glass windows visions hold

To grasp the word and follow may
to mold your brethren in certain ways
a hand, a heart, a promise  true
of mind, of touch, imparts free will
a humble man, a simple role, 
a life He gave, to save your soul

by Alexandra Mas |
Categories: anxiety, dark, love, passion, poetry, sad, truth,


I lost sensation where the madness would swell.
Swirling softly with the petals of time.
In a wind very cold and I could tell
It would strengthen with every breath of mine.
I called for my voice and I summoned these thoughts.
With shaking hands I untangled the knots 
And between my fingers slipped the ribbons of truth