Love Poem: I Fight For Me
Nick Nguyen Avatar
Written by: Nick Nguyen

I Fight For Me

I am a female indeed
I'm what you expect in one;
But there is one thing you can't do to me,
And that is to harm me in anyway that will make me run.

I'm a female with a strong heart
Something that you will never steal;
I'm not afraid of leaving what we had to start,
Harm me again and I will leave you for real.

Just because I am a woman
Doesn't mean you have power over me;
I'm not one to be taken over and summoned,
I am one who needs trust to be set free.

If you ever try to rule me and harm me physically
I will never be scared ever again and hide;
Through the years I have trained myself mentally,
Like the lioness who fights not just for her but her pride.