Love Poems About Summit or Summit Love Poems
by Connie Marcum Wong |
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The Heart's Journey

Should there be such pain in 
passion of the heart?
Or does the heart, 
simply by beating, 
know the boundaries of pain 
when it can no longer absorb any more joy?
The two seem intertwined at times, 
each exalted unto itself.
From euphoria to melancholia, 
the heart is on an endless journey 
seeking harmony and balance, 
yet finding anything but.
We torture our souls 
for the sake of love,
enduring countless curves,
on the road to the steep summit 
where a plateau cannot survive
the weathered storms for long, 
but for the season’s summers 
we exist.

Make Me Feel it Poetry Contest
Sponsor Becca Teagan
July 9, 2016

by Liz Labadie-Reilly |
Categories: forgiveness,

The Hurdles of Forgiveness

The Hurdles of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a skill, a strength
because it is born out of character
and does not come easy.
It is a  mountain encountered on life’s road, 
a steep climb to condonation,
reaching the summit to find peace and healing 
waiting to embrace you.
Without forgiveness, there can be no peace.

Forgiveness is a choice, an attitude
which must be learned.
unlocking  chains of bitterness and resentment
allowing  the spirit to  soar free.
Forgiveness is a check, ripped in half
cashed only by the mind,
satisfying all debts.
It is the needle that mends the soul.

Forgiveness is love.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, blessing, faith, heart, love,

Music of the Spheres

Where the sun stops
And the light fades,
And the dark deepens
One finds a subtle
Horizon rest-

Within this symphony
Of great spheres-
Strings aloft,
Horns a summit of air,
Percussionists not a beat
To flare-
Safe harbor, so to speak-
A point
Without a peak...

For Time has no say,
With cycle in pure alignment,
The movement paused
Defying slip or stray,
The conductor's wand not a sway-

Here I also find You,
In the still
Without space,
On High of Grace…

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Seeker Seeking

Who’s the seeker seeking,
powers for mind-body
and to what end, hermit,
for that is not the way
to reach heaven’s summit.

Who’s the seeker seeking,
gift of astral travel,
of mentioned in folklore,
losing God-search focus,
since our heart craves for more.

Who’s the seeker seeking,
to open the third eye
for periscope vision,
when between head and heart,
there’s a fatal scission.

Who’s the seeker seeking,
whilst yet in delusion;
love bereft awareness,
insipid and barren,
till entwined with oneness.


by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: love, wind,

Love Whispers

I whispered my love to the wind,
It floated in the breeze and died,

I whispered my love to the sea,
It rode on the waves and vanished,

I whispered my love to the sun,
It spread with the rays and melted,

I whispered my love to the hills,
It reached the summit and faded,

I whispered my love to a plant,
It folded its leaves and wilted,

I whispered my love to a bird,
It sang a dirge and flew away,

I whispered my love to my love,
And he whispered it back to me.


N/A in Whisper to me contest
Sponsored by Regina Riddle

by Erich Goller |
Categories: inspirational, faith,

Faith and Courage

Faith And Courage (Choka) With faith and courage seeds of love shall never die everything shall feel right deep within the heart a dream that heaven fulfilled has refreshed the soul again heavenly reflected turns shadows into sunlight touching everyone with love with His guiding grace forever when you believe blesses life in many ways courage to cope with when you reaching the summit forever near will be your gain within many ways life be never quite the same giving strength and faith anew Erich J. Goller Copyright 9.21.2012

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: age, old, people,

World Day of the Elderly

A summit, old age is, 


Whoever, succeeds to ascend


Panorama of life, in all its glory,

Can see!*

(C) Demetrios Trifiatis
  01 October 2015

*Today is the World Day of the Elderly. Without them
we would never be here! Remember them! Love them!

by Margaret Franceschini |
Categories: life, love,

Life Story By Peter White My Lyrics

Life Story by Peter White     My version 
(free verse)

I came alive when first heard the beating sound,
The strong pulsing of your heart
Emotions consumed all around
My soul felt anew as if my first new breathe
Awakened into life
Falling in love with you

Memories like flowing tides in oceans waves
Rhythmically moving slowly to a sound in sway
Lifetime of beginnings with no endings
After all I have lived I can breathe again 
For there is no one else like you 
Brought me to the summit

I thank you for this renewal of my soul
Where I learned of laughter
You gave to me console
Lifetime of beginnings no endings thereafter
Awakened into life
Falling in love with you

by Femi Adebayo |
Categories: crush, cute love, love,

To You

If I a song to you will harp-
Such that you I to muse
That'd be my chant-
So your artery and vein fuse

If a word will call
To which your heart wake
The tongue be drunk till the dusk-
To see in your pupil your lush

If be will I
A fountain to descend
I'll mountain you to the summit-
Place, where love is no beginning
Conceives no end

Aims are to the sky
Towering through the lands
But my love a space to be
Endless, you to fill-
Even till your lids grace the bed

by Tavip Endro Yuwono |
Categories: faith, lovelight, longing, light,

Unlimited Love

Oo…The Holy Light my love
Thou are my ultimate light I long for
I would not like to pay attention to light
sparkling on the Giza pyramid
I do not take an interest in light
glistering on the Borobudur’s summit
Also I do not care about the blistering shine of the sun
spouting to the Kaaba
and the bright light of the moon
spraying to the Canterbury Cathedral
As the only feeling I have is
a deep longing for Thee
to dissolve myself into Thy unlimited and lovely Light.

Oo…The Holy Light
who is beyond all of the shiny beam
I wish I would be destroyed
in Thy glorious gleam.

by Vini Cho |
Categories: adventure, africa, art, crush, deep, for him, love,

You Are

You are my place of solace, your voice is serene music to my ears. 
Gazing into your deep oceanic eyes is like reading enriching literature. 
Your smile is aesthetic work of art evoking a sense of tranquillity to my bewildered mind. 
I hear a gentle sound of waves crashing against the shore through your breathing. 
Your touch is like reaching the alluring summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Your presence is a wildflower meadow filled with fantastical  butterflies which I try to capture for just one moment.
You are my picture of a dream, I see you day and night.

by Peter Dome |
Categories: caregiving, devotion, love, marriage, romance, romantic,

Lost Within the Tides of Eternity

Caress my thirsty heart
with tender words of love
Shower me in gossamer soft kisses
that render my soul to float to a higher 
places that transpire from thy  velvet
awakening exploring glove.

Plant the seeds of pleasure
that bloom on fertile ground
Show me thy treasure
and where thy sun kissed 
Summit we climb may be found.

Let us languish in euphoric
wedlock's private 
as warm waves like on a moody ocean
sweep over us
As we lose ourselves
within the enveloping deep tides
of eternity.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.Jan.

by Rahima Espat |
Categories: lust, sensual, , cute,


If only I could 
I totally would. 
To love to feel 
To die embracing. 

That everlasting emotion
Lurking deep in the ocean. 
Burning like lava
Exploding from inside. 

Electrocuted by your stare
Teasing me with a dare. 
Awakened salacious images
Running naked through my head.

Seize me with longing  
Fervor endless growing. 
Elevate me to the extremity 
Come to a halt at the summit. 

Dissolved by lust 
Attempting to adjust. 
Evaporating with the zephyr
Adagio movements concluding me.

by Joe Flach |
Categories: adventuresun,

A Hiking Passion

Lacing up my hiking boots
A backpack full of supplies
Heading out on a new trail head
As the sun just starts to rise

Switchbacks up the mountain trail
Waterfalls at which I stop
Six thousand feet of elevation gain
Before I reach the top

Splash fresh water upon my face
Enjoy the flora along the trails
Rejuvenating my inner soul
This exhilaration never fails

Approach the apex of the mountain
As the sun reaches its summit in the sky
Looking over miles of God’s green earth
Puts a teardrop in my eye

I love each day I can spend this way
Enjoying life in this particular fashion
Hiking trails through the wilderness
Is my enriching passion

by João Camilo |
Categories: love,

If My Heart Could Talk

If my heart could talk, would you listen to it?
I saw what was hidden, the wind was my ally,
Praying in the sidewalk, before the summit:
You talked with birds, learning how to fly.

If my hands were your eyes, to lift my veil,
we could share the horizon, over the waves,
a young sailor in his ship, learning how to sail:
my skin has secret signs as walls of old caves.

Oh, come to read me! The lamplight is faint,
But the pages are sweet-scented like a rose
Yet to bud and the cover is soft with no taint.

Give me your poetry, I will give you my prose,
The unbroken verses, with your dark and quaint
Handwriting is mine, elsewhere, they stay loose.

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, lonely, love, night, romantic,

Night Muse

Tonight I call
a certain woman
who spreads her scent
of fragrant dianthus
into my night
so silently...

The way she
speaks my name
almost mocking me
making gentle fun...

Because of her
modest style of love
I look to her
my evening star
behind orange clouds
over ocean horizon...

She possesses
the highest summit
of my heart
she the poetess
the moon goddess
transfiguring kaleidoscope
in sunset towards the west...

by Esson Alumbugu |
Categories: nostalgia, blue,

Ancient Hills

Boldly slashing the horizon
Your distant blue peaks 
Beacons of hope, beacons 
of love
Beacons of unyielding 
Beacons of strength.
From you spring our noble 
Of smiling blue roses
Growing defiantly on bare 
Steadily sparring many giant 

These ancient hills
Motherly cradling a 
Of me, of you, of these 
Proudly flooding the promise 

I cry within a foreign soil
For just another sip of your 
But soon, yes soon
When the winds blow south
I shall find my way once more
To your homely sunlit 

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: passion,

Spent Adult

I adore you, curled and satisfied, 
your beauty full displayed, 
the swell, the fullness of your breasts 
make thoughts of sadness fade. 
Your lips so red and aggravated, 
trembling with desire, 
your form exhausted from the fire, 
my manhood enervated. 

Spent, the zenith of our passion 
sealed and stricken with a kiss, 
we lie content, the aftermath, 
the pinnacle of bliss. 
'Tis heav'n, the summit of our love, 
enshrined in dreams so rare, 
a promise made to order 
with a locket of your hair.

by Brandon Basson |
Categories: introspection, love, nature, peace, people, places, me, me,

Soul Mate Souldiers

Wrap me up in rainbows
Compact and stuff me in your duffel bag
Travel with me to parts unknown
Scale mountain peaks and valleys
When you’ve reached the summit
Insert your flag of wisdom
And proclaim the new found “wonder”
Show me beauties, unroll me downhill
Sail down in the redness of love
Without fear of carpet burns
Do that, then join my side
Place warmth of trusting hands
and bleeding hearts firmly into mine
Into minds
We’ll climb the stairway back up to heaven
Together as one…

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: love,

Spent - Adult Content

I adore you, curled and satisfied,  
your beauty full displayed, 
the swell, the fullness of your form 
make thoughts of sadness fade. 
Your lips so red and aggravated, 
trembling with desire, 
your breath, exhausted from the fire, 
my body enervated. 

Spent; the zenith of our passion
sealed and stricken with a kiss, 
we lie content, the aftermath, 
the pinnacle of bliss. 
'Tis heav'n, the summit of our love, 
enshrined in dreams so rare, 
our promise locked in evermore, 
I stroke your silken hair!

by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: beautiful, caregiving, family, love, peace,

A Sky Home and a Moon Wife

In the summit of high land,

A Sky home,

Sun and Moon living together like husband and wife,

From the day one,

Very understanding,

Not in closeness but very attached,

She is small built,

He is six foot,

She sits down in obedience like a Japanese wife,

Looking his ever smiling face in Love,

He is returning home tired,

She welcomes in cool and calm,

He carry's her in his lighting arms in love,

She dies soon he dies like an Indian woman,

Star children playing here and there,

Sibling planets around helping each other,



by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: adventure, america, appreciation, beautiful, farm, hope, world,

The Hills of Mississippi

Not as tall or rocky as a mountain are the Mississippi hills.
      We visit Crystal Springs often during various times of the year.
We love the natural raised area of land and the easiness it was to trek the fields.
      The Hills of Mississippi is where my ancestors' spirit(s) lives.
We are descendants of the Trail of Tears and Mississippi enslavement.
      The highest point to view, as we summit to enjoy its nativity, is the constant 
changing of landscape.
      The hills of Mississippi are an attraction for hikers’ and nature walkers' fun and delight.
PENNED ON JUNE 11, 2014!

by Naomi White |
Categories: nature,

Man Vs Mountain

Howe great are your lofty peaks, amongst hillocks traced

Free from foes and frauds , ink my ridges with love and freehand

Ones tail whips round between valleys deep, creating a landscape, a mighty sweep

Lancers move forward and runty stays close, for those wagers upon us will judge us the most

Ego and IDs freeze at first glance , six nations armies forlorn and entranced

Exit the summit, bring down the gate for thine has the power to command check mate.

by Mary Arnott |
Categories: love,


I have a compulsion to ignite the bittersweet devil inside me. I indulge in delicacies of succulent confections dipped in the essence of creme. To savor spiced extract captivating my aroma's I fragrance surroundings. To be rich in desires rocks my fantasies..come with me you will see. Ravishing thoughts of you caress my beauty giving the taste of euphoria. I am exquisite and I sexually electrify.I will leave you a little more daring and satisfied. We will together build a summit . We will lay in cold glaciers and soak our toes in lavender. Together we will create the destiny. Give me your hand lay your body tightly against me...inhale my precious breath.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, love, spiritual,

Feeling Love

Life is short, use it
Grow love, bit by bit
We can
In staid stillness sit
Bliss is soul’s summit
Heart scan
When head and heart fit
Lamp of love is lit
Oh man

Fear is the hit man 
But if we’re dead pan
Light glows
Joy is our game plan
Conscience the helmsman
Love grows 
None more, none less than 
We are all one clan
Heart knows

From head to our toes
Rapturous bliss throes
Fills form
Love’s the debt soul owes
Fragrant like a rose
Be warm
Holding all souls close
It’s time we dispose
Lust storm