Love Poems About Summery or Summery Love Poems
by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
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Rare as each blossom on a tree,
From Watusi tribe unto the Cherokee,
Each member of man's family,
Has their own unique biography.

Rare the nights of burgundy,
That prelude yellow dawn ecstasy!
Green are the fields so summery;
Pink the rose of fragrancy.

Silvery moon most satisfactory,
And stars winking at you and me.
Nature speaks not of equality;
Pale butterfly to grasshopper free.

Deep blue sky and frothing sea,
And colors of the nebulae.
A spectrum of hues, each in harmony,
Is how it was all meant to be.

Redbird red sings a rhapsody,
Pretty bluejay warbles his gaiety.
The sun shines on His Majesty,
As orchards respond fruitfully.

by Sneha Agarwal |
Categories: happiness, seasons, new year,

Warmth of Winter

Pull out the blanket to embrace the chill
Time to wear colorful pull-overs again
Love the most the nicely ice covered hill
Blooming gardens with varieties of grain
Trying to feel the dew drops of misty rain

Open arms cherish the festivities of season
Halloween of Ice Man seen all the way
Wishes in the air for one or other reason
Imaging the Beloved Uncle riding on a sleigh
A new year spreads out cherishing ray

As soon as summery winds slows to aide
The goose bumps create a sensation great
Crashing the worries of hiding in shade
Novelty of season makes ecstasy regenerate
Wonderful Winter associates my birth date.

by Rohini Balram |
Categories: emotions, longing, love, love hurts,

The World of a Puppet

I lay in a canopy of thought;
Soul struck but miserable I am not
This ‘Mannequin’ today out in pink
Delicate but not curious at the teasing wink

I hear a gigantic crash coming from a neighbouring turf
Emotions stir almost as tall as the lip of a heartbreaking surf
This Puppet is reminded of memories of old Banyan trees
Agitated but she beats in search of a fresh summery breeze

I hear a faint howling from that 'Nabua’ dog
Fragrances of bliss once so knowing makes my heart throb
This Marionette rejoices the fluctuating drum beat
Nervous of winter chills but I assure you she won’t be cold feet

by Shane Solomon |
Categories: inspirational, love, romance

Unraveled the Sundress Poem Contest

It was the beginning of a summery season,
In that beautiful dress, adorned with baby blue and pink
Opened back, opened toe sandals; she gave me a wink
That sundress took my breath away, I wanted to say "hello" but lacked  a reason

                                                                        By: Shane Solomon

by Michelle Morris |
Categories: emotions, fruit, joy, love, red, summer, sunshine,

Strawberry Love

I love strawberries; and so do millions of British folks who enjoy their sweetness. Delightful and summery. 

Strawberry love
By Michelle Morris

Smell the strawberries
So warm and fragrant from the sun
Delightfully crimson and blushing
Strawberry love that's never undone

Caress them with whipped cream
Like fluffy wings of the angels
Wrap them in melted chocolate
Like the dark wings of the devil

Sweet succulent flesh
Delicious and enticing
Celebrated and enjoyed
Summery and sublime

Irresistible and decadent
Memorable and magical
Always a refreshing reminder
Of strawberry love and summer 

© Michelle Morris, 2023

by Terry Richardson |
Categories: beauty, creation, life, rose,

Life Is Like a Rose

Life is like a Rose
by Terry Richardson

Life is like a Rose...
So Delicate and Fragile...
Yet so Strong and Enduring...
The Heart opens like a Rose...
On a Summery Dawn Morning...
Blossoming unto its Fullness...
When its in Love...
Withering Away when Heartbreak...
Falls upon It...
Mending its Branches...
As Winters Harsh Cold...
Puts a soothing Salve Over It...
Budding again Each New Spring...
To Renew and Start Again...

by Anurag Sharma |
Categories: desire,

Creation of God

A unique creation of god  
A well versed pure thought
God has gifted you pearls of his heart
Your beautiful divine view
Increase pulse of my heart
You are yourself a unique definition
You are the summery of love in life
Miracle of your beauty
Your uniquely designed shape
Inspire to each now tune
Turn in immortal melody of new time
Every new idea every new vision
Need your touch and your inspiration
You are ideal of each beginning 
You bright beauty work as like

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by Anurag Sharma |
Categories: desire,

Flower of Your Hand

I am trying to prepare
A burning desire in my heart
A growing flower of your love
Can convert the my life
Now you teach me tale of love
I am again in learning process
Life is wanted to view dream
You come ahead give me new life
Your beautiful dream is whole summery
You are inspiration of my thought
Give me dream I want to view
I am ready to fight for new rise
Without you town give forest kind view
Only your appear now essential
I want to touch flower of your hand
Poet- anurag sharma      
DG-1 flat no 27 B  first floor         
Vikas puri new delhi-110018
        Mobile no-8743082486

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: emotions, love, romantic love,

Waiting On Love To Capture Her

Here this lovely young lady
looks behind her in hope
would love to be someone's capture
in her dreams wishing to elope

Samantha wishes for real love
someone to sweep her off her feet
to show kindness and affection
telling her 'I love you' on every street

Her beauty is so delicately pure
lovely slim figure so easy on eye
such a beautiful summery dress
so attractive for any decent guy

Holding her parasol to protect
as the sun burns upon her back
Samantha's thoughts turn to romance
wishing still wishing love be on track

This beau is in the romance mood
waiting for it to come her way
as she turns to look on the blue sea
her emotions tell her I need to pray!