Love Poem: Waiting On Love To Capture Her
Gordon Mcconnell Avatar
Written by: Gordon Mcconnell

Waiting On Love To Capture Her

Here this lovely young lady
looks behind her in hope
would love to be someone's capture
in her dreams wishing to elope

Samantha wishes for real love
someone to sweep her off her feet
to show kindness and affection
telling her 'I love you' on every street

Her beauty is so delicately pure
lovely slim figure so easy on eye
such a beautiful summery dress
so attractive for any decent guy

Holding her parasol to protect
as the sun burns upon her back
Samantha's thoughts turn to romance
wishing still wishing love be on track

This beau is in the romance mood
waiting for it to come her way
as she turns to look on the blue sea
her emotions tell her I need to pray!