Love Poems About Suitcase or Suitcase Love Poems
by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: lost love, sad,

Silver Lining

?The day my Silver lining vanished away?

I was traumatized, 
After walking through the bedroom door.

No movement, or sign,
Not one single breath left behind, 
the canvas has been painted black.
Not a single image on the wall, 
I took one last gasp----- of nothing,
No hint of musk in the air,
Silently, I stare, to the unknown 
The positive aspect, gone,
My unseen benefit is missing,
The absent suitcase,
The only clue!
The burglar took it all, 
the garbage stood alone.
This is not my home. 

Chaotic, disconcerted
After walking through the bedroom door.

by; PD

by David Rombo |
Categories: confusion, life,

Ruled By Emotions

I will not be 
ruled by my 
Thus I shan’t 
I can’t hate,
I won’t live,
I shall 
Like spoken 
word with no 
You and I are 
no duplicate,
My body shall 
be a suitcase,
Organs packed 
like folded 
Just like an 
open shoe you 
see the toes,
Thus no friends 
and many are 
No happiness 
only woes,
Because that’s 
the way the 
robot goes,
Neither smile 
nor tear must 
Not a fright 
when appears a 
At full power 
alone do my 
eyes glow,
To get no love 
and give none 
To obey, serve,
To torture my 
And smother my 
For everyone 
else? For 

by Frances Schiavina |
Categories: love,

I Love You

returned with suitcase unopened- couldn't live with goodbye tears.

First Place Winner: Brian Strand- All Yours-3/12
First Place Winner: J C Brul-Without Saying I Love You-3/321
Third Place Winner: Line Gauthier-Bite Size Poem-6/17/21

by Gary Mccormick |
Categories: father,


When the music stopped for Dad
And Shorty McCormick’s Jazz Band
Played their last gig, his drum set
Was retired to our dank basement

His traps resided in an extra large
Black cardboard suitcase and soon
My brothers and I commenced 
Drumming the life out of its quiet remains

Before long the solid beat of the remaining
Percussion instruments were rendered silent
And were finally sent out with the trash

I hung on to the last reminder of my father’s
Well warn drum set that helped him keep time
During his many solo jazz improvisations 

Now with love I hold on to his tattered slapstick
The only rhythmic survivor, still ready to keep the beat

by Ian D. Campbell |
Categories: angst, forgiveness, loss, lost love,

Premature Ejaculation

Electric shock. 
And so were those
Winter days. 

Hysterical, practical
And our supplements
To fight daily 

Mustard in her
Nails made shooting
in the Street far worse. 

A cylindrical whirlwind
of your suitcase
as you're weight lifting
And I'm drinking and 
So you are you and 
We're passing out now. 

I spilled my wine on
the bar. On purpose. 

And I wished my father
Was there.

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: appreciation, character, life, thank you, true love,

My Cross

My parents fed me from the bread of life
I ate each day until I had my fill
They both worked hard so they could pay the price
And taught me not to lie and not to steal
One day I packed my bag and picked a road
With suitcase full of values gifted me
And let me tell you they are quite a load
I dragged them up a hill so I could see
Looking 'cross the valley of the shadows
I saw the place that I would like to go
A garden on the hill, past the meadow
My bag became my cross, my heavy load
Their souls have been ingrained into this cross
It's up to me to carry it across

an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: heartbreak, hurt, lost love, metaphor,

The Packing of a Suitcase

Thus packed, my simple case

               What love, lost, does displace

Clothes and dreams and needs

               The waste of passion's deeds

And folded with my shirts

               The remnants of your hurts

Still left, such ample room

               (Enough to be my tomb)

Though it can never hold

               My tattered heart ... now cold.

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "It's A Shorty" Poetry Contest, Deborah Guenther Beachboard, Sponsor.

by Soulfire |
Categories: lost love

Contents Unknown

Packed up my suitcase
with the weight of emptiness
and left a note beside 
your whiskey glass
‘bout the things we would not give

Walked out the front door
that sheltered us inside
the climate of affection
and the frail things 
we kept alive

by Michael Poyntz |
Categories: lost love, love



Is it that easy for you
to just walk away now
from me…from us
all those moments
when there was only
the two of us
against the world

Things have changed I know
what time alone could not do
silence, indifference and gravity has
do you know my love
that you are still
all that I ever wanted
in my day…my bed

I watch  in silence
as you prepare to leave
taking a suitcase packed with
nothing that ever mattered to me
and a dream that is all
I ever wanted in my life
is it that easy for you


by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: break up, goodbye, heartbreak, heartbroken, love, love hurts, relationship,


She's making love to him as though he'll
pay her with love he would have given
her in the lost years.

She's baking a fruit cake she saw
in a cookery book. It's the best she's
ever made. She knows he likes it.

She's taking out the garbage. Usually
they sleep all Saturday mornings,
and assume the garbage people
will somehow open the locked 
kitchen door, and take out the garbage.

Her suitcase is about to burst;
Her flight ticket is at her dressing table;
Her nails are well made and glossed;
Her taxi is about to reach the gate....

She's about to tell him "Goodbye" for good.....

by Shamsud Ahmed |
Categories: life, loss, lost love,

Compte Rendu

Hollo Pollo nescient today.
Their life in a suitcase
Crosses boarders from savage soil
Into habitats - Plight untold.

Fear and accomplishment juxtaposed.
Shame and relief, young and old.
Many a promises being sold
Cloudy moonlight - your story unfolds.

Back in time with Stone Age truth
Fights for flesh
Oh ! The colour of the brook.
Heaven or hell - know not they. They pray.

New land found, years from now.
Yesterday's tomorrows lost in today.
Why change Pluto and not our fate?
Rising water it’s not late.

Good old days, let's find our place.

by Joyce Wolayo |
Categories: care, feelings, for him, relationship, romance,

Coming Into Me

Come into me fast like a rushing waterfall
Come into my arms darling as I wink and pray for your love
Come with all your body, soul and heart in a suitcase of love

by Judy Oketch |
Categories: husband, lost love,

I Finally Did

My eyes rolled, searching the ceiling
As if it had some reason to my demise 
Or was it the third dimension I was in?
I finally left your side by the bed

The suits, the dresses, the charms
They sure are expensive,
Made me almost forget why I cooked you diner every night
I finally did pack my suitcase you know

The coffee cup was full
Only this time round, I noticed it was used for tea
But always staring back as if full of Ethiopian coffee 
I finally left your wedding ring on the coffee table.

by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: cry, deep, emotions, first love, imagery, life, love hurts,

Don'T Go

My soul crumbles like a tin can under pressure,
when I see your suitcase waiting for a taxi.
Please, don’t leave me this way;
you’re the only thing that resonates with my sanity
and madness, all intertwined into love that we had
created for ourselves.
I promise I’ll pick up the broken pieces of us,
and fix piece by piece;
I promise I’ll make it up for the tears you had shed
when I hurt you.
Please, give me another chance my Love;
you are the only happiness that I’ve been left with…

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: life, sad, wife, i love you,


My suitcase lies on empty bed
With travel on my mind . . .
I pack then fly within my head
As I leave your ghost behind.

Someday it won't be just a dream
Carving out a new life will be real.
I sacrifice, you say I scheme,
Misunderstood is how I feel.

With crumbling vows you cheat on me.
My saddest eyes with tears do fill.
To leave, my avenue must be;
The contrast is I love you still.

by Jan Hansen |
Categories: break up, first love,

I Was In Trieste

I was in Trieste

It was in 1962, a revolution attempt that failed
roads had been churned; the American CIA tried to blend in
not successfully wearing Hawaii shirts to hide the guns.
I met her at the railway station, a small woman with a big suitcase
which I offered to carry at her lodging.
I was a polite young man, thanks to my communist mother.
It was a long road, a cobblestone road, was heavy going
I have come to think Federico Fellini was hiding in the case.
Arriving at her lodging, I was not invited to her room
she gave me a peck on the nose.
Later I learned she was a famous actress, but I wondered
why is she, in Trieste?

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: love,

Leather Jacket On Shoulders Contest

January 1st. It's cold and raining. 
His leather jacket's on your shoulders.

They say it s cold
But am warm as toast
Wrapped up in your jacket
Then I realise your wet
Rain soaking your shirt

Looking up i whisper
Cant we both share 
Together we snuggle
Your shirt soaking my blouse
The heat of your skin
Making me shiver with hope

We stop to kiss
Slow passionate embrace
We look into each others eyes
Love, lust smouldering there
Lets go home 
Initial row forgotten

Suitcase packed in anger
Kicked aside
Jacket lovingly placed to dry
Love 1 silly row 0
That walk in the rain paid dividends
Thanks mam for suggesting  it.

Happy New Year

Penned 27 may 2013

by Terry Allen |
Categories: lost love

Shakespare! More Like Shakes Hands.

What's left to decide in between you and I?
My suitcase is at the front door as I flea the scene
Not hiding but moving on with my life

We haven't been in love for a long time.
Since the day that we locked eyes.
Misery loves company
In this my companion will be perfect with me.

Don't look at that mirror you may see me.
An anthology of melancholy for drama queens
We aren't far from the same
and I don't point fingers

I left you in a box and lost the key
This memory of me will haunt your dreams
For it illuminates the room
and no light shines at the bottom of the sea

by Matthew Unknown |
Categories: depression, lost love, love, sadme,

One Last Time

I woke up every mornin'
To see your smiling face
We loved each other
That never changed
We met so young, we were so blind
We thought our love would last throughout our lives
We should have known better
Love never lasts
It always fades
I remember the last time I saw your face
As you walked out the door
Anger in your heart, tears in your eyes
You grabbed your suitcase, we said our goodbyes
You walked out the door and left me there
Not understanding why you left
You just told me you had go
You left and thats all I know
Everyday I wish that I could see your face
Just one last time

by Francis Osho |
Categories: funny,

Looking For Christmas Tree

looking for the christmas tree  in the attic
i found the old suitcase ancient i should say 
in it
1 torn underwear with more holes than fabric
2 pairs of unmatched socks not red or white
3 shirts i cant get into anymore
4 strings of guitar two missing
5 letters of teen age infatuation or ardent love 
they moved me to tears

by Mark Hansen |
Categories: life, love, passion,

Year New

Shadowing the cliffside of 2006,
Rear against the zephyr,
Breathing lower wise upon my neck.
Need no act of visioning reverse.
What was good,
Still is one with I.
A curse,
There it lie,
Having no use.
What is old of saying,
Looking back,
Is miss understood.
Salty taste,
Leaving one stone cold,
Suitcase load of fears.
If so,
Your Love is on me,
Command Your angels,
Laying under my feet,
Bridge other place,
My destine await.
New Year,
Clever thoughts,
Glorifying You.
Carrying me on Your Shoulder.
And this will be seen,
In the writing of ink,
Crediting Thee,
By my own heart's figuretips-

by Jamie Ball |
Categories: depression, love, sad, words,

Painful Days

The same old routine
Every single day,
Sitting here in silence
With no words to say.

So much tension
Fills the air,
Causing terrible pain
And deep despair.

How did we end
Up this way,
And let it all
Just slip away?

You're so angry,
Such cruel words you say,
Lashing out towards me
Seems to be your only way.

But in the process,
Causing me to feel so low,
Eventually sooner or later,
With my suitcase, I'll go.


by Ron Derby |
Categories: lost love


we were at the end of a rainbow
a sadness in our eyes
few words were being spoken
so hard to say goodbye

Quietly our love had disappeared
until nothing did we share
a lifetime of loving up and gone
vanished in thin air

While our hearts silently cried
we packed our memories
suitcase full of yesterdays
but no tomorrows for you and I

by Constantinos Grigoriadis |
Categories: adventure, confusion, hope, life, lost love, nostalgia, sad, sorry, time,


I had close my suitcase and i looked at this.
There, was a part of my life.
I let a tear.
I knew the past was over, 
the futur was unknown
and the present was here.
I heard my breath.
I smiled.
I was alive  
Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

by Dm Babbit |
Categories: abuse,

If She Leaves

By the door
  the suitcase stood waiting
  for the trembling hand to clasp
  the handle unused until now;
just another word said in anger
  one too many times
  burned in her breast
  and came slam of the bedroom door.
Her coat taken from the closet
  wrapped her safe and set free
  from the time strapped in her heart
  when too much was enough;
he pleaded in hurt and fear
  but their time had exceeded
  the warmth of their love
  now lost
as she leaves.