Love Poem: Leather Jacket On Shoulders Contest
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Written by: Seren Roberts

Leather Jacket On Shoulders Contest

January 1st. It's cold and raining. 
His leather jacket's on your shoulders.

They say it s cold
But am warm as toast
Wrapped up in your jacket
Then I realise your wet
Rain soaking your shirt

Looking up i whisper
Cant we both share 
Together we snuggle
Your shirt soaking my blouse
The heat of your skin
Making me shiver with hope

We stop to kiss
Slow passionate embrace
We look into each others eyes
Love, lust smouldering there
Lets go home 
Initial row forgotten

Suitcase packed in anger
Kicked aside
Jacket lovingly placed to dry
Love 1 silly row 0
That walk in the rain paid dividends
Thanks mam for suggesting  it.

Happy New Year

Penned 27 may 2013