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by Tom Pen |
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Before You

Each day was a gift 
without you.
Every sunrise breathtaking
without you.
Music moved me 
without you. 
But ever since our first night, 
nothing is as beautiful         
without you.

* Poem Form, (to my best) is Epistrophe or Epiphora, but neither are listed as a form option. Feel free to suggest a fitting Poetry Soup Poetry Form. Until then, It's in the, “I don’t know” category.
Kindest regards...

by Tamra Amato |
Categories: family, love, mother

Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct, One Lives In My House (For Colin)

A contemporary creature,
this Tyrannosaurus Rex is not a carnivore.
He delights in gnashing peanut butter sandwiches
and his habitat is lush
with rocks and bugs and toys
And if I dare suggest he is a little boy--
his mighty roar is deafening.
Its echo captures ancient pains
that live in mother's heart
And for a moment
renders them extinct,
as joy tears them apart.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: analogy, inspirational, metaphor, music, spiritual, true love, wisdom,

That Old Violin of Mine

I have several newer of quality,
But I suspect, my favorite is still
that old violin of mine:
antique, though not especially valuable...unless
one takes all into account—the sensuous caresses,
countless waxing, mending
and restringing over the years-- 
The imagined Heifetz and Mozart
I have thrilled
in the packed halls of my musical
heart. Oh, not to suggest that I 
think myself a virtuoso to anyone 
but myself and others less critical 
who hear me...for a spirit
in tune makes us all Concert Masters
and great lovers….

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: how i feel, time,

Time, Friend Or Foe

Time, friend or foe
           I really don’t know
Both, I suspect
          As I recollect
Friend in a way
           I’d have to say
For I’ve known love
          That I can speak of
And I’ve been blessed
          I might suggest
But foe, I report
          For time runs short
And must make haste
          No time to waste

by Robert Nehls |
Categories: change, growth, imagery,

Life On Canvas

Each line has a life 
     As it glides across canvas,
         Creating a world 
               Of its own.
Every stroke of the brush
     An extension of soul,
          As the artist selects
               The next tone.

The blending of colors,
     The depth of the shade.
          Shadows suggest
               The unknown.
There is softness and texture,
     Warmth to be felt.
          A heart that should not 
                Be alone.

It's a child that reaches
      For love and affection,
           Crawling until
                It can stand.
Constantly changing 
      From its conception,
            Until the last stroke
                 Of the hand.

by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: character, family, feelings, life, love, marriage, wisdom,

Writing In Sand and Stone

Writing "I love you" in the sand suggests that love is meant to fade;
That it can be washed away by life's periodic tides.
I suggest we write our love in stone, always carving it deeper.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, feelings, hyperbole, imagery, metaphor,

My Cloud

Hey you, get off of my cloud
don’t make me ask you again.
I suggest you back away
there is nothing here for you.

This is my sanctuary,
the one place I feel wanted.
It’s my chance for happiness
and you cannot intervene.

When an angel spun this cloud
she sealed our love with a kiss.
And I won’t let you steal it
no matter how hard you try.

Don't taint my piece of heaven
with your devilish presence.
Get the heck off of my cloud,
there is only room for me.

by John Loving Iii |
Categories: character,

Oh My Dear Mama

Oh my dear Mama 
I am in love with her 
I want to go to Port Rossa 
To buy a wedding ring 
Yes, yes, I want to go there 
And if my love were in vain 
I'd go to Ponte Vecchio 
And fall to my destiny 
I struggle with this tormenting 
Oh God, I'd like to die
mama have pity on me
mama have pity on me

To be sung to "O mio babbino caro" by Puccini
You can find it on YouTube I suggest Maria Callas.

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, philosophy,

She Became Legendary

Hillary Clinton has become legendary
Many states she will eventually carry
Power of concentration and self-discipline
That is way above most of the men.

Here is the source:

Page xv Introduction, For Love of Politics
by Sally Bedell Smith

Highly suggest that you read 
it if you haven't already.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

by Akunna Olomi |
Categories: depression

When I Am Depressed

When I am depressed
I float in self-pity
I roam in fantasy
I bask in solitude

When I am depressed
Thought of God bores me
Thought of family irritates me
Thought of life bores me 

When I am depressed
Doctors question than test
Doctors suggest than prescribe
Doctors philosophize than treat

When I am depressed
Self-confidence eludes me
Self-worth evades me
Self-criticism controls me

When I am depressed 
I loathe your presence
I detest your concern

by Sakshi Singh |
Categories: baby, crush, cute love, feelings, first love, for teens, romantic love,

For You

whether you love me or not 
I'm crazy for you 
Whether you touch me or not 
I always feel you 

I know you are walking with 1, laughing with 3, talking with 5
May be just to find love in your life 
You will be shame on your choice 
Why don't you ask me to suggest? 
I'll loudly say " Oh my dear, look I AM THE BEST "

Whether you laugh with me or not 
I'm happy for you 
Whether you watch me or not 
My eyes are always at you 

Whether you miss me or not 
I can't stop thinking about you 
But, whenever you need me baby 
Just look once behind 
I'll be there FOR YOU

by Michelle Faulkner |
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No Almond Joy for coconut
Please don't suggest roasting chestnuts
Stifled by sage and pumpkin spice
Cauliflower rice won't entice
Though blasphemous, I'm not bluffing
I am not thankful for stuffing
He picks out onions, celery
All for love of finicky me.


by Emile Pinet |
Categories: christian, faith, feelings, god, love,

Labeled a Fool

I'm often labeled a fool for helping my fellow man. And criticized for being a loser without a plan. Folks insist my time’s squandered, tending to the sick and weak. Why assist the destitute, they're best left on the street? Some suggest I play their game and adopt their point of view. For it’s totally crazy to worry the way I do. Most say you can't save sinners, their misery's meant to be. And when they beg you for coins, walk-on, as if you don't see. Why suffer another's pain, they preach at me night and day? But Karma repays kindness and will send some back my way. (Quatrain) 1/25/2015

by Sidney Beck |
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Paper Or Plastic


Paper roses for her  suggest  imitation love - not good
Plastic roses suggest long-lasting falsehood

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 

Entered in   Susan Burch’s  Contest     "Paper or plastic"

by John Rockk-Fiordelisi |
Categories: courage, first love, , sweet love,

Far Away

Far Away, king drooling
Not so, jester timidly asserts
I decalre, king postures, the forest are my troops,
Looking across his fickle following, 
Jesters swings a wooden axe screaming
Love, sweet love
King blows his nose from snuff and nicotine
I declare
Jester drops trough and shows a a true ruler
Is 12 inches
King spits phlegm sceaming I alone
Jester shoves his ruler into the mouth of the queen
Haven't seen nor heard of king no jester
Only plenty of rhymes to suggest
That there are neither
Excepting one queen knocked up
With funny babies

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly effect, a rhythm perfect
Having far reaching, magical impact
The desires, which we set into motion
Cascading through space, causing commotion
Universe responding, as we direct

Desire births thought to complete its project 
Reality unfolds, as we suggest
The Universe, a manifestation 
Butterfly effect

On fulfilling desires, we oft lament
Cyclic ego borne cravings resurrect
All karma arising from stagnation 
Love aligned, vibrant in bliss elation
Our life is joyful, if we stand erect
Butterfly effect


by John Allen |
Categories: lost love


Haze and mist
that you once belonged with me
but angry foam and sea
says this
that it could not be

Is this just fairy tale
is this a fancy
or am I simply dreaming
a reality that once was around me

Hesitant, yes
for I am rarely blessed

She was once here
warm and near
but that was long ago
faded upon yesteryear

Melody and Rhyme
distant through time
and I 
alone, hesitant, and silent
weeping alone upon a wearied stone
and this is my only recourse

Memory, chilled and gray
But memory that has yet to fade
Be with me

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

True Visionary

If the sun is to rise it is surely to burn
Ashes to ashes and dusk to dusk welcome the
cole's of weather to  heart to heart of 
tunnel vision and last of the avenage snowy weather and frogs
that look like worthy princes how cold is it to leave a chip
those you bet and those who gamble know to well that the house always win
patterns of suggest love lost and those who have lost 
what are  stories that lead to a truth avenager
love held a the tip of the tongue for war or lost of the numb for the weather
for brave heart and stories teller all that i ask is how did we get to such a beginning

by Warren Mbaht |
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I would first have to find you
In the bustle of today
Then my whiles would be applied
And I would find a way

It may be in a city park
We would accidentally meet
I would start a conversation
Let you sweep me off my feet

Let you think you were the captor
While really it was me
Who set the trap and sprung it
Before you had a chance to flee

Just like a female spider
I would leave you no escape
You would find yourself entangled
And stand there mouth agape

Then not to be beaten
Your manliness would show
Suggest a quite romantic place
Where only we would go

There is an ancient saying
It may be just a whim
That she lets him chase her
Until she catches him

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: jobs, school, teacher,

Let's All Call In Sick

Possible seventy-nine-degree high today
A day to twirl, and dance and play.

I am saying to everyone I feel sick. We should all be home.
Drawing pictures, planting flowers, writing a poem.

My boss comes in, but sneakily, like a cat. I do not see her coming.
I am in a giddy mood, people are dancing and humming

We have had a rough winter. We are slap-happy now.
We love this weather, the sun-kind that you plow.

It will be eighty-four tomorrow someone else chimes in.
I have an idea; it makes my silly mouth grin.

Let’s all call in sick, I wisely suggest, and very smartly say. 
I turn and see my boss’s shocked face, the end of this fun and lively play.

by Erika Lee |
Categories: friendship, life, love,

Just a Note...

I’m looking through the pictures,
Of you and me, amongst everyone else,
On various occasion,
And I wish we have more.

I’m reading through the e-mails,
Through endless words,
Of Hellos and Good Byes,
And I wish we have more.

I’m remembering every second,
When we meet,
When we talk,
When we simply smile to each other,
And I wish we have more.

I wish we have all the times of our lives,
To laugh, to embrace, to call each other names, 
To say something silly,
To be side by side,
I just wish we have more.

Cause when a couple of days are not enough,
And a couple of weekends are mere seconds, 
May I suggest a lifetime?

by John Castro |
Categories: love

New Song

money aint got no heart money aint got no soul 
 dont sell yourself gor diamonds silver and gold 

dont stand on that pedestal of pride  
let go of that anger that you harbor inside 

purge yourself of sin let goodness surge within  
if youre searching for salvation i suggest your search for him  

remission by his blood redemption was his wish
 everlasting life is what he left us with  
we're not shrouded in the gloom we're saved from being doomed 
jesus is our savior he'll be coming back real soon

by Ryan Emerald |
Categories: politicaltime, time,


We are the young
and we must protect 
the songs that where sung
and the hearts we suggest...

The way we sing in the shower 
or give away the prettiest flower
the life we live and all that s*** 
the father time and the fires lit
our first time we give love
to the lust we created above
that's the way things should go
we don't have much time to left
so we have to do what is the best
we should start over again 
a better place without the gen.
the blasphemy has to stop
so why don't we just pop?
another cap in social just
but that won't ever must
nor will it help us pound
so we should tare up this ground
and we have to start over
and create the supernova...

by Patricia . Garcia Howard Bramble |
Categories: love, time,

The End:

If tomorrow never comes
If your time on earth came
And you never saw daybreak

Have you tried in every way
To live your life to the fullest
Were there any doubts

Did you smile, did you laugh
Did you remember to show your love ones
How much you cared

If the end came
Would you be ready to accept
Were there any regrets 

Can I write and suggest
That while you are here
Continue to try your best.

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: math,

A Piece of Pi

Have a piece of pie today – 
Try apple, plum or cherry
Or key lime, lemon, Boston cream
Or one I love – mixed berry.

The choices aren’t infinite
Like digits never ending
In Pi, which though explained to me
I’m just not comprehending.

It starts with 3 point 14,
Which you’ll notice is today,
Then keeps on adding numbers
In an on and on display.

Instead of making sense of this
Or trying, I suggest
Indulging in whichever pie
Your taste buds like the best.