Love Poems About Suffocation or Suffocation Love Poems
by Sam Toil |
Categories: hope, love,

A Horror

i lay searching  
the night-grain nothingness. 
discharged from the world.
still, It comes.

oozing through undefined space
in fire-grinning simplicity.
humming like steel .
It beckons.
and i am ready.

but It has long been in place --
as all men die --
by suffocation.

the black streaks 
violet and orange.
you stir.
your untainted eyes open.

hold me 
precious wife
in the world 
a while longer.

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: death, fantasy, love, mystery, passion, romance, moon,

Carpe Noctem

They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.
Shadows full and beautiful,
Full moon and pale starlight.

Closing eyes with parting lips,
And drawing final breath.
Drawing blood and lines of love,
Awoken in this death.

Pleasure, drowning, lost in you,
My skin lays bitten, bare.
The sweetest suffocation,
I’m loving, lacking air.

The moon has left me Lycan,
And you're allowed to bite.
They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.

by Jillian Veitenheimer |
Categories: hope, life, love,


Competence adheres to truth
The affliction begins to throb
Fracturing the enchantment
Paralyzing compassion

Yearning for the illusion
To break from the mind
Materialize into undeniable
Ensure the lighthearted

Initiation of dissipation
Retention collapsing
Reality emerges
Ecstasy subsides

A feared colloquy
An aphotic chasm ensues
Suffocation in isolation
The curse of infatuation

by John Goodman |
Categories: history, hope, peace, people, political,

When the Wall Came Down

when Berlin wall came down

humanity began to breathe

deceit, suffocation, and manipulation

Was no more

Eyes could begin to see the organic

To feel the organic

To be the organic

fall of berlin wall

collapsed upon a factory of poisonous pesticides

that was killing organic growth of humanity

we now see freedom sprouting everywhere

from Spain to Judea

Persia to Crimea

China To Chicago

cultural and historical legacy of humanity

coalescing into destiny of oneness

because we are human

peace is human

justice is human

love is human

peace is human

justice is human

love is human.

by Gargi Saha |
Categories: depression


The jolted anger that never bursts
The mind that is crippled by fears,
The agony in the form of tears,
The revenge that in the mind lingers.

The mind which is dipped in tension,
Always depression, depression and depression!
Those unheard cries,
Of falsehood, entanglements, bondage and ties.

Where love is murdered,
And unity surrendered,
Where frankness is shattered,
And aims, ambitions and aspirations plastered.
Life becomes a knife,
Pain, melancholy and bitter tears to wipe,
Life is a marvellous pilgrimage,
It is a mirror and reflects your own image.

by Miggy Lomeli |
Categories: depression,

Born Into An Empty Bend

What do you do when the river has run dry, 
When there is no more blood to bleed, 
No more tears to weep, 
Alone in the bend waiting to die.   

You can imagine things will get better, 
A flow of light to guide you through. 
Or face the realities of waste rather 
Than try to row the dirt quite so.   

Yet I am one with the bend still, 
Both hollowed out and left for starvation 
Of love in loveless quicksand til, 
we reach a point of suffocation.   

And realize the same fate we have if we 
To be rescued, a horrible mistake making 
death late.

by Travis Johnson |
Categories: lost love, sad, sorrow,

Love Lost

She use to say she loved me
Every morning
I guess her feeling changed
Am I to blame? 
My day don't start with kisses
Now it's boring
There's no sex at night
No hugs before good-byes
Sometimes I feel like she don't need me 
She don't want me
But how do I know? 
Where did the affection go? 
And now I'm feeling empty 
And so lonely
She's here with me
But she's not here with me…
If you looked in my eyes deeply
To my soul
There will be a sorrow stained 
Right next to my pain
At night I watch her sleeping
And I know
She is the only one I love
But is that enough? 
I'm dying by suffocation
And it hurts
I'm crying in this room
Not knowing what to do?

by Jennifer Ratcliffe |
Categories: introspection, life, people, urban, water, water,


Good to have realised
but I already did,
that friends and people
pass and go,
but still;
the water walks alone.

Magnificent you suddenly appreciate
but I already grovel,
at the foot of the Earth
at the foot of your being,
but still;
the water walks alone.

And I keep seeming to give
that you all own me.
Some snare in the rope,
but it is mine!
I want the echo's
to stand up hairs on your belly.
But still;
it's only boxed water.

My blood and love despise me.
and I never understood why
I am unforgivable.
Perhaps it's just nature.
Sanding away my skin
drinking in suffocation
drowning out...

by Winter Wallace |
Categories: art, caregiving, confusion, death, depression, devotion, lost love, lovelove,

Hagar's Kiss

You don't have to bleed away
My profound profane love...I hold your heart in mine
I can feel your heat from the love places, I can also feel your thumping pain

Crying into the broken, bloodied mirrors
 I will pick you up for you've picked me up
The wringing love you hold, the shallow eyes from which you weep, 
your claws into my skin

I will softly, sweetly kiss your beautiful brown skin
 and wallow in the Sunday soaking blue

When do we swallow each other whole?
That will be a perfect time

Hold on a little bit closer 
...suffocation isn't very strange.....

by Tommy Anonymous |
Categories: love

Suffocation For Her Sake

When I finally realized
That she only gave her hand
As a request for friendship

That was when I made up
my mind
And decided
Not to do anything at all

Because whatever I may do
It'll wound either of us

Victory creates happiness on both sides
Loss can inflict pain to yourself,
if not to her conscience too

As I really cared,
I lost by my own hand
In order to save her conscience

That decision
equals suffocation

by Carrie Mae Champion |
Categories: love, me, love, me, i love you,


I could only imagine
Your hands
Wrapped around my waist,
Hugging me from behind.
Oh, the worth
That you embody
Ignites my heart, my soul.
Your touch drives me wild,
Like you’re another side of me.
The words you recollect
Not only comfort me, but enlightens me.
You make me smile regardless,
Any storm or trial.
I know you'll be there with such charm,
And that sparkle in your eye.
You say you love me.
And that means the world to me
I’m yours, and I love you like no other
You’re my peace in mind,
You’re the sun in my storm,
The air in my suffocation,
Your all their is to be.

by Bruce Otvos |
Categories: lost lovelove, me,

Absence of Strength

I have lived through something so malevolent to love as hatred. I swim through this sea of
lukewarm agony. I crash upon the brutal jetty's of devotion's failure. It is simply
impossible to explain to you the shortness of breath I am constantly feeling, for your
love to me is as crucial as air, without it I am doomed to suffocation and suffering.
Truer to life than change is constant, this lingering reality in my mind is forever
condemned to a fictitious abnormality in your eyes...I am forever the Ghost of our endless
affection, but the effect of our love has left me a Ghost

by Dennis Oyuka |
Categories: imagination,

Second Breathe

Suffocation chocking down my throat,
My eyes shuttering,
I cant even lift a finger,
My chances of survival too stiff,
My heart skips a beat,
Now singing the melodious beat of survival,

I see Heaven,
Angels lifting my soul high above,
Can't even remember the last time I fell in love,
But one thing is for sure,
My heart still beats for a second breathe,

Dreams come true,
I just want to overcome this,
In my mind...
I dream of that moment,
Drowning in the ocean of catching a second breathe...

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: devotion, health, husband, life, love

At Night Thinking

In the hospital wanting you
        At night thinking of you_awake
For how many hours and long days
        Will be glad to be home_goodness sake

Hello poetry soup have_missed you
        The long seconds seem to just crawl
In the hospital room no wind
         Trapped within these four gray plain wall

Alone this one woman_one man 
        All the staff here has been so kind
But this is not where I want to be
        Suffocation plays on my mind

Life has a trap_caught in its ways
        What a story to sing and tell
How when one truly does love
         The story of life always ends well

by Kristine Spike |
Categories: love, love hurts, sad love,

Fairy Tales

It’s what fairy tales are made of
Those moments that 
Make the heart stop
The flutter
The onset of love

But reality crashes in waves 
And it wasn't the right
Time, person, place
It wasn't a movie
It wasn't a fairy tale

I expected a warm embrace
But it was suffocation
I was stripped of my being
Because what was once mine
And mine alone
Is now his to hold

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: depression, lonely,


Trees blowing in the wind of the moment
Now flowing they lend nothing at, towards
To them they speak the language, sacrament
The love of the daylight hours with awards
Seeing a lady sounding scraping swords
Feeling the bark of the tree suffocate
Like a smash in the stomach, penetrate
Leaving a mark of breathlessness, no sound
Taking the toll of whispers, signals fate
With no one but the lonely left around

Russell Sivey

by Jenna Butts |
Categories: sad,

Under Your Gaze

Lost, drowning under your gaze 
Lost words of an unspoken time 
Anger locked up and no where to escape 
Lost, drowning under your gaze 
Hidden by my cloak of love 
Fearless until your drowning gaze 
Tears of suffocation 
entering my immortal wound

by Urvashi Goswami |
Categories: depression, love,

Without You

Imagine five swords into your throat
Fighting to make space enough for them
That how much painful breathing is to me without you
Dark suffocation into my head
Engulfed every memory but yours
This happened when I try not to think of you 
Severe pain in my chest
Like an unbeatable boxer hits me with an iron punch
This much dead i am when I see myself standing alone without you

And in this chaos between
Mind and heart
Truth and false
Love and pain
Anger and rain
I realized
My pupils dilates
My brain gets relaxed
Swords stand still
And I feel lesser pain
When I try not to forget you.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: loss, love, sad, time,

Kissing Your Ghost

Half awake, half aware, in a blanket of twilight, 
silent suffocation beneath it's vacuum weight; 
in the severed grasp between realisation 
and the drowsy semi-dreaming state. 
I miss your kiss, sweet dew-bathed lips 
pressed light as crushed luxuriant silk 
upon my dormant, hungry mouth 
with honeycomb zest and buttermilk. 
Your absence won't suckle or resuscitate 
the passion emaciating deep down in me; 
I will feed and dream of surrogate love, 
of kissing your ghost for company.

by David Lemke |
Categories: angst, animals, devotion, happiness, love, passion,

Overwhelming Horses

Strong, muscular, moving in sync,
like an ocean of lavender their bodies move.
Waves of clapping hooves consistently beating
the earth like thunder beats the sky.
This is how my heart moves,
like a panther to its prey,
towards the stampede.

Suffocation, intoxication, devastation.
Refusing to be tamed as sure as life is to 
Spring, summer, night,
day, month, week,
hour to minute, 
run in time.
Refuse to be trampeled.

by Ashwani Mishra |
Categories: life, love, philosophy, timelove,

"lovely Drop Tears

A drop which comes only, 
When word start vibration in heart;

A drop can grow the plant of happiness, 
When old seed show the sign of existence of love;

A drop of elixir to spread life,
In the dried branches of relation; 

A drop of magical fluid, 
This can convince when all efforts become useless;

A drop suddenly comes out,
When pain and pleasure crosses their dignity.

A drop become bloody,
When circumstances become uncontrolled; 

A drop become more viscous,
When love one say Goodbye forever.

A drop of remedy,
When love organ feel suffocation and intolerable burns. 

A drop of love, 
Because it tells all which we cannot express some moment.

by Amanda Gaber |
Categories: depressionwords,


Cruel words escape from her lips,
She touches her throat with her fingertips.
Feeling lost
Feeling hated,
It's something many have debated.
A choking feeling a gasp for life,
But somewhere deep she longs for a knife.
Somewhere dark, somewhere deep a innocent soul wantes to be free.
Cheated of love.
Cheated of peace.
How can she give if she never recieved?
Cruel words escape from her lips,
She touches her throat with her fingertips.
A choking feeling.
A gasp for life.
Something deep makes her grab a knife.

by Nina G |
Categories: love, self,

Love Thyself

I’ve been given a gift 
The ultimate gift 
One of the ultimate gifts 
A way to undo 
A way to redo 
A way to rewrite 
A way to reject spite 
A way to free myself 
From suffocation 
And it was simple 
Far simpler than imagined 
I found who was to blame 
Who was the tormentor 
But it was the same reflection 
As the protector 
It was always me 
Me as my worst enemy 
Me as my best friend 
So the choice was made 
The choice to undo the damage 
To love 
First and foremost 

by Amber Henderson |
Categories: 8th grade, angst, betrayal,


I can't breath, everything
is going black, why does
life hate me? I don't want
this, I still can't breath

Suffocation is taking me
everything is starting to 
leave, but then I see light
no I'm not dead someone

Is pulling me up, I fall in
love then they throw me
back in, i'm suffocating 
again, I'm losing a fight

They say love is will
kill you, they're right
now I'm at the bottom,
I lost the fight, drowning

by Matthew Bailey |
Categories: dark, farewell, imagery, lost love,

Ashes of Sound

It falls
And lay still 
Burning city
But it’s still my home 
Smoke clouds inhabit skies 
And skyscrapers crumble down
We watch from the cliffside and mourn 
A disaster soundtrack lacking sound 

We only hear the ashes falling 
Everything we loved, now debris 
The sun charred over with greed 
Memories in piles 
The darkness warns me
We lay still 
And breathe