Love Poem: "lovely Drop Tears
Ashwani Mishra Avatar
Written by: Ashwani Mishra

"lovely Drop Tears

A drop which comes only, 
When word start vibration in heart;

A drop can grow the plant of happiness, 
When old seed show the sign of existence of love;

A drop of elixir to spread life,
In the dried branches of relation; 

A drop of magical fluid, 
This can convince when all efforts become useless;

A drop suddenly comes out,
When pain and pleasure crosses their dignity.

A drop become bloody,
When circumstances become uncontrolled; 

A drop become more viscous,
When love one say Goodbye forever.

A drop of remedy,
When love organ feel suffocation and intolerable burns. 

A drop of love, 
Because it tells all which we cannot express some moment.