Love Poems About Squirrel or Squirrel Love Poems
by Poet Destroyer A |
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The Squirrel

~My Nutty Squirrel Poem~

Up in a tree, on a branch
Now you see me, now you don't!

Sneaky and fast, I'm adorable
Now, why would you hunt or shot me for fun?
Do you like, how fast I run?
I'm not just another chipmunk 
Stuffing my face with nuts,
I'm classy and beautiful, 
The  best  part  of   nature.....

Red pointed ears, I hear you drawing near.
Chuckle, chuckle, caffeine free
I saw you looking at my fine coat.
Fluffy and curious, touch me and I'm Calling PETA!
See YA---  Life Is Beautiful!!!
I'm stuffing these nuts back into my mouth 
and Jumping onto another tree :) The End
Love The Squirrel from another World.  

by Kiran Bantawa |
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With You In Autumn Evening

The sweet songs of birds, We hand in hand across the lawn, Pansies white yellow and violet Tossing their heads in the breeze. Somewhere the sound of falling leaves. The sound of squirrel cracking the walnut. Calm weather warm sun, White fluffy clouds forming different shapes, A passenger flight in the blue sky, Sun born in the horizon and about to fade in the horizon, Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest, Shutting and opening of our lips, Your unkempt hair flying backwards, Yellowish west sky. Heart shaped fig leaf's shadow. If I could stop this world from spinning, I would do so, Just to be with you In this autumn evening.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Empathetic Fairy

Among the dandelions empathetic fairy listened to misunderstood squirrel.
She made no suggestions, sat quietly, in silence, nodding sometimes.
Showing him how valuable a good listener can be. 
Especially one who does not interrupt to ask questions.
He concluded for himself the answer as he watched her watch him.
It was the best council he had ever received.
And in silence.
Empathetic fairy had helped him fix his problem
Without contributing one word.

by Kathryn Collins |
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Little Tree Lost

Oh how I love a tree;
any tree, anywhere:

longtime triple-trunked
royal trees;

redwoods giant, gallant
rising, heavenly;

trees, tall and slender,
so tall you can’t catch them;

short trees eye to eye with me
and so we talk squirrel talk.  

I have a tree inside about 18” high;
he lives on my corian counter;

when he hears the wind,
and takes a look outside

he sees his cousins swaying
cries a tear and softly sighs.

©Kathryn M. Collins
November 25, 2007

by Sara Kendrick |
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The Giraffe and the Squirrel

Giraffe long slender 
Neck, with a long black tongue
Cleans baby squirrel

by Sandra Haight |
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Spoiled Squirrels

my squirrels love bread

peanut butter spread on top . . .

drop plain bread from paws

March 9, 2015

Contest: Squirrel Haiku
Sponsor: Robert James Liguori


by Sloppy Joe |
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Love and Animals

Love is in the air
To be honest I don't really care
Come on love, get the heck out of here
Once I went to date this girl
I guess it was illegal to date a female squirrel
Cops took me in for animal abuse
Good thing they didn't find my dead moose
When I got to court I told them all I ever do is love 
And they told me you can't do that with a dead dove
I don't understand why it's illegal 
I've done it many times with untamed eagles 
Turns out I have ten years in jail
My animals still send me nudes in the mail

by T Wignesan |
Categories: conflict, evil, violence,

Copla 109 Resolution: This Bad Guy World

COPLA 109 RESOLUTION : This Bad Guy World

What drives the Bad Guy is avarice
And the cruelty he invests this vice :
More never less

He’d get under your skin to suck your kiss
He’d make out as if he were trampled mice :
Suck World bloodless

He’s deaf to bird-song blind to squirrel romp
The World’s for him a tree to plunder :
Sap fruit flower

He’d wipe you off the slate of Elysian pomp
If you dared tell him what’s his blunder :
Love of power

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2014

by Jerrell Jones |
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The Old Couple

Their lawn chairs in the sun
Outside a standard door--
They are considered nonproductive.
They passed their buying power
For the next to last measured lot.

The old man putters about the yard.
Turning earth for flowers that she wants
Beside the fence of hedge and vine;
And to a reel gone out of style,
He dances with his dog.

She feeds all birds and stops to watch
A squirrel glide like a leaf
Among the thoughts of friends
Whose deaths predict their own;
The papers tell them so.

She brings him tea and stories,
Retelling all that made them glad,
And love for children who had fled in fear
Of palsied hands to faster places
Where an hour can wear no dust.

by Hidden Sister |
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Snow Prints

I love when fresh snow 
tells its many tales,
nature on my walk. 
Small toes,animals 
Mark each tiny spot.

I wonder what made
The mark in the snow? 
They came so close,
Walked on my porch.
A print they left me.

Was it a kitty,
A tiny squirrel, 
A fox on the run? 
I must examine
Each print so distinct.

We're they hungry
Cold and wet,tired
Or just having fun
Running,romping there
Searching for some crumbs.

Was it warmer there
Under the wicker,
Couch on my front porch? 
Did it keep you warm?
The trails lead to there.

Some day I will copy
The marks in the snow.
I'm determined to
See what leaves patterns
I just want to know.

by Ronald Bunch |
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7 Haiku Poems

Down my cheek, I knelt,  

God was there to see me cry,  

God saw tears of joy.  

A gift box and rose,  

Many finger prints of love  

Seals an expression.  

Morning Sunday mass,  

Voices worshiping my God  

Echoes long after.  

Sky and space, aeons.   

The cosmos whispers my ear,   

I find I am frail.   

Funny squirrel lies 

On its belly, porch railing 

Food is thrown, it leaps. 

Pray for the Dalits.

For the sick, for the starving.

Smiling ever now.

A crayon love mark.

Happy days are ahead now.

She draws a world spark.

by Mel Brake |
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Nature is my woman
Nature is my mystery
Nature is a black squirrel that crosses my path
Nature is my silence
Nature is a prayer like a church

Nature is my sanctuary
Nature is my sanity
Nature is my lover

Nature is natural to me like walking naked
Nature is my keeper of secrets
Nature is the revelations of secrets

Nature is my comfort
Nature is my Goddess
Nature is my consort
Nature is my healer
Nature is everywhere
Nature is forever within me

Nature is my Virgin
Nature is my Mother who gave me life
Nature is my tomb who will take my life back

by Ingrid Showalter Swift |
Categories: loss, love,

Starling Hearts

Starling heart so true
pure as the glistening ice waters that pour 
over the rocks of wild and down the willow limbs in the grave yard
we must reawaken my love
let go of the detritus
be done with the dark pain of our loss
the limbs of the pine bow deep beneath the weight of the snow
but today they do not break
only shelter the ground below
where in mystic swirling silence the small squirrel seeks cradle the snow flakes ebb and flow
and so 
and so 
we too must go

by John Lawless |
Categories: age, life, love,

Endless Day

Shared my morning coffee with a squirrel
he chattered on about the acorn fall
while balanced on a flaming Maple bough
then gone into the fervor of his day

Meditated on the rainbow oily black
sipped the potent potion out of need
felt the warmth of love's soft eyes
sweet embers of an everlasting flame

Rekindling the moments of a life
a shower dropped a ripple in my cup
sending a gentle shiver up my spine
cold rain upon another endless day


by Liam Mcdaid |
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You are the horn of plenty 
Drinking I want you more 
Drunk I am 
with your beauty 
Like a swan in flight I adore 
You show me 
such great passion 
As life moves on 
I want you more 

The log on the fire 
keeps on  burning 
embers warm with love 
to the very pores 
Like a squirrel 
I fill my larder 
My heart filled 
with you I adore 

I am the lion 
in your jungle 
It's your name 
that I do roar 
You are the queen 
of my heaven 
On bended knees implore 

That you forever 
will love me 
Never leave to leave
me on my own 
As the sun sets 
hand in hand
into the distance 
It's you I want 
forever more

by Samuel Durant |
Categories: pride,

Squirrel Girl

I think of that girl 
She looked like a squirrel 
Her petty eyes unfurled 
a peculiar lip curl. 
Her love was a ball point pen 
that wouldn't work. 
Kept on scribbling 
for months and months, 
then it started working, 
and it wrote 
'stop drinking all the 
ginger beer.' 
I'm a veteran of the 
poppy-seed war, 
commander of coke-snorting whores, 
severed now from fatal orgy bores.

by Gary Dye |
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For My Daughter Beck

This beautiful morning
I saw a Hawk
Land on a tree
Six feet in front of me
Laying across a stream.

This wonderful afternoon
I saw a baby squirrel
climbing up a tree
six feet in front of me
It smiled at me!


by Natasha L Scragg |
Categories: animal, cute,


" I'm Squirrel. I'm red,
  Very funky and love nuts!
  Mmmmm! My daily feast! "

Written 31st January 2022
For the Squirrel Haiku Contest
Sponsor... Robert James Liguori

by Prafulla Sahu |
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To a Squirrel

Pecking corns like a crow
Quaking and cowering
Scampering on to wall's edge
At the meek noise
Of the approaching toes.

Stay and stare! the glibe
Its plump dwellers and dealers
Bombs swelling within their cerebral foetus  
Spewing Thunder, Blast and Blood
Thronging the shrines,

Screeching and shrieking
In perpetual fear.

With heavenly hide
Twinkling stripes of grace
Hop! Hop! My love! Hop thy race
Trample over the human race.

by Sandra Haight |
Categories: animal, friendship, happiness, love,

Cheery Squirrel

He hops to the window waits patiently for I am his friend- my fingers hold his prize. With gentleness takes his nut as loving smiles spread on my face knowing this friendship's a special gift. Our cheery bond strengthens my happy day.

by Fatima Nusairat |
Categories: love,

Once Upon a Love

Once upon a "love"! 

Let us leave the treetop and
Land safely on ground! 

Thus says the squirrel to sweetheart 
After they were soaring aloft
once upon a "love"!

by John Lawless |
Categories: metaphor,

The Last Acorn

The Last Acorn long shadow of tall oak chilled the garden faint sunshine, through bare branches, offered pardon to those who lingered late to watch life harden. frost stung roses, reddened cheeks slow faded, lost color of a garden slow upbraided in waning warmth of summer love grown jaded. sad vestige of a seasons slow demise an acorn falls beneath the graying skies oak tree now bare, a hungry squirrel cries. 9/7/2017 submitted to Bittersweet – Poetry Contest

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: love,


squirrel took the path less travelled by way up high.... pecan for his friend

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: adventure, animal, appreciation, cat, image, nature,

Feral Cats

Homeless Feral Cats, Wandering around cities, Know no love or compassion, From human beings. Dumpsters become their food bowls; Car engines, often warm beds. Occasional mouse Or squirrel may make a meal; Then again it may elude. The dumpsters have more Tasty entrees to savor; Like eggs, beef, steak or chicken. Wandering hoboes, Are Feral Cats as sometimes They’ll even hop a train car.

by M. L. Kiser |
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Beneath the Cat Willow

The willow blushes in the Sun’s caress, such a colorful personality lending its’ ambiance to the greenwood. Tiny catkins peek from morning bud-beds to greet the dawn of this tangerine day; willow celebrates the natality. Her roots run deep, like ancient ancestors spirits bestowing their care as she drinks of the dew-laden ground. I sit beneath her verdigris canopy, watching a diligent squirrel build its’ nest on a branch and realize Mother Nature’s profound love for her offspring.
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