Love Poem: Lioness
Liam Mcdaid Avatar
Written by: Liam Mcdaid


You are the horn of plenty 
Drinking I want you more 
Drunk I am 
with your beauty 
Like a swan in flight I adore 
You show me 
such great passion 
As life moves on 
I want you more 

The log on the fire 
keeps on  burning 
embers warm with love 
to the very pores 
Like a squirrel 
I fill my larder 
My heart filled 
with you I adore 

I am the lion 
in your jungle 
It's your name 
that I do roar 
You are the queen 
of my heaven 
On bended knees implore 

That you forever 
will love me 
Never leave to leave
me on my own 
As the sun sets 
hand in hand
into the distance 
It's you I want 
forever more