Love Poems About Squash or Squash Love Poems
by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: anger, humanity, humor, drug,

Message to a Pharmaceuticals King

You’re such a nasty bugger,
You slumming, scheming lout,
No conscience or misgiving,
No arguing about!

And when next time I see you,
Sucking on the poor, I’ll give to 
You no quarter, you shameless 
Writhing whore.

To you people are just profits,
You stinking rotten rat,
I’d love to squash your laurels
With my old ash cricket bat!

Drugs are for the sick, not
For pockets to be lined,
To be in this type of business,
You really must be kind

So take your profit margins
And income streams and like,
And point yourself at nearest cliff
While tied on to your bike


by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: husband, love, wife,

Haiku, I Love U

in the slow spring rain the farmer donned his raincoat.... fresh squash and green beans

by denis bruce |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,

The Rhythm Of Love

Your eyelids fluttering with desire
My eyes gaze deeply into yours
Your soft lips suffusing scarlet
My kisses light your glorious fire.

Eager, you slip into my embrace
Against my chest  your full breasts squash
Fiercely we hold each other tight
Our hearts with strong passion pound and race.

Our bodies strive to unite as one
Entwined and threshing and thrusting
Feverish to melt  and to fuse
Until the full joy of love is won.

Then we relax beneath a pale moon
Our limbs at ease and gently freed
My lips caress your silky skin
Knowing we will entwine again ,soon.

by Kingsley Awoh |
Categories: nature,


As i retired home from hunting
I stood before my shrine,
Forgive me for murdering nature
It was the gun that killed not me
I toil in tears just for my love, at least the bush meat will win her heart...
Hunting has being my grandpa's cult
Tonight, sleeplessness capsize my dreams
I split its blood as tears dropped from its eyes
Saying, 'merci, merci'
But the greed in my hands squash its plead
It was the innocent Gazelle

awoh awoh

by anurag sharma |
Categories: desire,

poem on love

Every one cannot write a poem on love
Imagination of an artistic heart
And deep vision deep thought
And smooth emotion
Inspiration also be needed
To give finishing touch to work of art
Beautiful view of live beauty
Make dream awake
And fiction go in deep
Start to work on deepness of love
And fill the blank with magical words
View of artist while make view
Artistic heart squash the real color
A write on real divine glow
Who set objective of life
And solid reason to live a life

by jay del fierro |
Categories: life, love,

Challenging Time's

What is your greatest fear
and let us exploit it....

What is your greatest desire
and let us deny it....

What is your greatest passion
and let us squash it....

What is your greatest hope
and let us falsify it.....

What is your greatest courage
and let us discourage it.....

What is your greatest love
and let us decieve it.....

Inner strength challenged
Love will maintain balance......

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: caregiving, childhood, humor, integrity, love, parents, peace,

Night Shift

Last night
I slept
or tried to
despite sharp elbows and knees
and hopelessly dark intrusive shoulders

In concerted effort
to squash me
into a round flat stanley
gingerbread manface

Squarely soft
like a just-right nutritious blanket
of good ginger smells
nurturing his palsied elbows 
and lumpy knees,
bumpy shoulders 
and frumpy mind

Sleeping peaceful innocence 

No nightmare seizures allowed.

by Ryan Federkiel |
Categories: betrayal, blue, break up, heartbroken,

3 Months Rent PIF

My feelings 
Are torn
Between forlorn
-Happiness interjectings

Wasting time
Wanting different 
Outcome abhorrent 
Big crime

Dream shattered
Love squash
Memories awash
Fear projected

Wanting peace
Mind battle
Body tattle
Long lease