Love Poems About Rattlesnake or Rattlesnake Love Poems
by Regina Mcintosh |
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Cowboy Up

Appaloosa, Mustang or Paint Breeds to ride and love, breeds who ain’t Broken by pain or heartbreak But show them a rattlesnake That horse won’t have much self-restraint Put Your Best (ONE) Limerick Forward (be like Rico Leffanta) Sponsored by Andrea Dietrich February 21, 2023

by Honcho Mars |
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Deadly Games We Play

The deadly games we play 

She crept in my mind
Very slowly 
The effect of smoking cannabis
Her love sank in
Like the bite of a rattlesnake 
Only more deadly 
My own fault for provoking it
Taunting love I gave 
How sweet the taste
Upon my lips
Stricken by your venom 
Your way of loving 
Me in return 
They say love hurts
I would have to agree
Loving you is painful 
But yet still delightful 
I am like a shadow 
Returning at first light
At your door
You will find me
Will you let me in?
Desiring one more taste
Forbidden fruit 
My beautiful sin
Let the madness begin.

by Dave Collins |
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Last Tango

rattlesnake hearts bleed out from
superficial passive prison promises
negating antibodies of ever blending potentials
heartful beats skipping spikes of bypass benevolence,
ignoring loves ancient anchoring antibodies
withdraw, rest on moonbeam waters
that flow into your night of forgiveness shores
stray not from ultimate healing feelings,
revive your inner fathoms

by Casey Valencia |
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No Lungfuls of Hope


In the beginning, you are uttering sugary words
Words that surprisingly became schmaltz for me
And I used to believe them
Cos I was lame back then

Your slippery mouth that distorted candor like cherry stems
Just like fangs of a rattlesnake 
Scratches. Swelling. 
Leaving the subtle types of bane

I don't know if I'll hate you or myself
But one thing is for sure
I don't like you anymore
Subsuming your alp of thrills

And If I am inside the car right now 
Maybe looking at the rearview mirror
Watching your body smolder in ashes
You. Are. Not. Worthy.

by Randy Johnson |
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I Love Rattlesnake

(This is a fictional poem)

I love eating rattlesnake because it's so good.
I'd eat it three times a day if I could.
You haven't lived until you've eaten snake stew.
It's mighty tasty and it sticks to the ribs like glue.
Some people prefer chicken, pork or steak.
But nothing makes my mouth water like rattlesnake.

by Taylor Graham |
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Naming the Dead Places

Cienega Campground – Science Club
planted sapling pines, you spooked 
a rattlesnake – all those hopeful pines
rot now at the bottom of a reservoir.

Alfalfa fields where you used to ride
bareback, easing the math lessons 
out of your spine – fields diced now
into “Drive” and “Court” and “Avenue.”

Soledad Canyon, where you looked out 
the late-bus window in the dark
for that one true-love star – it’s
just a freeway exit now.

Life extends its plains forever. 
Who rewrites geography, a child’s 
own history, when the place 
it happened doesn’t exist anymore?