Love Poem: Deadly Games We Play
Honcho Mars Avatar
Written by: Honcho Mars

Deadly Games We Play

The deadly games we play 

She crept in my mind
Very slowly 
The effect of smoking cannabis
Her love sank in
Like the bite of a rattlesnake 
Only more deadly 
My own fault for provoking it
Taunting love I gave 
How sweet the taste
Upon my lips
Stricken by your venom 
Your way of loving 
Me in return 
They say love hurts
I would have to agree
Loving you is painful 
But yet still delightful 
I am like a shadow 
Returning at first light
At your door
You will find me
Will you let me in?
Desiring one more taste
Forbidden fruit 
My beautiful sin
Let the madness begin.