Love Poems About Raccoon or Raccoon Love Poems
by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: animal, home, life, love, wife,

Who You Are

With big blue eyes
the way you look
and look at me
makes me smile
when you talk
your voice comforts
the things you share 
involves trust
friendship and love
they set me free
watching you care 
for others
like family
your friendships
feeding the birds
caring for a deer
dogs and cats 
a raccoon family
once even a skunk
the place we live
a sanctuary 
for all creatures
all that breathe
for this I smile 
you love me
I know this
I love you
for who you are

Edward J. Ebbs - October 24, 2015

by Ingrid Showalter Swift |
Categories: lost love, love, night, universe,

NO-see-um Sway

Lulled by the no–see-um’s song
the grasses and I are yawning
tilting our heads 
in the breezes falling off the day
as if cocooned in imagined protection beneath 
a raccoon mama’s chin
we sway…we sway…we sway the night to day …away

and above us the grasshopper's song floats 
in swaths across the lavender universe (13.8 billion lightyears to bring to you)
a light house sways across the gray
trying to say...

I love you

by Ricky Sholar |
Categories: beauty, nature,

Gods Beauty

The water flows beneath the bridge
As it sings it's gurgling song
I love to listen to the sound
As it slowly moves along

A deer slips out from within the tree's 
She sips water from the bank
I quietly watch in silence
Her fawn steps out to drink

A raccoon family strolls along
As a thicket sucks them in
 A skittish fox he disappears
From the rock where he had been

I climb back up to the little bridge
And listen to the sounds
Gods miracles are everywhere
Gods beauty all around

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: nature,

Meadow Love

meadow love
laughing in my face

Queen Anne's Lace
smiles at me

Wild strawberry
is renegade

left by Indians
iris and rose bush

the white tail deer
blue jays and red cardinals
ready hawks

opossum and beaver
squirrels nests
high in tree

sweet clover for hare
oak's moss carpet
spring lovely

endearing waft
lilac aroma
season shifts to summer

heat wave
temperatures in the hundreds
ground dries up quickly

much praying
for gentle rain
saving herself until spring

by Barbara Cotter |
Categories: funny, lost love, love

Bull Moose

The wild-eyed dreamer knocked
upon her heavy oak door,
and though she seldom answered
to the woodland creatures,
she swung the big door open,
and saw not a bear or a raccoon,
but a man as large as a bull moose
and hairy as anything, too.

She caught her breath, surprised,
stepping backward into the room.
He took this as an invitation to come in.
What is a hag to do with a man
in the room, but bewitch him
with potions and brews,
strange stories, stew,
not half bad.

She gave him a bath,
shaved him clean
for extra pleasure
they used Vaseline,
but as things go,
so does the man, one day
the wild-eyes dreamer
strayed away.

by jeremy siedlecki |
Categories: love



She shines brighter than the sun
He’s just a crescent moon
She’s beautiful just like the dove
He looks like the baboon
She’s loyal like the Labrador
He sneaks like the raccoon
She’s sharper than a carving knife
He’s just a plastic spoon
She knew he loved her from the start
He knew she’d loved him soon
She’s the angel on his mind
He’s her big buffoon

By: Jeremy Siedlecki

by patricia koch |
Categories: angst, animals, nature,


She disappeared
as suddenly as she
like her namesake
we don't know when
 or where
she's just gone
and i wake
at 3 or 4 am and stare out the sliding glass doors
hoping even praying that she might be there
but her food goes uneaten
or a stray skunk or raccoon will stop and nibble
but not she
not ameilia
i wanted her to be free
i knew she would never come to love us like the others
i wanted her to be warm in the winter and sheltered from the hot summer sun
but it was not to be
she's just gone
and i miss her

by robin davis |
Categories: feelings, love, romance, sick,

Sick From Love

I could use a new prescription
To cure me from all the friction
That's been rubbing me so strong
It's been going on too long
I get chills each time your near
Not knowing if it's thrills or fear
I have never felt like this
A feeling that I must have missed
Getting just a little scared
My heart is thumping so weird
For the first time I must be
In love , it is crazily
Keeping me awake at night
Looking like a horrid sight
Raccoon eyes, hair a mess
I wouldn't ask for nothing less
I'm one of the lucky few
To know a love so pure and true

by Deb Kelly |
Categories: nature,

The Thief

Did wily raccoon steel my suet?
Only a day after I put it
Securely to a pole, or so I thought
For my backyard birds, I had bought
But today I wondered where it went
The whole feeder was gone in an instant
Through tangled vines and bushes thick
How did she pull off this nefarious trick?
Surely squirrels or a fluffy rabbit couldn't
Steal my cage with my newly bought suet
Guess dinner's on me for mama's brood
Gotta love that wily Raccoon 
Deborah M Kelly