Love Poem: Bull Moose
Barbara Cotter Avatar
Written by: Barbara Cotter

Bull Moose

The wild-eyed dreamer knocked
upon her heavy oak door,
and though she seldom answered
to the woodland creatures,
she swung the big door open,
and saw not a bear or a raccoon,
but a man as large as a bull moose
and hairy as anything, too.

She caught her breath, surprised,
stepping backward into the room.
He took this as an invitation to come in.
What is a hag to do with a man
in the room, but bewitch him
with potions and brews,
strange stories, stew,
not half bad.

She gave him a bath,
shaved him clean
for extra pleasure
they used Vaseline,
but as things go,
so does the man, one day
the wild-eyes dreamer
strayed away.