Love Poems About Pug or Pug Love Poems
by Line Gauthier |
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June bug
Sweet love bug
Please don’t shrug
Or be smug
My precious darling pug
With you I’ll share my mug
When at my heart you tug
You’re in for a big hug
Let’s cuddle and be snug

AP: Honorable Mention 2021, Honorable Mention 2021

Posted on November 3, 2018

by Richard Pickett |
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Poets are a most talented breed
They write of pain,sorrow and joy
They might write of their own lives
Or of a Spring sunrise
Or of a Pug Dog
Of perhaps grief
Perhaps death
Of Faith
Of self
Of seasons
Perhaps the wind
Or of love gone bad
Maybe a growing love
For the love of their children
Or of a deep dark depression
Yes, Poets are a talented breed

  I tried a new form for me and maybe a new form...This is a double reverse Nonet...I hope
you like it........... Taz

by Laura James |
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Doug the Pug

Once upon a time there was a pug who's name was Doug.
He wore uggs, and played with slugs.
Doug looked like a bug.
Also doug has a favorite rug.
The pug always dug and sat in a mug.
Then doug took a bath in the tub.
Doug has a friend who's name is cub.
Doug took cub to the tub.
Doug took a nap in the tub with his friend cub.
Doug the pug tooted in the tub.
Doug lugged everything in the tub.
Doug and cub met a friend named stug.
Doug, Cub, and Stug fell in love.
Rub oh dub oh dub.
That is what we call puppy love.

by Noelle Devereau |
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You should see my little pug.
He loves to play and sit on his rug.

He's quite a little guy
the apple of my eye.

He's so smart too
the things he does would amaze you.

He loves to nuzzle my neck and chin.
He is so sweet I can't help but grin.

My little pug
as snug as a bug.

Hercules (sweet and adorable)


by Robin Ferri |
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Sneaky Pug

I brought you home
for I could not resist
that pushed in face
and rolly girth

From the first time I saw you
it was just ment to be
tho the dollar signs
are still something I see

your short and stout
and you wear a mask
and you've learned quite well
just how to ask

to eat or drink
to sleep or play
and your learning more
with each passing day

The love that you give
has filled me inside
with more love to give
for the rest of your life

So, hats off to
the black masked mug
with that soft wrinkled face
on a fawn colored pug!

by Marcelle Ohanna |
Categories: appreciation,

Pretending To Be Irish

My last name sounds Irish
Am I an Irish rose?
I got kinda tirish
Of even my pug nose
Who knows....if anyone will ever guess
what I really am
That is:  first generation Ameerican, of Middle Eastern parents
Hmm....speaking Arabic may get me in a real jam....
So I can....sing Danny Boy,
When Irish Eyes Are Smilin'
I look real good in green
And no one Irish was ever mean--
To me.
You see, I love passing for Irish
Just for today, why it's stylish!
Happy St. Patrick's Day, anyway....

Dedicated to Bill Hogan, my old friend who was always there for me.

by Satish Verma |
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It was a slant love.
Back to back,
lips to lips.

Lethal and dark
strong yet delicate
like spider’s web.

A dark side of the moon
sending conflicting
signals to bacilli-

of dirty lane, pink
and blue. My pug
licks the toes.

The pugmark on
green body. I am now
flowering. Hydrangeas.


The primrose half-asleep
Calendula was burning
in veins.

Unisex. The clenched
fist of a desire. I will
not accept a half-lip.

The chaste tree was sending
a bouquet of
steaming pistils.

Where the sun will sleep
tonight ? Till the love-making
was over on tangerines.

The loose skin now
invites the red ants, crawling,
wearing your nails.

Satish Verma

by Robert A. Dufresne |
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"Ole Dog" :inspired by Richard Pickett poetry

Ole dog sniffin' don't know what,
His daddy was a beagle, 
His mama was a mutt,
Long ears draggin' on the ground,
Loose skinned forehead 
makin him frown,
Tail up and waggin' like a victory flag,
Dog years showin' 
In his belly sag.
Old and gray but ain't ready to die,
Got a limp in his walk,
But a sparkle in his eye,
He knows his master will be calllin' him home,
And reward his huntin' with a big ole bone.
He lives for the love of that rough old man,
Adores him for a while
And gently licks his hand.
After a bit, Ole Dog will sprawl 
by the fire on the rug,
And dream 'bout huntin''
With "Jackson the Pug".

by Lu Loo |
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-Missing Mugs-

i pray...
one day you run to me at the
beginning of the rainbow---
wagging that curly tail,
                      adoring me...
              once again

and i shall softly rub your head,
smell your paws
giggle at your underbite

for you were my first baby,
my 'good boy in the morning'


I miss my sweet boy Mugsy around the holidays. I would put antlers on him and he would look at me with disgust. It was the cutest thing ever. I wrote a song for him in 2004 called "Good Boy in the Morning".

Love you Mugsy, my stinky pug


by Mary Petruska |
Categories: childhood, mother, love, i love you,

Moonlight Shadows

The moonlight dances across your floor
I stand silently, watching at your door
Sliently creeping towards your bed
Touching lightly the curls upon your head
Your hands clutching that old teddy bear
Should I pull the covers closer, oh do I dare

That beam of light closer still, Oh so near
Touching you softly as you sleep my dear
Butterfly kisses on your little pug nose
Your blond hair like a halo glows
Drifting up your face to your lips
Rosebud lips, silently, quietly it slips

When in the morning you awake
Not a sound did the moonlight make
The day will bring the sunlight in
To dance and play with you again
One last look and then I will go
I love you baby, I love you so

by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: dog, humor,

A Lonesome Young Mutt

A lonesome young mutt in Kalamazoo
Was so downcast he kept out of view
Just a schnauzer pug-mix
Shunned by smug pure-bred chicks
He’s found true love with his dear cockapoo


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I love to wind my dog up

by putting on clips of running giraffes
once called him an inside out fart
hes a jug (a jack russell pug mix)
i'm sure the outside of his eyes could see each other
in 3 yrs i have taught him to ignore
usual sore after nightly game
of fit myself round the dog Tetris
Awaking to lapping
at the back of my head
personally i think
hes checking to see
if i'm dead