Love Poem: Doug the Pug
Laura James Avatar
Written by: Laura James

Doug the Pug

Once upon a time there was a pug who's name was Doug.
He wore uggs, and played with slugs.
Doug looked like a bug.
Also doug has a favorite rug.
The pug always dug and sat in a mug.
Then doug took a bath in the tub.
Doug has a friend who's name is cub.
Doug took cub to the tub.
Doug took a nap in the tub with his friend cub.
Doug the pug tooted in the tub.
Doug lugged everything in the tub.
Doug and cub met a friend named stug.
Doug, Cub, and Stug fell in love.
Rub oh dub oh dub.
That is what we call puppy love.