Love Poems About Possum or Possum Love Poems
by Harika Diaz |
Categories: dream, england, first love, growing up, imagination, innocence, youth,

My Own

I prefer to receive my own
Purchased by the clinking of keys and a 
Blister forming on the thumb.
I prefer to find my own
Among the twisted branches and bleeding berries.

The coat with the mended sleeve dangles by my head 
as we find the sleeping bears above us.
He laughs as his becomes a possum
And mine a mountain top.

by Benedict Riman Eze |
Categories: nature, earth,

Nature Bride Price

Nature Bride Price

Thou bride play possum

With her groom, love dies

Nature like a groom who pram

Divorce is his case, has eyes

Commanding earth to turn forward

The price of a bridegroom precious

Nature precession, like to come upward

Precaution the bridge of underming hius


One and one, the earth bride price snobbery

Will be forgotten soon, it’s pore

Cus the pride does not respect and berry

The groom is neglected as husband for

Like a bride to her groom, is love

To earth abandon, we doom.

by Lim'Rik Flats |
Categories: love, parents,

No Greater Love

After she was born, daddy called her “little possum” 
Mama said, “Don’t listen child, you are gonna blossom” 
they never saw her smile 
they said, “It’s not her style” 
When they placed her in the ground, both whispered, “You are awesome”

by Fritz Purdum |
Categories: fun, humorous, i love you, silly,

Wouldn'T You

I want a sassafras root beer soda
my head on Mount Rushmore South Dakota
I want a brand new pair of brown shoes
get my name on a brand of booze
wouldn't you

I want to live in a mega palace
cram Fort Worth into Dallas
I want to eat Chicago pizza in New York
invent an utensil to replace the fork
wouldn't you

I want to return ketchup to catsup
say to Patrick Ewing whats up
Jump Mount Everest in a leap
finally get eight hours of good sleep
wouldn't you

I want to trick a possum by playing dead
paint the White House in shades of red
Find the courage to confess my love to you
and hear you confess you love me too
please, please...wouldn't you

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: holiday, life, love, people, timethanksgiving, day,

From Our House To Yours

It is the day before the day,
of Thanksgiving Eve,
and the kitchen is steaming,
cooking vittles to eat.
Possum, and Armadilla,
hope we have enough,
last year we had complaints,
the meat was to tough.
Corn on the cob,
steaming the room,
in run the cats,
chase them out with the broom.
Deviled eggs,
oh man the smell,
grandma had to look,
at the little ones tail.
Potatoes slightly burned,
we'll just scrape that off,
Aunt Julie's got the flu,
gee, what a cough.
Pallets on the floor,
we're all wall to wall,
three days, and counting,
we're having a ball.
Hope your day is happy,
as the gang piles in,
from our house to yours,
welcome, family, and friends.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: autumn, rose,

Crimson In Sunshine Or In Shadow

A vision, crimson wave full of laughter pushing through manor shore, stunning roses in its beauties grace flew. Yesterday not forgotten lay infectious from bottom blossom, up like leaves in autumn sun's shadow playing possum. Fragrance braced the darkest harvest night with a tempest to rouse liven faces of lace in this very placed time in space allows Love of yesterday's grace, crimson harvest lay in drink of the evening chill as it grows misty in a blink 4/9/2018

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: muse, spiritual,

Play Possum

Play possum, feeding not dark fears As they spiral inwards Choose bliss instead, that love endears Propelling us upwards Transcend fear and desire For love and light, aspire Pure innocence afire We’re awesome Play possum 23-October-2021 Quietus Pick-A-Title, Vol 26 - Poetry Contest Sponsor: Edward Ibeh