Love Poem: Wouldn't You
Fritz Purdum Avatar
Written by: Fritz Purdum

Wouldn't You

I want a sassafras root beer soda
my head on Mount Rushmore South Dakota
I want a brand new pair of brown shoes
get my name on a brand of booze
wouldn't you

I want to live in a mega palace
cram Fort Worth into Dallas
I want to eat Chicago pizza in New York
invent an utensil to replace the fork
wouldn't you

I want to return ketchup to catsup
say to Patrick Ewing whats up
Jump Mount Everest in a leap
finally get eight hours of good sleep
wouldn't you

I want to trick a possum by playing dead
paint the White House in shades of red
Find the courage to confess my love to you
and hear you confess you love me too
please, please...wouldn't you