Love Poems About Political Verse or Political Verse Love Poems
by liam mcdaid |
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Spiritual warfare begins

A sad state our government has become today 
in this awful news that just pushes the boat out further 

As our democracy for one protecting our children 
Why it is even under attack beats me up inside moral grounds 
this should not even be considered under the harshest circumstances 
because it's a humane act to love our little ones bless them with life 
not kill them shows savages craving suffering judgemental fools 

Tells me all that I need to know about corrupt politics 
under an non democratically elected leadership

by Gershon Wolf |
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What I'd Like to See for America

A country where people help one another
  Where everyone calls the other his brother
A country with less intrusive government
  Where politicians require the people's consent

A country that respects its forests and lakes
  Where oil isn't spilled and the earth doesn't quake
A country where light and life are revered
  Where killings and murders equal zero each year

A country where progress is measured by love
  Where marriages flourish, where soft coos the dove

                   March 08, 2021 - C
           What You Really Want Contest
           Sponsor: Richard Lamoureaux

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
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Fascism's Uncertain Patriotic Ring

Fascism has grown cancerous maturity
to pathologically enforce
what mere nationalistic military-industrialized supremacy
would patriotically endorse.

Supremacists of race or gender
or metaphysical systems of personal as political investment,
mistake allegiance to icons and idols and pledges
of national privilege
for personal passion and investment in gratitudes of love
for EarthTribe's WinWin Lands with blessing waters,
Gaian Principles 
of Organic Health Co-Governing Procedures.

Against fascist growing cancers
degeneratively erasing
what EarthTribe optimal regenerators
are more matriotically embracing.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: anger, earth, faith, love, military, peace, violence,

Marching Against Military NonSolutions

and its xenophobic Nationalism brother,
are among a polarized USA's most basic political habits
and economically competitive behaviors.

Violence with and against others
is among the most difficult and sensitive climate pathologies to deal with,
and yet at the heart,
in the heart,
of ecologically polypathic mindbodies,
nondually co-arising
climates of ego- and eco-therapeutic hope
for less violence
and more contentment,
within as without.

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Velocity of money

I came in to day with a question in hand 
Is my money as free as my hand

How many way can the tide be loosing
How many way can man be doubt

I came in to day with a question in hand
Is my money as free as my hand

To assumption that cash flow simply
As stream water is wash it all away

To hold my position crowd a dime
To win at time where is mine

I came in to day with a question in hand 
Is my money as free as my hand

If cash flow free and my money is of hand
What is he meaning of a good man

I came in to day with a question in hand 
Is my money as free as my hand

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Consent of the governed

Tone of Judith emperor of resolution stand high

hexagram of faith engage truth of day

Congregation salah of hymn

Voice of heaven above

What is it to listen.

by Louis Borgo |
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Plastic Money

Some people won’t go war some people want there shacks with fries
I got a theory
Know if top one percent own most of the wealth there are still out number
By 60 percent of population 
I got a theory
Now doing math and doing some numbers and researching things should not
Get rocky intill 2025 or 2032
And not talking about earth quakes
Politics is politics but who politics is whom politics
Quote the raven every more
If poverty is getting worse then inflation with bring then to middle in come
I heard the riches hotel do not have wifi can you believe that
I have a theory
The bible speaks what was last will be first well all I say is do the numbers

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: fear, health, love, military,

Sounds of Safety

If the sound of a bomb falling
on someone else's home
is the first way you can hear your own safety,
your community defense,
then you have buried older
more pervasive 
sounds of love and laughter
of which humanity was made
from regenerative seeds,
not degenerate needs
to blast back.

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I know what did last summer
If the world had it biggest hack in “1999”
Why didn’t they surround the Central  intelligence of that atm in New York 
Follow the led for ten years and in theory 9/11 may not of happen now we have one the biggest hack of yahoo
Just saying
I know what you did last summer 

by Edward Snyder |
Categories: abuse, america, anxiety, character, integrity, political, today,

Evil will be called good

Love is lost
respect is gone
moral behavior, nice for some
I come first, you should know
bringing our own curse  
is the world getting worse
evil will be called good
alternative facts are here to stay.

by Matthew Anish |
Categories: jewish, music,

60's Retro Trip

With my stereo
I return to the sixties 
Love was still in bloom

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: abuse, bullying, health, humor, integrity, love, usa,

When Pigs Can't Fly

If love is healthy
and health is love,
whether a screaming rabid eagle
or a peaceful mother dove,
then it matters,
whether you are a pitbull
or a kinda bitchy beagle,

When someone nominates for CEO
a person who flat out tells you
I am a pig,
and not only that,
I could fly like an eagle
if not for all you lumpen doves,

don't walk,
fly, if you can,
in most any other direction.

To do otherwise
is like saying healthy Earth
could be more lovely
if flying pigs
were plutocratic CEOs.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
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Investing to Thrive

WinLose competitions
can only emerge from prior ecopolitics
of predominately cooperative relations

Prior cooperatively evolving WinWin dominance
is ecologically necessary
and logically implied
to derive anything like
WinLose capital-building economies.

The opposite is not also true.
WinWin cooperations
evolve only as further emergence
from prior cooperative ecopolitical relations,
more resonantly resolving
than WinLose degenerative unraveling.

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Royal intermarriage

Power under King and Queens was never supposed to,
Be separation of state I read in the bible somewhere in,
Genesis that the carrier of death was different under Monarchy,
I read some where almost all United Stated Presidency were of,
Some type of Royal blood,
Something even in it's natural selection can not be explained,
Authority and Will of power is not selection by man it,
It's most friend is God Send.

by Louis Borgo |
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I believe in strife that never forget your history and
The true meaning that words care all I say is
Young brother young brother no matter your race or creed 
You are my Young brother no I am not a man lack wood
Would you like to hear my full story.

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: political, satire,

If Politicians were Chlidren

If politicians were children
they would tell truth
the world we live in would have virtues
honest, love, peace, justice and kindness

If politicians were children
sharing material goods would be rare
inwards looking would dominate
egotism, fights over resources would paint the world

If politicians were children
they would trust God with one heart
idol worship could be a history
mutual trust, loving service would be the banner

If politicians were children
earth and heaven would have absolute peace

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: anger, fear, hate, health, integrity, love, power,

Powers Good and Not So Much

If a person has power in your life,
and you notice fears and sense of threat,
dishonesty to be avoided
and yet you do not see hope
and sense of faithfulness to our integrity
as humanity,
then do what you can to disempower that person
from your life.

To begin,
notice how this person's fears and threats,
competing insecurities and terrifying postures
feed your despair
to also teach you how to better feed your active remaining hope
for growing integrity within yourself
within your family
within others
within your culture
extending out
possibly to embrace all Earth's faith-filling polypathic promise.

by Thomas Wells |
Categories: anger, corruption, evil, extended metaphor, love, political, symbolism,

Lizett Garcia

Breast with me,
beating like a bird.

In our moment
all hope soared
with a fragrant moon
and kissing
was the mixing of culture.

At these depths
I felt what tore
at the threads
of your music.

I met the guns
of El Salvador.

I touched the pallid
flesh of your dead
riveted friends.

I hosted your nightmare
of butchers.

Your fingers are refined
for the making of music.

Your thumbs
are peasants,
ready for revolution.

Published Black Buzzard Press - 1982
Political- personification

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: art, creation, deep, education, language, psychological, science,

Deep Learning Organisms

Quantities of words and numbers
are thought appropriate for educational systems
consuming Win/Lose market productions
by competitive factories
playing winner takes all capital-invested industries.

Qualities of feelings and intuitive health sensory relationships
are experientially appropriate
to deep learning ecological health systems,
WinWin producers and consumers
cooperatively learning organic wealth
of mutual winners taking and giving health-care love vocations,
life meanings,
energy purposes,
robust ecological process theologies.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: age, health, love, river, tree, water, wisdom,

Wise Old Trees

I see someone wants to trade
eight hundred year old trees
for timber.

not someone who knows how to listen
to WiseElders.

When these trees were mere seedlings,
they were already exploring how deep and rich
is Earth's flowering flow
of nurturing rivers.

Most people in that ancient time
were monotonously sure
Earth is simply,
even evangelistically, 

eight hundred years later
still clueless
how deep and rich
is Earth's flowering flow
of multiculturing sacred time.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: earth, environment, health, integrity, love, society, trust,

Climates of Descent

Energy descent
need not predict financial descent
by inviting cooperative ownership and governance instead.

Just as democratizing love descent
need not predict hate and terror and paranoid acceleration
when love could invite more polypathic
and polyphonic
and polycultural outcomes,
creolizing multicultures of omnipotent abundance

Just as climates of ecopolitical pathology descent
need not predict 0-sum 
Win To Lose Later
Industrial Capitalization Game-Over
when positive energy invites more diastatic flowing landscapes,
cultures of regenerative health
watering flowers
and not so much our weeds.

by Ejire Michael |
Categories: conflict, corruption, earth, fear, violence, word play, world,

Progeny Of Adam -2-

We sow discord,
Yet we're thirsty of peace.
We chant war,
Yet our ears call for euphonia.

Racism infests our world;
Tribalism invades like malaria.
Although we have diverse languages,
With love there is no barrier.

We attack the weak,
And leave them with dysthymia.
We hunt strangers like Tiger,
And replace euphoria with dysphoria.

Oh children of Adam!
We are one family.
Do away with xenophobia,
And put on xenophilia like a regalia

by Jerry Wells |
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by Lemayian Leksat |
Categories: 4th grade, betrayal, black love, character, conflict, inspirational, leadership,


The cradle-
That cradles civilization,
That saddles the rich of the land,
The home and strength of the richest sand,
Flowing with milk and honey no matter the wind,
An Eden of a kind.
The zeal of a might’s hand
The real apple of God’s eye
Mother of the might.

We just sit
We just eat
We just chat
Grow fat,
Tear homes apart.

They rape our innocence, we ape them.
They make us fight, we say they are right.
They buy our souls, we bargain for them
And our integrity erode, as we carry their load
In our motherland!

For how long?
We do not know.
But they do; only them.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: anti bullying, community, health, integrity, love, mother, women,

Compassion's ReCreations

Who or what created interdependent you?
Earth revolutionary love relationships
of ego/eco-passion.

Who, what created copassionate Earth?
Wave revolutions of co-gravitating nutritious Time.

Who, what created co-arising Time?
CoPassioning Space,
measured in sacred Earth revolutions
co-revolving tipping points,
Prime ZeroPassion interdependence,
ultra-non-violet pre-generativity,
enthymematic synergy,
potential for health integrity,
universal holistic compassion
flowing silent curiosity to ask

Who or what had matriarchal compassionate courage
to create and develop non-narcissistic You?
For and from all Earth's copassionate timeless Time