Love Poems About Pelican or Pelican Love Poems
by Jeremy Street |
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I'll Have Mercy Not Sacrifice

Sitting inside their cage here at pelican bay another life
Thrown away

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LOve Hurts

love puts a spring in every step, but painful is if you been left, depressing is the rain:> black n white the picture stain, an round n round again, im wishing i was dead, but sandgoanna aint fed? so i willl remain, a Pelican of brain, poor ole bird brain Fred? Don Johnson

by Ralph Mason |
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when I was young 
I went to sea
I met a pelican
she needled me

when I was brave
I  went to field
I saw my shadow
she turned to me

When I was lost
I journeyed within
I found a love
she sang with me

when I was tired
I sat me down
I left this house
she carried me

by Ann Anderson |
Categories: inspirational

Angels Delight

Rose petals fell from the sky
like an angels tears of joy,
the aroma took my breath,
the full scent of what?
and of what it meant. 

The clouds pelican pink,
the warmth of sun scorched sand,
the feeling of a new love
and the touch of a new loves hand.

Peace and serenity
wrapped around all,
as still, I watch, the petals fall,
the light fading to dusk, to night,
so glad I felt the angels delight.

by Keith D Trestrail |
Categories: friendship love, nostalgia, youth,

Little Darlings

I met her in a bar in Trinidad,
  a mother to the sisterhood of three.
Sweet darling girls what merry fun we had
  and what sweet memories of you and me!
Madame Estrella, a tongue like a sword,
  and Miss Heidi glamour puss in turn rolled
the tumbling dice on the ludo game board
  with rainbows and treasures and hearts of gold.
And sweet shy Gypsy up on Cotton Hill
  wise beyond early years on me impress,
little barmaids my glass and soul did fill -
  I miss your good grace, love, and youthfulness.
One day I’ll return and the dice we’ll spin,
and for the last call at Pelican Inn.

            Written: March 1993

by charles hice |
Categories: children, funny, happiness, love, mystery,


I like jellyfish a fish does not swim in my belly. 
I like them with lemon pepper and jelly. 
But when I am poor, I eat them by score, 
I catch them by fishing default. 
I dont count them at all. 
I am a merman, swimming for my mermaid, 
eating my jellyfish, I relish my fish, 
with lemon and pepper and jelly. 
And because I am poor I eat them by score, 
I catch them by hand, not while they swam. 
Relishing and swimming rhymes with 
My Mermaid she just loves Shrimpe, 
but She does not eat them up, or 
place them in dip. 
She feeds them to her strang pelican. 

by cs parker |
Categories: love,

two for Mandy

Upon this marsh these reeds this fen
A couple, birds mating pelican
The scene the complementing is so clear
Like a hunter my stare does leer
The male flaps wings to protect his mate
With reverence I take off in haste
If the girl who drew could have known
The boy to which her love was shown
Wants just to love her as that pelican
He counts the days asking only when

Cuddles close
Thin kisses
Soft caress
She’s my love
My lover 
Of her love I boast

She’s the most
I could have ever hoped
To find
She makes me smile all over
Because she fell in love with me
Showing me a woman
Any man could love forever