Love Poems About Ostrich or Ostrich Love Poems
by Robin Brown |
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Breathe i breathless.
Sleeping in a nightmare of unseen loveliness.
Restless in my mind and body.
Through a tunnel of devastating reckoning.

Crying sound of a wounded ostrich.
The echo of a oceanwaves demolishing sea afterlife.
My feminist touches cursed.
His enduring love of a dying poetical.
He dies in his lust of pleasure.

by Karen Deeks |
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Melody of Love

Lay me
Amongst the melody that is Mozart
Weave his notes in my lank dark hair
Spirit me to a world of horses
Triumphant trumpets fill the air

Heartbeats to thunder glorious
Harlequin with masquerade mask
Ostrich feathers to tease the breeze with
Smile on me
Is all I ask

Fill my sky with Michelangelo
Outreaching hands
Offer me spark filled lightening
Whisk me to foreign lands

Let my breath savor scents of lavender
And grass that's freshly mown
Know that all is glorious
Bed of roses
In mind full dreams
You're never alone

by Patricia . Garcia Howard Bramble |
Categories: courage, faith, god, inspirational, love,

I Have Everything, I Need

Here I am at the cross again
And like the eagle
Am willing to spread my wings
And fly again 
Like the sun
I will shine again
For God has given me
Everything I need to rise again
Like the ostrich that burries his head
I have a place where I can lay my head
Like the child who say's his prayers
I have all I need to overcome my fears
For I am the one that Jesus has given
' Everything ' 
For on the cross
Christ died for me
I am the one he loves
Like the seasons, 
I can change for he has given me 
The authority to command all things.

by Allan Terry |
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Honey Balsamic Vinager
With lard braised porchettee topped
Rabbit with
Pareseam potato croquettes
Glazed carrots
and a onion cucumber salad
Fresh yeast rolls
and a choose of wine
Hazelnut and white chocolate mousse
With strawberries ,vanilla cake and
Whipped cream.

Roast squash
Roasted ostrich
Or goat
Creamy brown sauce
And potatoes
Broccoli and swiss cheese with bacon
Butterscotch eclairs
And expresso

Elegance and romance

by Caren Krutsinger |
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I Love Animal Facts

I love animal facts.
Could read them all day long.
Could write them in a song.

An alligator can
 live 100 years.
Well isn’t that just wrong?

An elephant tooth is the size of a
Newborn baby, a human baby.
On steroids – a nine pounder.

The female lion does ninety percent
Of the hunting
Because her husband is more
Of a rounder

A parliament is what we
call a familial
Group of owls

And a male ostrich 
can make a lion-like howl.

I love animal facts.
Could read them all day long.
Could write them in a song.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: relationship,

My Cousin Sweet Bea

I am on top of the world said my cousin Sweet Bea
She was every bit as creative as I knew her to be.
I have tamed an ostrich and we are on the go.
On which planet we land, who will ever know?

We fly through the night among the planets and stars.
You could never again coax me to drive those plain cars.
I am on top of the world, and I love my life.
I will never be tied down to be anyone’s wife.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Neti Neti

What is this concept of neti neti
Methinks, it is the ostrich syndrome 
We are here, so why negate mind body
Here and now, in our heart, is Gods kingdom

Let us be distracted not by scriptures 
Resting thought forms, let us go to the roots
By feeling, recognising soul stature
Following scent of love and Krishna’s flute

Oh hermit! Mind body is a springboard 
The athletes step back, before the pole vault
Know, there is no chasm, which we cannot ford 
Head-heart aligned, a potent catapult 

Accepting what is as is, we begin
Feeling within, throb of bliss ignition


by Line Gauthier |
Categories: confidence, confusion, heart, introspection, men, perspective, trust,

He Does Love Me

in his cave
 he still loves me
 like an ostrich
 he thinks
 for his time out

 he takes time
 to recharge
 he’ll come back 
 I didn’t notice 
 he was gone

 he’ll come back
 telling me
 showing me
 that he truly
 does love me

 men really are from Mars

Posted in March, 2018

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: racism,

Bigotry More Alive Now Than the 60s

Giddiness pretends we love indifference
Desperation in ignorable thoughts
Status quo readies us for church and stuff

Our heads buried like the pink flumed ostrich
Having more in common with us than us
Hatred follows us around like mouse traps

Head clouds are pretty not hearing squeals
Bigotry alive more than the sixties
War? Why not? We have our assault rifles.

Dr Martin Luther King tried so hard
How many of us still remember this?
I feel he would be ashamed of us.

Come take a picture so we can pretend
Crazy out-of-sync is our new normal
Souls leaving hard and fast now to escape