Love Poems About Moose or Moose Love Poems
by Sloppy Joe |
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Love and animals

Love is in the air
To be honest I don't really care
Come on love, get the heck out of here
Once I went to date this girl
I guess it was illegal to date a female squirrel
Cops took me in for animal abuse
Good thing they didn't find my dead moose
When I got to court I told them all I ever do is love 
And they told me you can't do that with a dead dove
I don't understand why it's illegal 
I've done it many times with untamed eagles 
Turns out I have ten years in jail
My animals still send me nudes in the mail

by Kbear Matthews |
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For Cecil...

Feelin' like a moose, I drank too much o dat juice
I was kel on All That but now I fell flat
What happened last night
Will I ever feel all right?
Lubricious waves of melconcoly cascade like a torrent of falling stars
What happened last night
Now I'm hung-over, and last nights bang is over 
She kicked me out of the room 
Boom boom boom
A sigh beneath the sheets. I just want to weep. When will this be over?
My brutal hangover.
What happened last night...

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
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Thing's I Say That Make My Chihuahua Happy

Oh my pretty Tsuki
Aren't you a beautiful doggy?
You'd make a lovely sandwich!
Eat you on a toasted sourdough bun,
Yes I will. Yes I will.
I love you so much, kissy kissy,
Snuggle snuggle
Wouldn't you like me to
Roast you on a spit?
Bite a hole in your belly and
Suck your insides out!
Moose fart! PLPLPLPL!!
Such a lovely, lovely girl
You'd make the perfect pot roast
Or a mince pie, you're such a sweety,
Eat you, eat you up, nom nom nom.

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hunting for moose

hunting for moose

tonight sitting here
knowing you are far 
into the forest hunting.
i ride in the pocket 
over your heart 
warm and safe. 
the lullaby of your earth drum
beats at my back.
i rest upon the swells
of your chest a sea of
sweet breath rocking me
i will always be here 
for your spirit has found 
a place for me too. 

by Sara Kendrick |
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As man unravels the mysteries
Of God's creation some loose
Their awe of God's power
Seeing more instills within more

His omniscience, his love
Fills my heart and soul
I want to praise Him
For His love , His design

The purple mountain laurel
A feast to the eyes
Sunlight that filters through
The forest to nourish each thing

Cool purified running water
Plants, animals drink their fill
As I am filled with the awe
Once again of His love for all

You are so beautiful my love
So beautiful my dear said the moose
To the female moose so beautiful
God never ceases to awe me

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If i shut my eyes and refuse to move
If i fold my hands and refuse to write
If i close my mouth and refuse to talk
If i do will you still whisper in my ear
That you still love me that you care

Will you still give me that hug and kiss
Or will you desert me and blame it
Then blame it on the absent moose

Will you look me straight in the eye
And tell me suck it up Luis
Get up and do your thing

Or will you cuddle besides me
And keep me warm
Promising me a better tommorow

by Brian Sambourne |
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Pining for my love
Wrestler, Sassy Moose Jaw Sal
Body slam scripted

Poem composed: November 24, 2020

by Barbara Cotter |
Categories: funny, lost love, love

Bull Moose

The wild-eyed dreamer knocked
upon her heavy oak door,
and though she seldom answered
to the woodland creatures,
she swung the big door open,
and saw not a bear or a raccoon,
but a man as large as a bull moose
and hairy as anything, too.

She caught her breath, surprised,
stepping backward into the room.
He took this as an invitation to come in.
What is a hag to do with a man
in the room, but bewitch him
with potions and brews,
strange stories, stew,
not half bad.

She gave him a bath,
shaved him clean
for extra pleasure
they used Vaseline,
but as things go,
so does the man, one day
the wild-eyes dreamer
strayed away.

by brian wood |
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things in the world

birds birds 
there are many birds
deer deer 
deer are ever where
moose moose
they are beautiful 
fish fish
they love water
humans humans
they love each other
ants ants 
they love food

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,


Aim apt ask
Bring bright bask

Charm clear chance
Dare dream dance

Etch each eel
Frame fine feel
Gain grips grill

High hopes hire
Inch ink ire

Jazz joy jock
Kind keep knocks
Love lifts lock

Move mad moose
Niche nude noose
Old oomph ooze

Prize proud pest
Quit quote quest

Rich rules rip
Stiff spread sleeps
Trust tough trip 

Unzip urge
Voice vain verge

Word works west
aXe eXpress
Yield yokes yes
Zeal zooms zest

Leon Enriquez
17 September 2018

by ilene bauer |
Categories: nature,

in Alaska

In Alaska, running loose
Are grizzlies, caribou and moose.
Eagles soar and whales cavort
And salmon fishing is a sport.

Glaciers calve and mountains rise,
Scenery to mesmerize.
Sadly, now, for tourist folk
The air is filled with thick gray smoke.

I am starting on a tour;
Don't know what will be in store,
But I'm hoping skies will clear
And some wildlife will appear.

Nature - lift that smoky noose.
I'd really love to see a moose!