Love Poems About Mongrel or Mongrel Love Poems
by Tirzah Conway |
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He’s there for me through thick and thin; Closer to me than my next of kin; With big ole feet, a long wagging tail; And a nose that’s never lost the trail; His long droopy ears have caught many a tear; But I always have comfort whenever he’s near; And I know whenever I am upset, He’ll be there, my loyal pet; He’s got my back, no matter what, My silly mongrel and devoted mutt; My baby Zeus, My faithful friend; The one that will be there till the end.

by steven markham |
Categories: animals

The Perfect Choice

I may not have great breeding
I will never go to Crufts
my coats a little shaggy
you could say that I am a scruff
I am not known at the kennel club
the reason is you see
I am just a little mongrel and I have no pedigree
But my tail is always wagging
my big brown eyes are bright
sometimes  I am a little naughty
but I never ever bite
I will run  and fetch the ball for you
Your slippers  I will get
I am really truly very healthy
and I do not  often need to see the vet
So  I am sure that you can love me
though I have no family crest
Go-on please choose me
I promise I will  prove to be the best

by Victoria Schmidt |
Categories: christmas, death, grief,

The Grieving

The Grieving 

A frenzy, a chaos of
celebration all around.
Togetherness and ritual imposed while 
inside of me a splintering

No respite, no escape from 
faces eager to connect 
to share, to love.
Grief is a mongrel here;
an agony of burden on 
the righteous shoulders of joy

I can only run, crying out,
in frantic search of

This tree, this breeze that
gives me permission 
gives me space 
to breathe 
to be

Its tapestry of lace against 
a grey ocean of sky 
shrouds me from expectation,
from judgement,
defending my right 
to grieve 
to peace

At Christmas

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: art, baby, beautiful, love,

Her Princess Amid Enchanting's Courtyard

Walking as if within a dream down, her heart's hushed corridors....
A swarm of gnats gnawing viciously on their mongrel heretics dogmatic
Scrolls his provenance clinging unto it's birth this womb's, in vogue ? Void
Sacrilegious separatism these virulent breeds as bred by, rabid's father tongue
An ark of their own covenants; Elizabethan's, elliptical children studious starve'lings
Intransigent invading illusionist craving conjurers confederations; ancient's sperminations
Luxferre la fox her kismet's quaff a quagmire ? Yet love's looking glass and time, she shall drink.

by Jack Bowman |
Categories: political

Jesus was from a Mongrel race

Jesus was from A Mongrel Race

He is not to be trusted, he is mixed;
the purity of his divine grace
muddied by the nasty, lazy, dark, 

he may have been a child of love
but where is love in those hateful, fearful,
Earth dwelling, 

God should have stayed with his own kind
should have mated with a divine female
not polluted his blood with the virus
of ignorance and these slovenly savages

now is the beginning of the curse:
more Nehalem, more Herculean half - Gods
and misfit half-breeds

what made him think that these lowly creatures
are worth anything?

by Anil Deo |
Categories: 12th grade, animal, creation, death of a friend, dog, emotions,

Good overcoming Dog : G O D

It's a good day to die
If cancer got you back
Three days ago, I shared bread
With Smiley, a friend's dog
I reminded the youth to water him
Two days in a row, they complied
By this morning, 5 April, Smiley left
Us a legacy of love, loyalty, endurance

Many people have played with 
D O G and G O D ( in letter? Poor Spirit?)
I had a mongrel in my teens, RAMU:
He proved to be a prince and a joy
I remember as I say GODSPEED Smiley