Love Poem: Con Artist
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Written by: Cona Adams

Con Artist

Poetry Form: Neville
(This form is not included in list of selections)

A Yankee Dime was his pet name
for kisses he desired.
She gave them as required
oblivious of his true aim 
for favors offered her.
Then, like a mongrel cur,
he left her fixed in painful shame.

He was her daddy and she thought
his love was innocent.
Unconscious of his bent
she sensed no danger to be brought
but soon she felt betrayed,
her confidence x-rayed,
her undeveloped soul distraught.

For years she fought to climb above
unworthiness she felt,
without a safety belt,
to keep at bay the hate thereof.
At last her strong faith won
of rancor there was none
nor hunger for a father's love.