Love Poems About Mockingbird or Mockingbird Love Poems
by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: love, romance, seasons, summer,

A Resplendence of Sunflowers

As brief as summer you swept
across my heart's desert
like a Santa Ana wind's hot caress.
Now the eastern passes
are still as virgin rocks
unto a land whispering 
of forgotten wildflowers.
In your absence marigolds bloom not
with the disappeared mockingbird.
Only as the last petals
of amaryllis wither do I ache.
You brought me a translucence 
of amber for my burnished bouquet.
Love was an ebullience of golden wheat,
our laughter a resplendence of sunflowers.


by Timothy Brumley |
Categories: animals, faith, inspirational, naturelove, i love you,

Three Messengers

This morning I hiked a wooded trail
And while quietly strolling along,
I was pleased to hear a lonely quail
A singing his mournful song.

And then again this afternoon
While drawing water from the well
A loon began it's soothing croon
That echoed 'cross the dell.

And in the evening as I dined
While resting in the swing
A mockingbird was very kind
To perch close by and sing.

Then later, as I knelt to pray
In telling God, "I love You"
That, I wished to hear Him say
Just once, He loved me too.

Then Father spoke! "Don't you know?
My son of course I love you too!
I sent couriers today to tell you so
Did my three messengers not find you?"

                            Timothy I. Brumley

by William Robinson |
Categories: childhood, nature, nostalgia, seasons,

A Full Moon Night

The moon, pausing near her zenith,
On that balmy night in May,
Painted a warm, nocturnal landscape, 
In varying shades gray.

A mockingbird insomniac,
With golden harp did play,
And serenade his lady love
With songs as bright as day.

A shy, retiring whip-poor-will
In some hidden, forest swale,
Intoned his lonely-heart refrain, 
In a melancholy wail. 

The gentle breeze, that washed my face,
Tasted honeysuckle sweet,
While silver dewdrops glistened,
On the grass beneath my feet.

Though my magic, childhood years have gone
On frightened wings of flight,
I treasure, in my reverie,
That enchanted full moon night.

by Darlene Smith |
Categories: love, native american, romance,



I will be your shelter;
Amidst the storms in life.
I will be a light;
Within the darkest nights.

I will be a rock;
For you to make your stand.
I will be your comfort;
And calm your shaking hand.

I will be your hope;
In your times of great despair.
I will be your confidant;
When others are unfair.

I will be your trust;
When another breaks their word.
I will be your wings;
If you are my mockingbird.

By: Darlene Doll Smith

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: animals, nature

Mockingbird Ii

Chirping his ballads,
To his silent feathered love:
Love songs grace the night.

by Whitney Houston |
Categories: on writing and words,

My Favorite Thing

Writing is my favorite thing
It is powerful, expressive, and calming
It's like a nice summer breeze, that blows through my hair
Writing is a talented technique to tell one's feelings
It has a sweet smell of mint chocolate candy that melts in your mouth
It feels like love from all of your family and friends
It looks like a beautiful rainbow after a rainy day
It sounds like a mockingbird singing so peacefully in the trees
Writing tells a story, cries with you, and holds you in the night
Writing is the key to expression
I'm thankful for writing because I can put the pencil to the paper and let my 
thoughts carry me away.

by Lorraine Ferns |
Categories: bird, love, romance,

The Call

sitting on a bough

singing his song of romance

the mockingbird calls

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: bird, lonely, love,


Songbird in my front yard
feeding on seed I've thrown
I can see you
because I have become 
part of the silence...

Each day I learn from you
as the fish learn from the sea
the Sparrow and the Blue Jay
learn from the wide open sky..

Mockingbird I am lonely today
chant your melancholy in the still air
call for your lost lover
making the stars smile 
and your mate to sing  back..

Tonight I will chant for my lover
as I look for her in distant stars
perhaps they are all just nests
of celestial invisible birds...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Kristi Hayner |
Categories: happinessbird, bird,

Mama Birdie

got to see the one
sweet mama birdie not lost
to me any more

baby bird has turned
from blue bird to mockingbird
better watch your speak

and say only love
and peace and joyous things now
she'll not miss a beat

break the weird cycles 
and learn the new way to be

the moment we have
to be pure, happy, fulfilled
just good as it gets

by Patrick Ituma |
Categories: 12th grade, celebration, feelings, nature, romance, seasons, wind,

Gentle Morning Breeze


Gentle morning breeze
With ease you always blow
The softness you bring always pleases
Even the troubled of soul

With my bed by the window side
Cold chilly freezy breeze you you bring
The whistling pine trees whistle in styles
As the mockingbird go on and sing

"Who does not love my touch",she asked
I come before the winter draw nigh
I am the lovely breeze of course
All stress of night I blow away as I blow with love

         I really want you to know that I value you Julie and I am sorry for making you sad.

by Jt Nyx |
Categories: home, symbolism,


I was born and raised in Texas, 

it is the place I call home 

I do not think I will ever leave 

This is where I roam. 


Our state flower is a blue bonnet, 

the "Mockingbird", is our bird 

We sing "Texas our Texas" 

the prettiest Athem heard. 


We do have our many faults, 

like any other state 

but we love this place called home 

and to it, we relate.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love, sweet, sweet,

Love Is

Love is... The sweet scent of roses in bloom The smell of new mown hay The freshness of a morning in June A bright and sun filled day Love is... The delicate trill of a mockingbird The softness of a gentle touch Rivulets of rain running down your cheek A loved one who means so much Love is... A whisper, a glance, a gentle caress Loving and tender sighs Thoughtful words of sweet adoration A look of passion in your eyes Love is... An accumulation of all of the above And perhaps a few I've missed The feeling of love is easily recognized Sealed with a warm gentle kiss! © Jack Ellison 2012

by Ann Peck |
Categories: beauty, birthday, color, confusion, flower, friendship, green,

For Sally

Perhaps it was the leaves turning green.
Or, was it heather-blue skies above?
May have been sunset choosing between
ruffling red or apricot clouds with love.

It could have been the lovely birdsong;
quaint mockingbird singing his refrains,
breeze hugging trees as it skipped along,
raindrops gently kissing windowpanes.

Whatever it was, caused me to forget
your birthday--I'm filled now with shame.
However, I feel spring had an effect.
Those roses, I'm quite sure, are to blame!

by Erika Raiken |
Categories: happiness, hope, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, nature, passion, uplifting, visionary

Dark Dancing

The sun, Sol, has risen and fallen. His time has come and gone. A new player enters the 
field. It is Luna's turn to dance across the black velvet sky. Stars twinkle into view, creating 
a glistening array of sequins. The Mockingbird sings his last song as the Nightengale takes 
his place. She sings of Love and Wisdom, traits of Luna. The crickets chirp, the fireflies 
dance across the dew-sparkled lawn, and the Nightengale sings.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: beautiful,

Love Is

Love is... The sweet scent of roses in bloom The smell of new mown hay The freshness of a morning in June A bright and sun filled day Love is... The delicate trill of a mockingbird The softness of a gentle touch Rivulets of rain running down your cheek A loved one who means so much Love is... A whisper, a glance, a gentle caress Loving and tender sighs Thoughtful words of sweet adoration A look of passion in one's eyes Love is... An accumulation of all of the above Perhaps a few others I've missed The feeling of love is easily recognized Sealed with a warm gentle kiss!

by Last Night On Earth |
Categories: devotion, lovetime,

October Tenth

Oh wolfcub, time is not my friend
Can't rest till you are here
This mockingbird will take its leave
Only when you’re near
By now you will be waking
Encased in your own time
Roll over and you'll feel my touch
Trail gently down your spine
Enjoy the morning sunlight,
Night will follow soon
This time will pass, till then my love
Howl softly to the moon.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: faith, life,


The Woodpecker tapping his song
in Morse Code rivetting
A melody to his summer
love, soon change pivotting

The sound carries on air's dampness
Saturated with fog
Moisture coats everything this morn
Frogs sleep in their bog

Birds begin to awake chirping
Surround sound melodies
An angry Mockingbird chatters
Soon some animal will flee

God speaks to me in the morning
His Spirit leads each day
All I have to do is follow Him
As He lights each step's way 

by David Archuletta |
Categories: father, introspection,

A Father Denied

Delusional love, received in kind
Yearly styles of painted smiles
As if gold both did find

A pyrite love grown so cold
Either bought or sold

A dalliance glowing of Hawthorne penned trait
Of Scarlett Letter ruse, and Lee's Mockingbird hues
A secret is borne of consequence great

A Child lives on, once thought not
In gabled house, nary worry fraught

A forgotten son is not the view
Photographs cherished, if only a precious few

by Fran Delaney-Barron |
Categories: beautiful, bird, music, nature, spring, winter,

Afternoon Notes

I heard a black bird’s song today
He balanced high on a wire
His dark coat purple in reflection
His voice high and sweet
above the ocean’s roar and
the hum of traffic on the beachside highway 

So pleasant, melodic,
not unlike a tune to be stolen by the Mockingbird 
He called out so clear and soft
Was it a springtime love song?
A call for a mate only spoken at the end of winter?
Or had I never heard the delicate song
of a creature whose like surround me 
as I walk through the grass each day?

Hello, he cried
So far above me on that wire
in a moment we shared together 
as our lives intersected 
for just that instant
in a departing winter
and an awaking spring.

by Liz Mynaugh |
Categories: family, father, people,

Attics To Kill a Mockingbird

He is not guilty,
But someone in here is
I have two kids
Sometimes acts like pigs
No violence
I love my kids, don’t touch them
Thanks for the hem
On Jem’s pants
One shot, on the spot
Never did in years, never will
As long as my kids are not around and Dill

by Eton Langford |
Categories: allegory, bird, peace, poetry, time, world,

To a Mockingbird

I am within and you without:
You’re in your nest and I in mine. 
Though we are different, there’s no doubt
That we both suffer, love and pine. 

Tomorrow brings both pain and joys
And we must both confront the world,
To which we’re but two living toys
Which play a game of hot and cold. 

We crave infinity, and yet
We’re both alive for little time
Although, somehow, our peace we’ve met:
You in your song and I in rhyme. 

Find my poems and published poetry volumes at

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: celebration,

Tequila Mockingbird

I love to go boozin' with Susan
(My Spanish just adds to confusion)
Trump's Vanity Wall
Is helping us all
Experience tequila fusion!

by Mike Hauser |
Categories: bird, inspiration, poems,

Song of the Mockingbird

I stole this tune from a mockingbird 
Where outside my window he was perched 
I kept the rhythm added rhyme 
And the words, well they're all mine

The song he sang was a happy one
I think he got from another bird in love
When you whistle love it's hard to keep
So much so it inspired me

The tune I kept inside my head
Until there was no whistle in my whistle left
That's when in my mind I did decide
I needed to add a few rhyming lines

But I kept the tune of the mockingbird
Just thought it could use a few good words
Cause words can be a powerful thing
When added to a bird that sings

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: bird, black love, fantasy, heartbreak, kiss, lost love, love hurts,

Director's Cut and Paste, Revisited, Part 1

Forks over knives
where the heart is

Great expectations
love me or leave me
home alone.

What lies beneath
the notebook
can't buy me love
without leaving a forwarding address
back to the future.

Before night falls,
sense and sensibility
climb an angry mountain
to kill a mockingbird
for love.

The birds
take the lead,
homeward bound.
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
to catch a thief.

Stolen kisses
fly away home,
the spiral staircase.
Wings of desire
for your eyes only.

Places in the heart
return to me
with your permission,
face to face.

(Each line is a separate movie title.)

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: sad,

Down Where the Mockingbird Sings

Down where the Mockingbird sings
And the love affair grows
Between the cat and tiny dog
And the chorus from roosters flow 

A bright red-orange sun arises
There fog touches cool dew
Almost the same as yesterday's start
Well! Changes_ there are few

Life issued some bad blows for one
No! Worse for one but more
A whole family in grief_ mourns
Up where politicians bore

Down where a soft gentle rain falls
A zephyr whips brown leaves
Our lives go on but one life stopped
One family still grieves