Love Poems About Mink or Mink Love Poems
by Sunlite Wanter |
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Sweet Tooth

Used on Poetry Soup 3/23/17

Sweet Tooth

She always asks for candy,
When we ask what she wants for her Day,
Or on Christmas she asks for pralines,
That come from far away.

She never asks for diamonds,
Nor an eco friendly mink;
Only some kind of truffles,
Or a gooey chocolate drink.

Jelly beans by the handfuls,
She keeps at her kitchen door,
I’ll want that candy dish in her will,
Just in case it fills some more.

We all just call her Sweet Tooth,
She never puts on any pounds,
If she did, we’d love her just the same,
For GrandMother is sweet as it sounds.

by Mitch White |
Categories: lost love,

When the Party Is Over

I felt like venting, releasing steam
Almost like reflecting a dream
People blend and people go
Still I don't pretend to know

You change and I hit the floor
These chains just weigh more
If we close the blinds and hide
I suppose they won't mind

Kick everyone out, it's too loud
Pull the curtains, end it now
Put on pink or just the mink
I need a drink so I can think

They say love has a sweetness 
But it's not above a wet kiss
I'll treat you right and dim the lights
It's just us tonight, forgetting fights

by Shirley Gribble |
Categories: humorous,

Torrid Love Story

I'm writing a torrid love story,
Full of scandle and intrigue and sex,
About film stars and beautiful people,
And who goes to bed with who next.

Their clothes are by famous designers,
They wear diamonds and mink and real pearls.
Their hair is just perfectly coiffured - 
And that's just the chaps, not the girls!

The hero's in love with his uncle,
And his wife's had an implant or two,
Grandfather has married the housemaid,
He's eighty and she's twenty-two.

When it's published I'll make lot's of money,
But just for a while, till I do,
I'm a little bit short on housekeeping - 
Can you lend me a fiver or two?

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, beauty, caregiving,

Brushed a Season Her Love

We spread these wings in dreams which fly....
Beyound the ambient hieroglyphic sky; our heritage
This coign of vantage; etched her silken starry 
Night an ancient cavern carnelian hues ? Ancestral
Meek as the mink and caribou; banal their mischief-makers
Carved a stone this image one million years her matriarch..
Barbaric schemes times kings; confronted by she, mono y mono
Exposed love's fiery minx iconic; ironic while the tables turn ?
Pelion, hand writing with scenic wings; empowered by Genial, we deem.

by Elliott Bowe The Drunken Poet |
Categories: love, heart, heart, hope, love,

Clinging Attraction

If i had but a fragment of time,to the top of your heart i would climb.
Resting my love on your every breath.
Ignited bond fires to keep a sublime soul warm,to save a trembling beauty from a snow storm.
coiled in my arms you would be.
A snake wrapped in a mink of my love, you'll see. 
insurmountable attraction sets a fire adorn.
Beyond the golden gates of heaven,there you seemed to be born.
Before your presents i was forlorn,but with your presents a new hope was born.
A hope girdled with wool and glittered  gold.
If i had but a fragment of time,to the top of your heart i would climb.
Resting my love on your every breath.

by Sharla Macdonald |
Categories: loveme, love, me,


My heart is full of love, so please be gentle with me like you would a dove, I am precious like a diamond with a sparkle in my eye, treat me like gold and behold I will love you through life until we are old, my love I will give to some one who is pure, who will treat me like mink with the softest of fur, love me of
that for who I am, for you will be treated like god who soars through the wind.

by Mitch White |
Categories: love,


I wished and wished for a girl like you
That I could cherish until a hundred and two
How can I ever get you to notice me
Write you a poem of how it could be
Then present it to you on bended knee

That's just too corny, you wouldn't believe
The old fashioned style just isn't the key
Should I act like a man, dress all in black
Grow a mustache and drive a Cadillac
Throw money all around like I'm a fat cat

God only knows what you might prefer
Tee shirt and shorts or a long mink fir
I'll just be me the next time we meet
I'll probably keep it short and sweet
And invite you out for coffee or tea

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: friendship,

A Plain Man's Indulgence

pizza, fries and golden  beer...
the good company of the men 
who took me a dozen times round 
a crazy boxing ring, sharing blood 
and bone and sweet stadium lights

and after the final bell had rung and
black tie and mink had left it's salty 
mark upon the front row seats 

we the band of boxing brothers,the 
maestros of the ring,
faces smashed without refinement,
nor mercy and with  love only for
our wives and each other,

we kicked back the day with boot and
glove and poured  happy oaths into
the warm sawdust bar: and our pleasure 
our rich and happy prize, a sweet indulgence, 
pizza, fries and golden,golden beer

by Mugabo Alvin |
Categories: emotions, girl,

Broken Love

Complete verse incomplete vase
Lines said in prose turn empty
         Heart-rooted intimacy in souls n'er trace
Lava-hot enemity sprouts within
         Serenades that exalted the misty spring air
Sweet nothings whispered in the crimson cottage
          Bloody scuffles wreak lives n'er bear
wreak bone-hard bond like titanic sea goer
          His half drowsing floody eyes stuck in space
In the twilight crisp evening valley wind
         Thinking of the enchated dulcet past life phase
that perhaps he wishes to live once again
         For their life swirls in a sea-deepnightmare
all they implore are the infallible cult deities
         And the mink duvet is all they share

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: dream, i love you, love, romance, romantic, together, true love,

Wool and Mink

You're the April in my March, you make my tulips grow
In brilliant colors, majesty, bursting through the snow 
Your sunlit face, your dazzling smile, warm my coldest day
And the bluest eyes I've ever seen do whisk me away
To a land unheard of, never mapped, and never someone knew
Where the sunsets are incredible, and only seen by two

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: chocolate, flower, relationship, valentines day,

One-Scene Play For Valentine's Day

~ aka 'De Couple' ~

"For you, my love, a box of Swiss chocolate"
   She stared at her spouse, "That's it?"

A bouquet of red roses he proffered
   She turned aside to spit

Then tossed the new mink in the trash--
   "But you ask every year ~ Oh, I quit!"

"What is it you'd like?" cried he in frustration
   "A divorce," thus she. "Too expensive," thus he
      Thus she, "Then let's just 'decouple"

by Alex Klugman |
Categories: dream, first love, marriage,

In Order To Create a Family, I Dream To Meet a Man

"In order to create a family, I dream to meet a man-
With whom I wish whole life my will be spend."
So, very honest advertising wrote.
And:- "I recognize you, by a simple sign:-
You have to hold a woman's mink fur coat.
Please call me back, I tell you an exact coat size."