Love Poem: Torrid Love Story
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Written by: Shirley Gribble

Torrid Love Story

I'm writing a torrid love story,
Full of scandle and intrigue and sex,
About film stars and beautiful people,
And who goes to bed with who next.

Their clothes are by famous designers,
They wear diamonds and mink and real pearls.
Their hair is just perfectly coiffured - 
And that's just the chaps, not the girls!

The hero's in love with his uncle,
And his wife's had an implant or two,
Grandfather has married the housemaid,
He's eighty and she's twenty-two.

When it's published I'll make lot's of money,
But just for a while, till I do,
I'm a little bit short on housekeeping - 
Can you lend me a fiver or two?