Love Poems About Lizard or Lizard Love Poems
by Shane Cooper |
Categories: tribute,

A Poem For Jan

There was a hot poet called Jan
Who one day developed a plan
By hook or by crook
She’d write a kid’s book
And a lizard love story began

A lizard meets a pretty girl
Their tongues in unison unfurl
On a mossy rock
Their lives interlock
Together in love they now curl

for my so talented friend

by Mike Hauser |
Categories: funny, humorous,

A Tragic Love Affiar

Well I'll be a monkeys uncle 
If that old King Kong 
And the lizard Godzilla
Did not one day fall in love 

It was the wildest looking of all affairs  
One of the strangest scenes 
With all of that burly bristley hair 
Mixed with all that slimy green 

They both met on the corner 
In The Big Apple downtown 
Amid all the screaming heebie jeebies
Of people running around 

Between the two of course you knew 
It would be love at first sight 
And what love story isn't tragic 
Without a few squished passersby...

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: loneliness, love,

I Live Alone

I live alone
where a woman is nothing
but a literature in my silence

I live alone
where whisky and smoking
like the crawling lizard in my eye canvas

I live alone
where I am nothing
but a bunch of poems in crowded of the lustful bar

I live alone
and love to live alone 
but in the crowded...

Chattogram © Mahtab Bangalee
June 09, 2021

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: animal, pets,

Coming Out of the Cage

I have a confession to make
My lizard and I are deeply in love
but she thinks I’m cheating on her
and often puts a tail on me

I’m wrapped up in another quandary
My python has a crush on me
and wants me to be her squeeze
It’s a slippery slope I’m slithering down

To be honest, she DOES take my breath away
but if my lizard lover hears of this tawdry tail
she Iguana be awful jealous, but frankly speaking
I think she needs to scale down her expectations

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: childhood, social,

I Am Counting the Days To Freedom

I am counting the days to freedom
To dolls house and hide and seek
To our voices crashing like a cataract
Against stone deaf
Shadows hanging over our love
Like a rock.
I am counting the days to freedom
Our long procession weeping
For the lizard
We chased through the grass
So we could test our competence
At eulogy too.
I am counting the days to freedom
To the exploration
Of what took the tease from father's eyes
And the smile from mother's heart.
They no longer pretend
About the emptiness in them
That keeps them busy
Chasing their own thoughts for an end,
What shall I do with an entire day
By myself alone?
I am counting the days to freedom.

by Litan Dey |
Categories: humorous, simple, society,


Lizard is truth
Lizard is foul
Lizard! You and I are what we are distinctly

Truth or bitter
Freshwater or saline water
It mixes with our life
-in our wounds.

I am tired
thirst for your love
I can not bear this loneliness
When I stop thinking about you
The Lizard run over my head
Why you are making sounds now, Lizard?
If you are happy with her
Give me more pain!

Lizard is truth
Lizard is foul
Lizard! You and I are what we are distinctly

Day passes
My night lengthened
If it is true to life as one wish
Why I became deaf?

Lizard! Stop making false clops

by Cayce Force |
Categories: 9th grade, animal,

Oh My Dear Frappe

Oh my dear Frappe I love you so
Oh my sweet stalker kitty
Your heart just said no
And at the end you were all giddy

My sweet sweet kitty
You were always so funny
The way you almost suffocated the lizard
And it was sad when you died during the blizzard

Oh my dear Frappe I love you so
I love your giant bean toe
I love your fluffiness
I loved your niceness

I love your stalker tendencies
I love that you and the bear were enemies
I love your multi colered eyes
But unfortunely you had to cut ties

Oh my dear Frappe I love you so
I'm so sad you had to go
Oh my dear frappe I love you
I love you so

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baby, baptism, love,

Pressing, Against the Pricks

Dotting about land mines eyes half closed 
Asleep she seems while walking unto this edge....
Repulsion taking hold fey flags his juggernaut: jostling
King snakes slithering past these planetoids searching for her lizard queen ?
Demimonde's state of this union's address devil-may-care; and that he does dear dusty
Acheron your systematic servitude touch'stone's, tour de force: stigmatic ellipses be genetic
Your red rum rivers his macabre's subtle genre in another's, covert genocide their general assembly
Standard-bearers taking oath they solemnly sware savoir-faire satyr's, satanic satellites: diphtheria's diplomacy love's night.

by Sebastian Aaron Baez |
Categories: art,

I Hate Needles

Fresco fringe
Inject happiness
With a serrated syringe
Tripped on a bottle
Falling down a bottomless binge
Far beyond the humanoid hinge
Everything went odd
In a pungent pinch
With all my strength
It still doesn't give an inch

Handsome haphazard
Snappy slum lord lizard
Alcoholic love fermenting
In an magical vineyard
I watch a display screen where
Reality is filtered, decay
And subliminal messages are whispered
And none of my questions are answered
Perhaps that is why I love to disobey
Go against the grain
Molding my own truth from clay

by Funom Makama |
Categories: emotions, heartbreak, heartbroken, hurt, love, love hurts,

Greater Than Sorcery

Disappointment and hurt serving as a huge barrier subsequent sensitivity of the mind towards affection makes the heart worrier, converting a spot once habitable to a no go area; overworking feelings and emotions without any wage. The windows of tenderness’ stores, now partially damaged just to maintain this new borrowed image. Opening the doors is beyond the spell of any wizard persistence on trying, attracts its own hazard yet, falling carelessly from the wall feeling no pain like the lizard. No matter how one resists, the heart still insists though broken, but having greater space to accommodate more love

by Henrique Oliveira |
Categories: allegory, assonance, deep, image, imagery, symbolism, universe,

Joy At the Dying of the Light

At close of day, my wild spirit sprints away 
From the barren lands where shriveled creatures quake
In fear that the night light might a desert make;
But the silent stars that witness day's decay
Gleam forever in a soft, heavenly way,
As they look down on lizard, gecko, and snake,
And all earthbound creatures that tremble and shake
When the sun ceases to shine at close of day.

But it’s when light stops shining that life begins,
For in the dark, I must love myself or die
(Too often I've sinned unforgivable sins);
So I look past the fire round which the Earth spins,
And seek out the stars behind day’s glaring sky,
Because, in the end, the good night always wins.

by Charlie Murder |
Categories: celebrity, dark, god, mystery,

Hello Mr Morrison

hello mr morrison
tell me, are the indians
that you saw when you were young
still on that dusty road?

did one take control of you
spirits now are one, once two
after that the arrow flew
and "squirming like a toad"

the brains of thousands tuned to hear you speak
the poet, philosopher and the tweak
the genius but never the geek
is welcome in my abode

i idolize the lizard king
let the long lost trumpets sing
love, despair, unholy things
found in his lost odes

resting in a grave in france
lucky me,i got the chance
to see him rest, but at a glance
on a motorbike he rode

to make a future lost as gold

by David Smalling |
Categories: allegory, mystery

The Foe

Lily livered lint of a lizard, let him be called
In pious protest of his primevel name
He who in the spinning sun our death installed
Made history mere cinder for the flame
Why mark me with mortality for your material rage
What treasure in life's flesh yet I cage
He slithers between lines scrawled  on a creeping page
And leaf by leaf levers love with lurid rage.

by Nicole Sharon Brown |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, science, urbanme, me,

Romping the Reptile

Romping on the reptile,
Drives me wild.
Playing hide the lizard,
With you.
Cures me from the blues.
Ascending and descending 
On your dark anaconda
Is a workout
Harder than video’s from
Jane Fonda.
Slicking your lizard 
With my mouth or my cushy
Makes me know
That you’re no wussy
You’re a strong, sexy man 
With my wanting tail in your hands
Guiding my tail up and down
Or stroking in and out 
Hiding that lizard
Making my body shake, gyrate, 
And swivel
Riding and romping the reptile
Certainly drives me wild.

by Mark Toney |
Categories: family, fear, happy, hope, joy, love, poetry,

Robin Hood

Kind husband, vigilant father, loving son, mischievous brother
Brother of Lizard and Kippie-bombs
Lover of Kahtabeak, Danbug and Benbot
Who feels joyful, happy and satisfied
Who fears brown recluse spiders, level 4 biohazards and tsunamis
Who would like to see an end to mourning, outcry and pain
Resident of Sherwood Forest

by Phindile Mgabashe |
Categories: cry,


You are one hell of a Lizard
Now you cool,
Before I know it you are a Blizzard
You take me for a fool,
You think I don’t see your many colors
Why can’t you keep one
Or perhaps you haven’t found one

One minute you nice
The next you turn to a lice
The third you running around like thousand mice
Let me roll the dice
Turns out you just a chameleon, 
Trying to act like a stallion

Green or blue
I wish I knew
Your lips I wish to sew
You are unpredictable
From I love you
To I don’t want you
You make me sick
And by your side,I’ll no longer stick
I am done
Chameleons freak me out
And in this relationship I am out

by Gokul Alex |
Categories: allegory, analogy, angst, art, character, irony, pain, poetry,

Why I Love a White Noise

A crowd so white
I searched everywhere
Found none but noises white and grey

Why I wish for a crowd
to stamp my head to ground?
And make me realize the taste of soil
Its soild pills, stale heat, and still roots
Once again for ever

I know once I held my head
high as a flag
in whitewashed castles
floating as a kite

Now I need to kneel
Down under my feet
I love to crawl once again
At least once like a snake
If not a gentle silver lizard
And to predict the lies
And to erase the truths

I preyed in my own darkness
It is all white now
White as in white noise
Grey as in grey cells
Black as in black boxes
Green as in green games
Yellow as in pale yellows
But ends meet on a white noise

by Jeff Kyser |
Categories: animal, love,

Florida Man 15

A Florida man in the ‘burbs has BnB plans that perturb. His neighbors don’t wanna see more wild iguanas; how’s a lizard to get him some herb? ----------
A man in Florida is at odds with his neighbors over feeding/encouraging the wild iguanas, which are deemed a nuisance, and wanting to open an AirBnB so other come enjoy the 'experience'...

by Simbarashe Fungurani |


Golden Calf slew the secret lizard.
The injured man-fish boiled, blew & died:
A skinless Jew coiled like a snake,
Cold, nailed to a stake. Sad,
Its sinless flesh badly stewed & bled
Its stainless bones not one broken.
Child-god born to a nasty world
To tell slight morals to a pointless people,
Let your Sight
To the blind & sinful light
The mind of the simple to such senseless
Love as yours; such terrible genius you never chose!

by Sheila Kathryn Barrera |
Categories: friendship, lost love, nature,

Lizard With Suntan

Big fellow
your tan is so dark
I thought you were
a mouse!

Out of the corner
of my eye
you darted
into the bushes
so fast
your form
was just a dart
from Cupid's arrow
that missed my heart.

I'm sorry I scare you so
I guess we could
never be

Sheila Kathryn Barrera

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: age,

The Lizard Age

Common lizards and cockroaches love my room nowadays
They are especially in love with the terminal winter season
They are so severe that I cannot see Messi with a little ease
In the Argentina, France live world cup soccer on television
The moment the first French goal brought me to my feet
A lizard bites near the knee making me croak in a sharp pain
To infuse a few children in the blood I give up on the football
Get into writing this eight line prose poetry on the lizard age

June 30, 2018

For Eight lines of fate, when you wonder if it is too late Poetry Contest
Sponsored by : Silent One

by Brian Sambourne |
Categories: anxiety, lonely, love,


lizard brain lazy
pandemic rules enclosure
craving escape valve

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

If Time Were a Slow Thing

If time were a slow thing a snake shedding skins, a lizard gradually wakening to its life in the sunlight; if it were a red bus dawdling through congested London streets, or the backward swish of a cat's tail just before it pounces, then we could paint moments, or translate what each instant meant, build galleries for stopped clocks but they would not be clocks they would be faces, stopped faces. Then again If time sped away faster than the universe expands love would be impossible; passion and kismet being the conjunctions of timeless moments.

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: death, drug, fear, health, humanity,

Asthma 2

It hits targets like A Blizzard,
Victim, breathing-wise A Lizard;
Amynophilline in one’s vein
Expected Rescue sometimes vain…

For widening The Air Chambers
And dousing of The Red Embers
Marax Tabs that quicken The Heart Beat
But effects not often The Sweet…

Helped by Cough you are just finished!
You hang on to life, The Punished!
Heaven or Hell you just wait for me:
Have I not tasted as Hot Tea?

One’s love-making strength quite dubious,
No woman gives one looks serious:
Then judge its Atrocious Mischief
That leaves The Hurt in Numbing Grief…

Then who ranks it below Cancer
Might not win uniform answer

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: hope, imagination, life, love, passion,

Lester and Lizzie

Lester the lizard, was a lusty old cuss,
he laid on the lawn and licked his legs all day.
Then one day Lizzie the lizard, with her long
lanky legs, came to play.
Lester said, "Lizzie, I think I'm in love,
you are the lady lizard for me."
They laughed, licked, and loved, forever more. 

The moral of this story is,
never give up your search for that special one,
he/she may be closer than you think.