Love Poems About Ladybird or Ladybird Love Poems
by Jenish Somadas |
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An Angel's Teardrop

My lazy muse went wandering around
When fallen into my knees, I astound
A cute lady like a coloured teardrop
Fallen from heaven an angel's eye drop.

She sat silent on my lap, I wonder
Shy or timid, what her cute mind thunder
In bright red attire with black beauty spots
An angel's love blot, my muse I forgot.

O lady, from the Garden of Eden
Did you come with a tweet from the heaven?
Or to tie my naughty mind on his seat
And to teach me to taste nature at least.

While my thoughts fly far away to the sky
Tiny wings blossoms, ladybird soars high.

Second Place in STRAND CHOICE W,any form,any theme Poetry Contest sponsored by Brian Strand

by Brian Strand |
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Soup and greens,beer and tea
buttlerfly young just love me,
aphid trap and liquid feed
ladybird heaven,yes indeed!
I love phosphate & nitrate soil
such versatility reduces toil,
my leaves quicken the compost
all this for free,at no cost!
Okay,okay,yes I sting
but for you its win,win,win!
Tribute to the utrica dioica 

by Seren Roberts |
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Fly away Ladybird - free verse contest

How about some free verse
That’s what Kim is asking for
Whatever my heart desires
What more could I ask, I know

Love maybe, so over subscribed
Nature is the same, hmm
How about the red ladybirds
In my garden they have  a home

Did you know that from 2 spots 
To 22 are on this little bug
Love to see them when in flight
When sent home with a shake

In my eyes she is a friend
Welcome whenever she likes
Making sure a silver birch
In the garden is kept just as she wants.

“Fly away ladybird
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire 
 your children are none”

Penned  28 May 2013

by Faiz Ali |
Categories: animals, funny, nature

Bamboo Parade

Hey ladybird dancing through my bamboo tree
           Come out and play with me
                     Feel the comfort of my hand 
                            Parade your beauty freely and understand
                                    As one creation to another joined by love
                                             No! Dont go
                                                    Oh why did I bother?