Love Poem: Fly away Ladybird - free verse contest
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Written by: Seren Roberts

Fly away Ladybird - free verse contest

How about some free verse
That’s what Kim is asking for
Whatever my heart desires
What more could I ask, I know

Love maybe, so over subscribed
Nature is the same, hmm
How about the red ladybirds
In my garden they have  a home

Did you know that from 2 spots 
To 22 are on this little bug
Love to see them when in flight
When sent home with a shake

In my eyes she is a friend
Welcome whenever she likes
Making sure a silver birch
In the garden is kept just as she wants.

“Fly away ladybird
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire 
 your children are none”

Penned  28 May 2013