Love Poems About Kingfisher or Kingfisher Love Poems
by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: art, beauty, growth, peace, strength, symbolism,

Glass art

Frozen to perfect, stiff, fixed and fast, 
Forever replicating exact,
Transparent colours of love and beauty, 
Forever being abstract,

She’s a water kingfisher, with a purple song box, 
Or ocean wave smashing to shore,
Forever being a shimmering dog, 
Or a magnificently powerful horse,

She can be hard and solid, reliably strong, 
Unflinching to hurt, rage or pain,
Or she can be a delicate fragile of perilously weak, 
Carrying your toast of champagne,

She’s our beautiful glass, our goblet of glaze, 
Our sculptured trichromatic quartzite,
She’s everything beautiful wrapped into one, 
Illuminating a rainbow of light.

by Wendy Watson |
Categories: blue, color, encouraging, nature,

A touch of the blues

A brooding mood seeks to engulf my soul
But on the cusp of conquest,
Is deflected by memories of nature’s rarest hue...
The sudden glimpse of stunning sapphire in a field of flaxen corn
And soothing balm of lavender’s luxurious scent.
Dragonfly and Kingfisher in burst of aqua flight
Darting across the stunned palette of serene summer skies
And azure mirrors of the soul echoing my love.

...Sorrow surrenders.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: death, father, loss, sad, sympathy, love,

Gone Fishin'

Tales from the riverbank deftly spun 
  in kingfisher shades and daybreak red, 
they whisper of the beloved one 
  in the babbling current watershed. 
Their prayers and praise solidify 
  in heads that knew humanity, 
the love and strength will never die 
  in safely harboured memory. 
He would always hunt the holy grail 
  of family virtue and esteem, 
and love he captured to avail, 
  integral to his reverent dream. 
No more he breathes this blessed air, 
  yet bides with knowing that one day, 
all those he loved will join him there: 
   gone fishin' somewhere down the way...