Love Poems About Iguana or Iguana Love Poems
by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: animal, pets,

Coming Out of the Cage

I have a confession to make
My lizard and I are deeply in love
but she thinks I’m cheating on her
and often puts a tail on me

I’m wrapped up in another quandary
My python has a crush on me
and wants me to be her squeeze
It’s a slippery slope I’m slithering down

To be honest, she DOES take my breath away
but if my lizard lover hears of this tawdry tail
she Iguana be awful jealous, but frankly speaking
I think she needs to scale down her expectations 

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,


Sitting on the hill,
nestled against the moon,
talking to stars.

You love a woodpecker.
What a stupid thing.
A panther dies of thirst.

A tall fern unfurls
the frond, to catch
a crested iguana.

In deep blue water
seventeen summers 
drowned, in one go.

A sapsucker goes
on, making holes,
in my psyche.

A tree will wait
for the summer to end.
Then it will tow the rain.

Satish Verma

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: scary,

The Current Iguana

How good was it with Barack Obama Great prez, so sad to say adieu, oh momma What a charmer Much love he garnered Comparisons are glaring with the current iguana