Love Poems About Houses or Houses Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: evil,


Monsters live in houses, like you and I.
They eat and sleep and go to work each day.
They laugh and they feel pain.  Perhaps they cry!
But they have different games they like to play

They need to have control. Therefore, most seek
a victim who is young or not so strong.
They think they are almighty, but their mind is weak.
Depraved, they pay no heed to right or wrong.

They may seem crude, but some of them are slick.
The ones with brains play too well at their game.
All monsters love what normal folks find sick.
They brutalize and rape, and feel no shame.

Beware! One could be living on your street
or be that charming guy you’ve chanced to meet!

by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: mothers day,

Grandpa Was a Carpenter

Grandpa was a carpenter
With his saw and hammer and plane,
He built houses and a church and furniture
So many knew his craftsman name, and then

And then he had to slow down,
No Social Security or pension had he,
But not one to ever give up,
He built flats for flowers from seed.

Lowly little pansies caught his love,
He planted his own flats ‘til faces would show,
With the peaches from his backyard trees;
This carpenter man sold all he would need.

His hands were rough, his eyes held a twinkle;
His hugs were so tight, my dress had a wrinkle;
I’ll always remember my Scotchman grandpa;
He gave me my dear mother, after all.

by John Watt |
Categories: first love, loss, lost love, love hurts, sad,

Two-Edged Swords

I write of two-edged swords (that tired clichè)
as though this modern boy knew hilt from blade;
as if I had been taught of true swordplay,
not learned from movies Errol Flynn had made.
But plainly put, things work more than one way:
the lake that offers joy can also drown,
the sun that melts the wax can harden clay, 
the fire that heats the meal burns houses down.
A hammer is adept at building things, 
though hammer's claw might tear the same apart.
The kiss that first gave freedom to love's wings,
when given to another, broke my heart.
Two-edged clichès may give the reader pause - 
I know firsthand the damage they can cause. 

written 30 Apr 2022

by Dalton Ogletree |
Categories: creation, imagination, perspective, poetry, rap, word play, writing,



More houses
More boundless

More guns
More funds

More drugs
More plugs

More liquor
More, get the picture?

More logic
More and more profit

More of that
More A.S.A.P.

More gas
More cash

More in my glass
More before I pass

More wax
More racks

More in my cup
More of that stuff

More tabs
More dabs

More jars
More cars
More bars

More decks of cards
More yards

More of living large
More of taking charge

More paths being carved
More firearms

More tools
More jewels

More shoes
More booze

More clothes
More homes

More love
More of all of the above

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: tree,

Thoughts of a Calabash Tree

I was loving the sun, 
Not consciously doing anything
My gourds hanging sweetly,
Too big to move much
Dancing with internal mirth 
Because I was being picked today
It is always a relief to a calabash 
When the pickers arrive
I heard laughter and stood a bit taller
Glad I could see farther than bushes
But no one showed, so I knew 
It was not the pickers.
I sat back and enjoyed the
love of the sun a little longer,
excited the gourds would be going to new homes
today, knowing they would love
being bird houses and decorations
Feeling sad for the ones who
would be turned into tobacco pipes
They are all my children, 
I want them all to
breathe and enjoy
the sun...

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, fairy,

I Am Pretty Confident Until

Some people like keeping up with the Joneses
I do not know any Joneses who could keep up with me
So I have elected to keep up with the gnomes
How absurdly difficult could that task be?

I like wearing leggings, and I have no height
I love gardens, faerie houses,and toadstools you see.
I am pretty confident I can keep up until FFFT!
They begin rapidly disappearing in front of me.

I scrunch up my face, and concentrate ridiculously hard.
What about keeping up with faeries?  Fairies begin to giggle.
I have not giggled in a long long time, annoying my own petard.
How about a dragon fly, I think as I begin my wing-trying-out wiggle.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: art, color, fun, identity, imagination, tribute, uplifting,


C olorful vibrant sparkling and joyful
A ccomplished artist and poet
R acy imagination to spare
E mbraces life with gusto
N aughty and nice a friend to all

K een advocate of the sisterhood 
R aising the bar of exuberance
U topia the goal within reach
T enaciously bubbly every day 
S tudio bursting with passion
I nstincts to assist the weak and lonely
N egative vibes abruptly challenged
G argantuan heart houses love for all
E pic is the legacy she leaves behind 
R ows of children whose lives she touched

AP: 1st place 2020

Posted on September 5, 2020

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: fire,

Pray For Australia

Houses built with love and thought gone in seconds.  Poof!
Koalas who have lived in a territory for generations running
to gulp air
to find water
but alas many die any way

Trees gone. Grass blackened. Earth crying. Australia disappearing.
Hopelessness felt around the world, as we watch the inferno 
Taking lives
Taking homes
Taking safety and freedom

Kangaroos and koalas falling by the thousands never to get up
Destruction devouring Australia
Destruction of houses
Destruction of millions of animals
Devastating destruction

Everything disappearing in an apocalyptic inferno.
Climate change nightmare
Climate change reality
Pray for Australia

by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: god, happiness, joy, money, peace,

If I Were a Millionaire

If I were a millionaire…
I could not buy love…nor freedom…
Nor health and happiness…
Nor a good reputation.

I could not buy hope…nor citizenship…
Nor friends, real friends, that is…
Neither time, nor youth’s anticipation.

I could buy cars and houses,
and diamond rings, fine clothes, and vacations,
and travel and other “things.”

But...none of these ”things”
Can bring Joy or Peace of Mind.
They  cannot be bought with gold.
It is only through God…
That life’s greatest treasures we find.

Word count-85

by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: dog, dog, dog, love,

The Dog's Life

Some people say dogs are complicated
others will say we have mistreated them
some humans make dogs very frustrated
rarely are dog houses clean as a gem

man and dog have lived together for years
they’re not just men’s best friends they’re women’s too
and some owners and their dogs shared some beers
no one should think of doghouse as a zoo

as an infant a dog was always there
maybe that’s why I respect them today
I believe most dogs should be treated fair
some humans are abusive it's no play

dogs are just like children they want love too
pet them and love them and a bone to chew

by Cona Adams |
Categories: appreciation, husband,

Banana Bread For Breakfast

He mows the lawn,
	doesn't every man?
He mops the kitchen,
	a gift of great value.
He shells pecans,
	saves the pith for me.

He roasts peanuts;
	we love peanuts!
He plants blackberries,
	brings them in a bucket.
He builds bird houses,
	cooks his own suet cakes.

He picks wildflowers,
	shows me where they grow.
He makes up our bed,
	most every day.
He bakes banana bread,
	serves it warm, with coffee.

You will notice, I sometimes
	wear a Cheshire grin.

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: imagination, longing, poetry, romantic, woman,

Be Mine, O Fairest Juliet

Wherefore gazest thee from yon balcony,
     O fairest Juliet? Searchest thou for one
     that loveth thee 'neath heaven's brazen sun, 
that son of Montague—'tis felony!?
Thou lovest him? Ah! but loveth he thee?
     'Ere long thy love for him wilt be undone
     by poison and—alas!—thou wilt be gone
and we shalt grieve—both Houses!—yea, all we
and Montague! I beg of thee—instead
     be mine? For I'm thy kinsman, Capulet!
Be mine! And like that Romeo fore-said,
     I'll worship thee as divine; and forget
that thy wayward heart near left me for dead
     whilst thou eloped with him, mine Juliet.

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: happiness, love,

Home Sweet Home

Houses aren't homes unless they are full
of love in tremendous amount.
Mothers are usually the heart of the home
expressing their love extravagantly.

Such homes are not easily forgotten,
when the time comes to make your own home.
Each child takes his or her happy memories 
easily along wherever the trail leads.
Traveling is easy with love and happiness.

How lucky I, that my childhood home
of love and contentment had plenty.
My mother and father had no trouble at all
expressing love to my siblings and me.

Written:  February 1, 2016

by Chaim Wilson |
Categories: city, community, culture, music,


The bustle and tune of city,
Is composed by the Architects.
Eyes upward, not staring at feet,
Take in cornices, gargoyles and chimneys,
Building high notes reaching down - lifting up.
Harmonies are hummed by neighborhoods of,
Next-door musicians with whom to shoot-breeze.
Rhythm’s source is traffic of crowds,
A quarter rest on the park bench,
Crescendos in fountains and skylines,
Chords lie in store as markets implore,
Side trip timing from Clef library-museums,
Playgrounds emanate the jazz of joy,
In stadiums you hear Souza marches,
Love songs played in coffee houses,
Where I’m drinking cappuccino,
As my eyes listen and ears observe.

(c) Chaim Wilson

by Karma Dorji |
Categories: anxiety,

Vale of Tears

Souls in fear of uncertain but rampant chaos, 
Where the cities bombed and thousands slayed, 
Houses broken and the valuable coffers emptied, 
Innocents trafficked and the felony at rise, 
Commoners conned and the power misused- 
The Almighty! Where is the peace you promised? 
For love debasing and wars right at the door,
Infected minds with greed and hatred at dispersal, 
Altruism waning and egoism the victorious devil, 
Compassion at stake and bliss only a wistful wish, 
But antipathy even amongst the esteemed bloods, 
Soulless and callous, havens blemished with vices
And enmity on the rise as the blazing fire- 
God! Where is the peace prayed for everyday?  

by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: hope, metaphor, philosophy, urdu,


As houses shake people think of red, when comes thunder.
Safely in our rooms, on our warm beds, then comes thunder.

Will you sacrifice yourself for those that you love like
In those romantic stories you've read, when comes thunder?

Even the most sturdy of men will feel like brittle
Glass and sense vast approaching dread, when comes thunder.

Women will lite slender candles to illuminate
Their tattered bibles, their daily bread, when comes thunder.

As I write this I hear something familiar yet strange,
"You are not alone, Timothy" said the loud thunder.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, baptism, beautiful, beauty, butterfly, love, magic,

Adoring Regal

Floating on a clouded breath held deep space 
far beyond where the frozen whispers lay silent guest

Sparkling beyond words timeless rainbows of mercy 
radiating light houses golden warm echoes through the caves 
captured by the gentleness crowning beauty forever a gift 

Whitewashed angel surfacing within ocean reflections bouncing back 
upon the butterflies wings landing Heaven's choir sings out crystal cut

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: angst, loneliness, mystery, night, pain, philosophy,

I Walk Alone - 1 Year Remake

Here as I wander
Down the empty path of life
I desire all that I can not have
I desire nothing at all

Here as I wander
I peer into houses I pass
You are all by the fireplace
Warmed by the comfort of those you love

Here as I wander
Down empty streets
I am bitten by the cold of night
I walk alone, a graveyard off in the distance

The raven circles
A full moon exposed between the clouded mists
I am enticed by the eerily silence of death
I now walk with vigor, I see where I belong

I kiss the earth of my new home
Now I may finally repose
Torments freed, savor the black rose
I lie upon the cold slab

I rest in peace

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
Categories: faithautumn, thanksgiving,

The Miracles of Thanksgiving

A day of autumn beauty,
Beautiful in every way,
Canada is a land blessed,
Dance of the leaves, when the wind blows,
Each person thankful for Thanksgiving reunions,
Free to celebrate and be together,
Goodness given to us by the Lord,
Houses and apartments warmed and comfortable,
I like being there, at home,
Jay the beautiful bluebird that sits in the pine tree,
Kindness everywhere, a land to be proud,
Love and friendship prevails with every good neighbor,
Miracle, God's blessing,
New faith and days of worship at church,
October days and nights, the fading of summer,
Parents and children gather for Thansgiving at church and house.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: america, environment, freedom,

No One Wants To Be Green

No one wants to be Green

Chrisstmas is about greed
makes sense in a way
even makes dollars
the environment
means someone else has to pay
no sacrifice's for me
save the planet
without my two houses and SUV
not to mention my cool Humve
I have rights
to consume and consume
I love electronics
and the video thingy called Zoom
I get to rant
over and over
stop using those plastic bags
while my jet flies me the world over

by Edward Johnson |
Categories: 9th grade, africa, bible, black african american, black love, children, jesus,

Still a Slave Dad

The slave master is still taking care of your children 
He still houses (Section 8) them
He still feeds (Food Stamp) them
He still has health care (Medicaid) for them
He still educates (Affirmative Action) them
He still robs (Cheap Labor) them  
He still kills (Police Brutality) them

When are going to take care of your own children
Slave Dad

by Zakhe Michael Mcunu |
Categories: appreciation, baptism, courage, dedication, farewell, god, goodbye,

I Go

I go where love is the key
I go where only hope seize
Let me go to the eternity
Where I will see splendid beauty
The beauty of stars and angels
Where the flowers blossom like in summer

There in the fallen misty mountains
There i shall see the great plains of Africa
And little houses looking like ants colonies
I go where all turmoil shall vanish
This is the home of all the kings of ancient times

Come with me so our names shall be remembered
Follow me to the bliss of pagan souls
Come hear how they are chanting your name
Hear the captain at the end of the bridge

by Damon Robert |
Categories: city, community, conflict, confusion, heartbroken, nonsense, visionary,


New Orleans

Is it a fish-tank of disgust?
better left to hold water 
than you and us
Should the walls stay down below the line
let bodies fester 
rampant crime?
Cross on corral houses those who remain
trapped in their own shelter
left to die in vain?
Or will the walls be squeegeed clean
for all the world to love
trouble is rising from the ashes aint easy
especially for the big eazzyy
he who is helped
must plaster on a greazzzy 
clown mask

by Carl Mckever |
Categories: education, faith, family, children, friendship, funny, thank you, love,

Best Friends Forever

You are my best friend,
Until the very end.
We acted liked cake and ice cream,
So thick and so thin.
In Autumn, we played together,
Until the leaves off the tree began to decay.
We also keep in touch. And our houses weren't far away.
We both went to same school and classes,
But our love for our classmates never lasted.
No one can come between you and me. 
Because we are friends until infinity.
Nothing can separate me from your love you showed.
Now, that you aren't here,
There are debts that I must owe. 
Just wish that the good times were still here,
And we can still laugh and spread some cheer

by Ellen Fahey |
Categories: love, motherlove,

Home Is Where My Heart Is

~    ~    ~    ~    ~  

Our houses may be far apart,

But, our love will never be.

We are always close in heart,

My home ~ my mother and me.

  ~    ~    ~    ~    ~
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
I love you!