Love Poem: I Am Pretty Confident Until
Caren Krutsinger Avatar
Written by: Caren Krutsinger

I Am Pretty Confident Until

Some people like keeping up with the Joneses
I do not know any Joneses who could keep up with me
So I have elected to keep up with the gnomes
How absurdly difficult could that task be?

I like wearing leggings, and I have no height
I love gardens, faerie houses,and toadstools you see.
I am pretty confident I can keep up until FFFT!
They begin rapidly disappearing in front of me.

I scrunch up my face, and concentrate ridiculously hard.
What about keeping up with faeries?  Fairies begin to giggle.
I have not giggled in a long long time, annoying my own petard.
How about a dragon fly, I think as I begin my wing-trying-out wiggle.