Love Poems About Hotness or Hotness Love Poems
by Katherine Braithwaite |
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You so love me

In the sudden hotness of the day
The bench beside the roses seemed set right.
We sat and talked about the flowers so gay,
and whether Love is visible to sight,

The flowers seemed more beautiful and rare
Than any flower I've dared my eyes rest on.
I welcomed them with bold yet merry stare.
Ah,all too soon bright summer will be gone.

The sun was at the apex of the sky.
We caught the moment like a netted fish.
And as we looked the broad white clouds blew by.
All we can do is wish and wish and wish,

Now back to dishes,socks and "what's for tea?"
I live so well because you so love me.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love,

Her Grandiose Sparkle

My hair stands on end with her around me Her hands surround all my entire body This leads me down the path of stunning blue A path that leads to a delightful hue Complete opulent feel made from this lace On all pieces of me throughout our space She livens my heart just by her kindness She brings special hotness with her likeness Right to me was her grandiose sparkle To that end there’s her sexy pink ankle Love can entertain our supreme insight Our hearts live mightily with pure delight Russell Sivey

by robin davis |
Categories: desire, love, passion, sexy,

A Shower Of Dirtiness

Getting clean in a hot shower
Gives you a smell like a flower
Pretty and fragrant like a a rose
From your head down to your toes
But when you are really flirty
I don't feel clean--just dirty
Steaming up the glass door
Clothes are scattered on the floor
Soaping up its slippery
Falling for your trickery
To join you in this fun game
This hot waters like a flame
Pulsating on us strong and steady
Until we both are ready
To get warm and really cozy
Under blankets--cheeks so rosy
From the hotness we just shared
Not one ounce of love was spared
As we got dirty in the action
Leading to desired passion

by Andrew Mwalasha |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, kiss, love, relationship, romance, romantic,


Crystal clear pure rain drops,
elegantly on foreheads splashed,
diamonds embedded in your eyes,
honey viscously dripping off your lips.

Molten gold, beneath your skin,
your hotness won't allow it solidify,
deep in your eyes, a different galaxy,
an alien force draws me closer to you.

Clouds are crying, moon's jealous,
stars grow playful shooting the skies,
alien ships crushing before us tonight,
night drops dead silent, our lips interlock!

by Ediruma Edward Eric |
Categories: i love you, i miss you, mom, mum, thank you, thanks,

Was then, Now and Always

so rigid at times, 
makes me empty at times 
all I say why not then 
but she cuts west and south 
I attention her daily 
mighty is her flaming warmth 
sweet in its hotness 
a red lettered season! 
that rewinds her smooth tunes 
In my palace she dwells 
even when am lost in paradise... 
she calls me son still!

by chinmayee sree bala |
Categories: addiction, deep, emotions,

the crave

We met in the chaos of our thoughts,
We decided to heal each other and get peace.
But alas! I couldn't recognize that you were a enemy dressed like magic.
It was too late by the time I realized,
You swore to destroy me.
I gave myself to were a dream I dreamt but I lost the deadly ending.
You were a disaster who ripped my heart away in a blink of a second 
And left me worst than you found!
Even though you were a wave of hotness it gave shivers to me from inside!
When u left I craved for nothing but you my love!

by Anulaxmi Nayak |
Categories: art, beauty,


In the wetness of the rain
With speed of a bullet- train
Love gushed out in your name...

In the softness of feathery cushion
cuddle n' curl, rock n' roll on n' on
A rhapsodical vibration!

In the hotness of the flame
Episode of passionate game
Set our souls n' hearts aflame!

Like cosy dolphins in deep-blue ocean
Delved we into a mystic sensation
Magical feel of an illusion!

I can now decipher the tune of Lark
And smile to a fairy in the cinnamon park
Stark voyage to an all-new world,  bidding
                                        adieu to dull n' dark !! 

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Emotional outbursts

the feather touch of air breeze
arouses my feelings,
em on you
as we are not two. 

lips of yours kissing mine
touching my soul so deep
making it to freeze
and the hotness of body,
like molten lava
erupting love and making me desprate ..
Lust and love , at a moment becomes one 
cnt see in her eyes,
full of thirst and urge 
an emotional outbursts 

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: art, home,

What is a day

What is a day 

Time to make time for love 
Long sip of water pass from 
My troart weather of heat hotness 
of your thought bring 
The light of land cry for deep feelings 
for the Mercy to make memories
 in the shower of blessed beauty 
beyond the wind passed threw the 
window of your house what is a day 
that I am getting the aroma of your 
charm sense to spend the  heated 
blood from my heart 
What is a day which Make me special 
when you smile on my 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri