Love Poem: Voyage In the Sea of Love
Anu Nayak Avatar
Written by: Anu Nayak

Voyage In the Sea of Love

In the wetness of the rain
With speed of a bullet- train
Love gushed out in your name...

In the softness of feathery cushion
cuddle n' curl, rock n' roll on n' on
A rhapsodical vibration!

In the hotness of the flame
Episode of passionate game
Set our souls n' hearts aflame!

Like cosy dolphins in deep-blue ocean
Delved we into a mystic sensation
Magical feel of an illusion!

I can now decipher the tune of Lark
And smile to a fairy in the cinnamon park
Stark voyage to an all-new world,  bidding
                                        adieu to dull n' dark !!