Love Poems About Hostile or Hostile Love Poems
by Caren Krutsinger |
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My Daddy Died a Hero Death

My legion whom I doth love well
Our future battle might be hell.
Fierce hostile enemy our foe
We’ll not fill our hearts full of woe.
Let’s not stumble, falter or sigh.
When we hear the Scott’s battle cry.
Let’s uplift each other with grace.
Show we are here to win the race.
Whatever happens on this day,
You want your sons to always say,
My daddy died a hero’s death.
Insanely brave ‘til his last breath.
Now please know what you always knew.
Forever I’ll be proud of you.

Written 9-9-2020
Warrior Sonnet Poetry Contest 
Sponsor: John Lawless

by Justin Bordner |
Categories: gothic, heart, nature, women, endurance,

She Is Gospel

When a woman is just a woman 
the world waits not for her wishes and woes
It seeks to rape the rose of her youth and ravage her assertive reason,
she must become more than mortal meat, she must rise to where hot spirit flows
accelerating the bloodletting of her zen into a hostile zeitgist, she makes endurance a weapon,
the gestation of her gestalt confronting the civil and savage alike, sharp beauty is all she knows
becoming a love hunter with no remorse, womb driven, wasting no color of season,
learning to weep over the bones of bastards, to scream through shadows,
reaping light from simple eyes, heart uncommon
Eve believes God as she grows -


by Diana Rosser |
Categories: love,

For You

You are my love, my Garden of Eden,
my safe harbour in life’s hostile tempest.
The place I fold into when all things else
have left me raging and almost beaten.
When desolate clouds have choked all reason
and dark grim despair beguiled comforts rest,
where even natures hand remains unblessed,
there you abide through every season
an anomalous beam in sightless mist. 
Though ripeness has stolen youth’s bright lustre 
you smell as sweet as those first teenage days.
Summer meadows still lie within your kiss
and bound within the curve of you, laughter
still exists amidst dreams and loves warm gaze.

by Sarah Stainbank |
Categories: feelings

In Love Alone

When my thoughts are at its 
And all cease so that i may be in 
I am forever filled yet because there 
is someone in my heart
Someone who offers a wicked love
So wicked, i wonder what, when or 
With whispers and whimpers, this 
love is wicked but humble
It leaves me hungrily happy but 
hostile in harmony. 
Confusion is contrasting in my 
minds confidement with my heart
At last,trust in agreement
At peace
And lastly my minds sends sweet 
symphonies of singing so subtle that 
this can only be called one thing : 
Lonely love

by Dan Keir |
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Flat Canvas

Flat canvas;

Bubbling brown ridges strike 
The confining dimensions in a hostile yawn: 
Upwards, Outwards.

Walk the world no longer, an ending beckons, 
A precipice builds moments where swallows wager wings 
On new seed: New breeds.
Falling buys the assurance of seconds
From a sinking well. 
Oh well.

Remember us when the globe begins to slip,
Bang drums for our pity:
Our crescendos mean less than meaningless.
And then, when spheres crack, continue 
On the whorl of a thumb, 
Stretching hope to nothing.

by Jenish Somadas |
Categories: anger, confusion, hate, life, lost,

Acid Tears

Under the passing smile he nourished his monstrous collusion
Plunder the face, while my shattered mirror fallen in confusion
Hunter shammed in the veil of love, pursued the pleasure of delusion
Thunder struck into a litter pile, driven me to a life in seclusion
Wonder how the hostile acid, deformed my face into exclusion
Sunder my life into an isle, the immense vacuity of illusion.

Third Place in Triple Rhyme Poetry Contest sponsored by Beth Evans

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: child, faith, family, child,

More Than Meets the Eye

Don't blame the bearer of bad news -
A gun doesn't kill by itself or a knife,
Nor a violent video game or hostile views;
An evil act is but wrought by a mind's strife.

When you nurture a seedling or stunt its growth,
You can foretell it'll be a vine or an oak tree,
So is with the mind of a child as he grows forth -
Will he be hateful or inherit his life stress-free.

There are spiritual laws that govern with
the same certainty as the physical laws;
Faith, trust in God, and love are not ancient myth
But values that shape the character sans flaws.

Like putty, wax, dough or a lump of clay,
Mold the child right lest another soul he slay!

by Oleg Borisov |
Categories: lost love


There are two similar snowflakes,
they`re dancing in the frosty air.
And childish joy them merry makes
in such a menacing and hostile era. 

Persecuted flocks the wind severe 
then will sweep impassively aside.
On the sly those naughty disappear, 
rest will come soon in the clear sky.

by Sidney Beck |
Categories: love,

The Risks of Love


It was a hostile land in those days, singing
Of our dream of a house, clinging 
To something we could believe in,
Rooted in the soft rocks so that even
The breath of the earth itself was muffled.
Precarious, tenacious, cliff-edged  -
Dwelling there for three score years of nights
And never a pause taking from its delights;
Never choosing to deny the thrill of waking,
Or surrendering our siren-held souls, or shaking
Off our thraldom.  'Twas the perfect foil
To the ever-present harshness and soil
Of the reality on solid ground.

by Andi Abderrahmane |
Categories: lovelove,


Into the jungle, the realm of all hazards
With love and a tucked-spear armed
The infatuated sphingid his way bravely wended
Heedless, the  hostile beasts all around scuppered.

In shady corners their merciless fangs sharpening
The sphinx moth the orchid’s love shielding
All perils boldly daring, all around hovering
His sweetheart frenziedly for eons seeking

Never flinching, never faltering nor huddling
Breezes he rode whilst his love whetting
His sweet maiden’s scent to his senses wafting
His wing beats to her fabled nectar guiding.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: angst,


Paradoxical man:
Seeks peace 
In vain things

Exploits others
For personal gain;
Calls it progress

Fights change,
Loves the status quo;
Makes excuse for war

Wants fair play
Mistreats others;
Chains of free enterprise

Uses lofty terms
Love and compassion;
Hostile takeover

Wars kill people
Both sides slaughtered;
Peaceful cemeteries

We say we want peace
But we prepare for war;
Small wonder then

So much chaos
Ego blood shed;
Peace in the afterlife

Violence seeds
Yet more violence;
All are guilty

Leon Enriquez
05 August 2014

by Janetta Harrington |
Categories: childhood, health, introspection, lost love, love, nostalgiaold, old,

Vacant Days

vacant days of big fat cats
little old ladies with big
white hats

summer naps followed
by soft summer nights
turning into silver
dreams of.....

conjured up lovers
and riding machines

pasting in books of

innocent looking guys
with high flying schemes

brothers tender then 
hostile;  old loves gone

waiting for a ring
by a small black phone

by Biplab Mahadani |
Categories: dedication, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, loss, lost love, loveme, nice, me, nice,

Swift Wind

The nice swift wind,blows across my face
hitting me cold,in the life's bitter race.

The streets are lonely and lone I'm walking,
in the cold hostile air,hardly I'm smiling.

Searching for the one who held my hands
to make me feel warm like the magic wands

Still moving alone in the path of life 
feeling the pain through the edge of knife

Still wishing to go back in time to childhood
playing on streets like those in the neighborhood 

far better than moving alone searching for the one
who comforts me just like the morning sun

The nice swift wind ,seems romantic no longer
neither the cool breeze feels like the earlier.

by Nate Wallenmeyer |
Categories: art, courage, emotions, happy, life, loneliness, visionary,


Hard Strife
Stay alive
Need of advice
To survive this night
Born in this world of crime.
Fear, obstacle of progress
Adhere and surpass digression
I took every chance not to question
“The lesson,’ said Death, ‘Is knowledge, with use” 
The knowledgeable fear application
Those who aren't fearful are dull-witted 
This may seem like hostile intent            
To comprehend the simple.
I took Death’s advice 
Changed lives and mine 
True to this.

by Serge Lyrewing |
Categories: emotions, feelings, happy, love, places, romantic,

As Helga Gives Me Frail Peace

As Helga gives me frail peace
At ancient walls of Thunder tower
I want to touch her hand, I miss
this warmth. I won’t release my power.
Flirtation’s nothing for my soul
It is detestable, forbidding; 
It needs just flesh it makes me fall
It darkens our bashful meeting.
It’s hostile for the heart of mine,
For moment of this sweetest feeling,
I ask myself; I don’t know why
She makes me happy willy-nilly.

by Momon Touthang |
Categories: 12th grade, anger, angst, care, depression, satire, women,

To a Spinster

Let me emphasize why they criticise :
Such boundless lassitude, lover hater. 
Paltry commitments get one scrutinized. 
On a questioning spree with that hipster. 
That hostile face, in joy or in sorrow. 
Merry miser, buy compliments as much
O! Pitiful spinster, don't you borrow. 
Nagging like a meemaw, fretful as such. 
Why would you write a self panegyric? 
The entire world calls you a cynic. 
Hope, love and pain, The Holy Trinity
Might help you get back your gone sanity. 
Ponder upon the things you were given, 
Shed evils away and welcome Heaven.

by Stefan Maxima |
Categories: i love you, poetess, poetry, poets, romance,

Long Like the Rainbow

While a sad poem
Pours down the trees tops
And the moonlight caresses them,
My miserable life’s path
Slowly comes to an end.

Surrounded by silence
And deadly darkness like the toll
Nothing but profound sorrow
Felt only by the lonely ones
Long like the rainbow…
Oh, how much its black tone hurts

Dreams in the hand
Are nothing but a blank paper
Washed out by hostile rains
I have no one in this world
In me, sorrow and nothing more.

A bitter cold night…
On the lake of dreams
It writes this poem in tears
Once the joy embraced the darkness
And now it’s gone

by Karen Croft |
Categories: power,

When One Partner Becomes Disabled

your kiss burns my lips
it's hostile force against my flesh
sends daggers edging down my spine

this love that you call passion 
is pure poison
in my blood

our romantic bliss
has taken a wrong turn
your out for yourself
to fill that need

while i'm confined to this bed
my minds's lost and distorted
your just keep on taking
and i try to keep remembering

it's not concentual
when you force yourself upon me
it's called rape

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Voices in my head
Fashion fears I dread

Too many regrets
Guilty pleasures fret

Uncertainty hurls
Crash of hostile swirls

Fear feeds silly hate
Ideals bleed too late

Here with swift frenzy
Curb thought forms crazy

Blurring drama flush
Sudden instincts gush

Spicy and hot taste
Savoury plots haste

Voices now dig deep
Faces that still weep

Question how love fares
Indiscrete such cares

Leon Enriquez
30 November 2014

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: anti bullying, happiness, love,

Why Trauma Bond

Loud, uncouth, unkempt taunting barbs don’t tempt hostile reaction, as echoed action. Trust us, we’re not fond to thus trauma bond with feral instinct, that’s not quite love inked. Needless use of force but leads to divorce, for in our journey, soul seeks harmony. Pristine morning dew bids the sun adieu, yielding to convey, love’s the only way. 23-August-2022

by David Sermersheim |
Categories: love,

Let Us Go

let us go
you and I 
to where the
water meets the sky
and be one again
before all is done
and winter’s dim dark chill 
draws down hard and fast
and we cower
from each sullen blast
of rancor hurled
in hostile fling
against what endures
through tentative hour
while waning dreams
fade faster than
feeble ambition
can sustain
abiding the angular course
to quiet realms
of solemn darkness
in peace

by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: desire, symbolism,


( A Pleiades )

Born with perfect bliss in
Barren island of hate
Bloom love in hostile hearts
Be my only desire
Beginning the process
Blessings may help me out
Bleak souls need warmth to bloom

Contest : Pleiades
Sponsor : Kim Merryman

by Tracie Griffin |
Categories: life, love,

Questions of a Silent Soul

The questions of a silent soul 
would be enough to burn a giant hole 
through the windy palaces of the frozen lands 
and the hostile dunes of the sifting sands 

They would seek the answers that no one would 
disregarding the common should and could 
the senseless syntax would not mind 
for none shall hold that could not bind 

The heart would answer, try as it might 
to give the soul the endless sight 
to help it understand wrong from right 
giving daylight to the dismal night 

The questions of a silent soul 
would have no purpose and no goal 
and yet it would falter not at all 
to query everything big and small...

by Krissy Ward |
Categories: confusion, introspection, love, mystery, sad, lost, lost, love, me,

On Love

I think I've lost my mind
Looking so hard for answers
But love is all I find
Breaking hearts left and right
Without a moment's hesitation
Always ready to start a fight
Feeling hostile for no reason
Hating love and loving hate
Growing colder every season
Pushing those that I love
Taking for granted even
The greatest gift from above
Have I really lost my mind?
As life moves on and on
Have I been left behind?
Chaos gave me peace at last
And danger brought me comfort
Everything is happening so fast
Flash before my eyes 
Answers to all my questions
Love brings only tears and lies

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: faith, hope, life, love, war,

Let Me Say, Thank You

Let me say "Thank You", to our troops everywhere,
for without their sacrifice, freedom could not be shared.
All the sleepless nights, they have to endure,
must be so miserable, I am sure.
Miles from their homeland, they are stationed tonight,
without a goodnight kiss, or holding loved ones so tight.
Never a complaint from these soldiers we love,
just their trust in our Lord, protecting from above.
Hostile ground is where they are making a change,
and they do it from their hearts, not for fame.
Yes, they are our soldiers, our finest so brave,
dedicated to bring Peace, Praying, a difference is made.