Love Poem: To a Spinster
Momon Touthang Avatar
Written by: Momon Touthang

To a Spinster

Let me emphasize why they criticise :
Such boundless lassitude, lover hater. 
Paltry commitments get one scrutinized. 
On a questioning spree with that hipster. 
That hostile face, in joy or in sorrow. 
Merry miser, buy compliments as much
O! Pitiful spinster, don't you borrow. 
Nagging like a meemaw, fretful as such. 
Why would you write a self panegyric? 
The entire world calls you a cynic. 
Hope, love and pain, The Holy Trinity
Might help you get back your gone sanity. 
Ponder upon the things you were given, 
Shed evils away and welcome Heaven.