Love Poems About Hosen or Hosen Love Poems
by Bernard F. Asuncion |
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Master Plan Of Salvation

M-aster plan of salvation
H-as to bring all creation together; 
I-n heaven and on earth
N-ew day is shining

P-art of God's overall plan
R-eminds you when Christ was dead; 
O-ne true fold you ought to know, 
C-hosen ones whom the Lord is
Y-our head.

V-ery good plan of God
I-s to save you from His wrath; 
L-et His greatest love
L-ead you to the right path.
A-bound in your hope, 
F-aith and love in the Father; 
U-ntil the day of judgment, 
E-ternal life is for the believer.
R-ise of the sun has begun, 
T-enth May early dawn; 
E-ndorsing the true message, master plan of salvation.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Come Into The Flock

M-an needs to be saved, 
E-ach wants to live forever; 
L-ife eternal is promised, 
O-n the twentieth of September.
D-on't ignore the fold, enter the narrow gate; 
Y-es, obey the Lord's command, With love, hope, and faith.

C-hosen sheep of Christ
H-ave overcome any block; 
U-nder His stewardship
A-re those who come into the flock.

by Rosemarie Schrock |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, happiness, inspirational, life, love,


C- hosen ones
H- ave humble
U- nderstanding of the
R- essurection of
C- hrist Jesus, in
H- im we are saved!

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
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Look Forward To God's Reward

L-ook forward to God's reward, 
O-urs is a difficult journey; 
R-acing against the time
N-eeds the hand of the

G-od's reward we must behold, 
O-urs is a trial-fraught life; 
N-ever give up the battle, 
Z-ealously win over the strife.
A-im for the blissful abode, 
L-ook forward to God's reward; 
E-ighteenth morn in June, 
S-tand strong, be on guard.

O-n the way to heaven, 
C-hosen ones stay on track; 
H-ope, true faith and love
A-re things they don't lack.
V-isualize the holy city, life on earth is so hard; 
E-ternal glory is the prize, look forward to God's reward.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
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Chosen Child

C-hosen child of the Lord
H-as been born October twenty-second; 
L-ife given to her by God
O-ffers love without

R-emember the chosen child
O-n the day of her birth; 
S-ee her moves and smiles, 
Z-ealously feel the mirth.
E-agerly let the chosen child learn to stand and walk; 
L-et her know how to crawl while she is trying to talk.

D-o let the chosen child
U-se every opportunity; 
A-im to let her understand, 
R-ecognize and praise the Almighty.
T-ell her about the true faith, forming her to be meek and mild; 
E-arnestly teach and guide the Creator's chosen child. 

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Chosen Children Of God

C-hosen children of God
A-re found in the fold; 
R-ight path they tread on, 
M-aking sure they uphold.
E-lected as true servants, 
L-ife eternal they are promised; 
I-n the heavenly abode, 
T-he fortunate ones will
A-ll rest.

F-reed from the chain of darkness, 
U-nder the love of Christ; 
E-ven on sixteenth day of July, 
N-ever can lies blind their eyes.
T-hey're forgiven of their sin, 
E-ffected by the Lord's precious blood; 
S-alvation is indeed reserved for the chosen children of God.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Oath To Renew

N-ew year's oath to renew
I-s to complete the race; 
C-hosen life is truly bright, 
E-ternal God gives His grace.

G-reatest oath to renew
U-ses faith, hope, and love; 
R-ighteousness and counsel
A-re coming from God above.
N-ever turn a deaf ear, 
G-o listen to the words so true; 
O-n the twenty-ninth of December, rehearse your oath to renew.