Love Poem: Master Plan of Salvation

Master Plan of Salvation

M-aster plan of salvation
H-as to bring all creation together; 
I-n heaven and on earth
N-ew day is shining

P-art of God's overall plan
R-eminds you when Christ was dead; 
O-ne true fold you ought to know, 
C-hosen ones whom the Lord is
Y-our head.

V-ery good plan of God
I-s to save you from His wrath; 
L-et His greatest love
L-ead you to the right path.
A-bound in your hope, 
F-aith and love in the Father; 
U-ntil the day of judgment, 
E-ternal life is for the believer.
R-ise of the sun has begun, 
T-enth May early dawn; 
E-ndorsing the true message, master plan of salvation.