Love Poems About Hos or Hos Love Poems
by Miroslaw Eric Sulkowski |
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What is up with Santa

What is up with Santa?
I mean, I do not know;
Has fame gone up to his head?
Has he fallen off his sled?

Why can’t he get with the times?
Think of some new catchy lines?
Drop the Ho, Hos, lose some weight,
With no beard he’d look great!

If he wants not to be seen
Why it’s red, not khaki green?
Why not get some stealth tech deer
No one’d know, he’s far or near,

Say he followed all the trends,
Would our children love him then?
If he knocked or rang the bell
Like the man from DHL?

I guess it is our own biz
To keep him the way he is,
Priceless smiles and precious memories
Of young and much older babies...

by Lily Mayfield |
Categories: lost love, love,

Untitled NO 2

She is your one true love
At least that's what you said
Is this love now dead?
What lies was she fed?

Look straight into her eyes 
Do you see how she cries?
Kill herself? Yeah she tries
How do you feel about that?

Did you waste your time on her?
She thought your love was real
Her love, was that a nice steal
Hos you think you make her feel?

She see's you and has a smile
She does that every once in a while
When she does we put it on file
Please don't let your love be a lie

*Written on September 16, 2009