Love Poems About Horsemen or Horsemen Love Poems
by Elijah Manke |
Categories: bible, death, devotion, fate,


I sat in my lonely room.
Then I heard the noise of thunder.
There stood before me a man on a pale horse.

I immediately knew it was life’s doom.
My life was forfeited, for him to plunder.
He spoke I was shaken it was ungodly deep and hoarse.

You will be mine herald, he said to me.
Let them know that the horsemen have returned.
He gave me his scythe as proof, it filled me with dread.

For him I bent at the knee.
For him I would love to live in an earthly bed.

by Marty Windsor |
Categories: hope, imagination, love, nature, passion, places, seasons,

Gentilly Clouds

Love comes in colors
and April
(dressed in 501 blue rain)
chases winter
and her guardians of the heart.
Blackred roses bleed
through a cornerless sky
and lovers hide their eyes
from the hot pink iridescence
of it all.
Painted horsemen
canter by in full regalia,
flagwaving to the brokenhearted.
Black and white rainbows
and grey days fade
into technicolor dreams
and neon nights.
My canvas,
your landscape.
Still life moves
from a palette of pastels,
reflecting in your eyes
the color of Gentilly clouds.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, love, passion,

Far, Far Away

Far, far away, high above and beyond, 
Lies the purple horizon where sea meets the sky 
And the Gods all play chess in Olympian clouds, 
Leaving minds of mere mortals to wondering why.

Four Horsemen and Satan with time on their hands 
Wasting light years in darkness, entrenched in a game; 
Playing poker with blood crusted mortuary slabs 
For the souls of the dead in a place with no name.

Back here, in earnest, this stuff doesn't matter 
For legends and myths hold no space in my heart, 
Room only for how much I miss you and love you 
And cursing the distance that keeps us apart...

by Wm Paul |
Categories: life,


Coiling hydra's heads appear
Upon a bucking stallion
Then misted out,
    a pleasant ride into eternity.
Laughing high the horsemen rode,
Beneath a paling sky,
While answered up from the river bed
The rivers sighing cry.
"A chilly fill
From a snowy hill
Does course my veins each year,
I remember a frost
     when I almost lost
          a  pond very close to here,
A hazard they thought
   'till  a barn fire caught
         and the rest is history."
"A very good yarn
     about that there barn."
"But, " the wind said
      "Listen to me.
As sure as I knows
        It's love makes us grows,
And that's all that I have to say."