Love Poem: For Now
Wm Paul Avatar
Written by: Wm Paul

For Now

Coiling hydra's heads appear
Upon a bucking stallion
Then misted out,
    a pleasant ride into eternity.
Laughing high the horsemen rode,
Beneath a paling sky,
While answered up from the river bed
The rivers sighing cry.
"A chilly fill
From a snowy hill
Does course my veins each year,
I remember a frost
     when I almost lost
          a  pond very close to here,
A hazard they thought
   'till  a barn fire caught
         and the rest is history."
"A very good yarn
     about that there barn."
"But, " the wind said
      "Listen to me.
As sure as I knows
        It's love makes us grows,
And that's all that I have to say."